Emory University Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT/ACT, Tuition, Ranking

Emory University is one of the most prestigious private institutions in the United States, but its acceptance rate is a concern for applicants.

In this article, we have discussed the acceptance rate at Emory University and more about admissions. We have also included the requirements and process for first-year and transfer admission. 

Emory University is one of the earliest institutions in the United States. Established in the 1800s in Georgia, Emory University has over the years become an institution with global recognition and attraction.

High schoolers in the state of Georgia and the entire United States seek admission into Emory University annually. However, the admission process at Emory University seems to be selective and challenging.

To understand the selectivity at Emory University in terms of its acceptance rate and admission requirements, we urge you to read this article till the end to uncover precise and valuable information.

Emory University Acceptance Rate

About Emory university 

The establishment of Emory University began in 1836. The institution was founded by Methodist Episcopal Church as Emory College and named after Bishop John Emory.

Back in 1836, Emory College began as a small Methodist college in oxford, and today its main campus spans 631 acres in Atlanta, Georgia. The total enrolment at Emory University comprises 14,284 undergraduate and graduate students. Emory University functions on a semester-based academic calendar.

Emory University offers a variety of degree programs accosted with intensive academic research. The institution covers a vast area of undergraduate and graduate study in business and nursing.

Emory University School of medicine is one of the best and most selective medical schools in the United States. Emory Healthcare system is the largest in the state of Georgia, and it provides the best medical experiences for students to learn.

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Undergraduate and Graduate Divisions at Emory University

There are nine academic divisions at Emory University. The university has four undergraduate divisions, which include Emory College, Oxford College, Business School and School of Nursing.

Emory’s graduate division comprises Graduate School, Business School, School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Public Health and School of Theology.

Emory University Rankings

Emory University is one of the prominent private institutions in the United States and it occupies notable positions in recent university rankings.

According to Times Higher Education, Emory University is ranked 86th in world university ranking, 20th in U.S ranking and 101-125 in arts and humanities. Emory university life sciences are ranked 73rd while pre-clinical takes the 42tn position.

U.Snews & World Report ranks Emory University 21st among national universities, 73rd best college for veterans and 21st best value school.

Emory University is the third best college for nursing and the second best Christian college in the United States (Niche.com).

On the state level, Emory University is the hardest college to get into, the college with the best professors and the top private university in Georgia.

Emory University tops the chart for the best college in Georgia for biology, nursing, history, economics, and English.

Campus Life at Emory University

Emory University has the perfect environment for college beginners. The university residential halls bring cohorts together to interact and share a common academic goal.

Emory Dining is available on campus to provide healthy meals for everyone.

As an institution with the largest healthcare system in Georgia, Emory University provides the Emory University Student Health Services (EUSHS). The EUSHS provides outpatient care for students enrolled at Emory University. With your valid Emory ID card, you will have access to the Student Health Services.

Emory values public safety and had to set up the Emory Department of Public Safety to provide campus police, fire safety and emergency medical services.

The university career centre is an initiative set up by the university to help students make the right decision when choosing a career. 

Emory University Acceptance Rate

From what we discussed earlier, Emory University is the hardest institution to get into in Georgia. To understand the selectivity at this institution, let us look at admission statistics.

In the last admission cycle, the acceptance rate at Emory University admitted 13% of 33,436 applicants into Emory College, while Oxford College accepted 20% of 20,212 applicants.

According to the latest admission statistics at Emory University, the institution received an overall 33,517 freshman applications and admitted 5,303 students into its undergraduate division.

By admitting 5,303 students, the acceptance rate at Emory University stands at 15.2%, which is very selective. More than half of the newly admitted students got into Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Oxford College.

With an acceptance rate this selective, getting into Emory University will require the best academic qualifications and a convincing application profile. 

Early Decision Acceptance Rate at Emory University

Emory University has the Early Decision I and Early Decision II plans. You can choose Emory University as your first choice institution and apply to either the Early Decision I or Early Decision II plan.

Bear it in mind that both Early Decision plans at Emory University are binding, and once admitted into any of the undergraduate campuses, you must pay your admission deposit and enrol.

In the past admission year, Emory university admitted 559 students who applied via Early Decision. The acceptance rate at Emory University in that particular admission year was 29.3% after accepting 559 Early Decision applicants out of 1,910.

The recent admission statistics at Emory University show an Early Decision acceptance rate of 32%. The 32% Early Decision acceptance rate at Emory University accounts for 627 applicants who were admitted from an applicant pool of 2,217.

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Emory University Admissions

Emory University is one of the selective and finest private institutions in America. By records, Emory University is the hardest college to get into in the state of Georgia.

From all indications, getting into Emory University as a high schooler will require an impressive academic record and a convincing application profile. The admission committee at Emory University reviews every application holistically.

What is Emory University looking for in applicants?

Emory University is looking at your classes, course rigour, and grades. The admission committee at Emory University will look at your standardized test scores when evaluating your application. 

If you have low test scores and good grades, Emory University will consider your application. But your application will not be considered for admission if you have low grades and high test scores.  

Possessing an excellent academic record might not be enough to get you into Emory University. The institution is interested in applicant involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, and what they can contribute to the Emory community.

If you are still in high school and you are an intending applicant to Emory, you should consider obtaining the best grades and high test scores. Get involved with outside the classroom activities to have a complete application profile. 

On the other hand, applying to Emory University via the Early Decision plan will enhance your admission chances. Keep a close tab on Emory’s admission dates and deadlines.

What Is the GPA Requirement at Emory University?

High school GPAs are essential when applying to a selective college or university. Looking at the acceptance rate at Emory University, one would expect the requirement for GPA to be very competitive.

Getting into Emory University requires all high schoolers to be at their best in terms of academic qualification. Your academic preparedness determines if you are a worthy candidate for Emory University or not.

Emory University requires an average GPA of 3.78. To meet this standard, you will need to be at the top of your graduating class.

If your GPA is below the standard at Emory University, you can take a rigorous curriculum to show admissions your ability to handle challenges.

SAT and ACT Requirements 

Just like the GPA requirements, Emory University demands a high SAT score from applicants. Freshmen who have been successful at Emory University had an average SAT score of 1380 on the 25th and 1460 on the 75th percentile.

To stand a better chance of getting into Emory university, you will need an average SAT score of 1350 on the 25th percentile and 1520 on the 75th percentile on the 1600 SAT scale. 

Here is what your SAT score should look like.

SAT SectionScore Range
Reading and Writing660-730

Emory University is very selective in its admission process. Admission statistics show that applicants who have been successful at Emory University had an ACT score of 31 or above. 

The average ACT score at Emory University is 33. On the 25th percentile, you will need an ACT score of 31 and 34 on the 75th percentile.

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First Year Admission Requirement and Process

Emory University will accept all freshman applicants who have graduated from high school and obtained a diploma or equivalent.

Before you start the application at Emory University, ensure you have the necessary application materials to avoid setbacks during the process.

As a freshman applicant, you will need to have these application materials.

  • Official High School Transcripts
  • Official college transcripts
  • Secondary/High School Report
  • Counsellor Recommendation
  • Two Teacher Recommendation

Application Process

Emory University accepts the Common Application and the Coalition Application. Neither of these application platforms is preferred over the other.

Application Options 

Apply via the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Respond to the Emory short answer questions.

Application Fee or Fee Waiver

Pay the $75 non-refundable application fee. Fee waivers are also available for eligible students in financial need.

Secondary School Report & Counsellor Recommendation

Your secondary/high school report must be submitted to Emory University during the application. In addition, ask your school counsellor to write and submit a letter of recommendation.

Two Teacher Letter of Recommendation

Ask two teachers in your school who have taught you in core academic subjects to write and submit a letter of recommendation.

All freshman applicants applying in Regular Decision and Early Decision II are required to submit a midyear report and transcript.

Additional Requirements

Home-schooled applicants are required to submit test scores such as SAT, ACT, AP or SAT II Subject Test. Additionally, home-schooled applicants are required to submit a recommendation letter from an individual who is not a family member.

Transfer Admission Requirement

Like any other institution, Emory University receives transfer applications from college students who intend to join the community on campus.

You are eligible for transfer admission if you have graduated from high school and completed one year as a full-time student in a degree-seeking program. Or you are in the second semester of your first complete year as a full-time student in a two or four-year college or university.

Here are the requirements to meet as a transfer applicant to Emory University.

  • A minimum of 28 hours of credits before starting the application.
  • All transfer applicants are required to complete four semesters (two years) of coursework at Emory University.
  • All transfer applicants must have an average cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in all college work.
  • Transfer applicants who are expelled, forced to withdraw or on academic probation are not eligible to apply to Emory University.

Transfer Application Process

The application process for transfer students follows a similar routine as the first-year application.

All transfer applicants are required to;

  • Apply via the Common Application
  • Pay the non-refundable fee of $75 
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  • Submit official high school transcripts 
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member
  • College official report
  • Financial aid information

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What Is the Acceptance Rate for Transfer students at Emory University?

Generally, the acceptance rate at Emory University is selective for both first-year and transfer admission. Emory University is one of the best private institutions, not just in Georgia, but in the entire United States.

Many transfer applicants submit their applications at Emory University, with the hope of getting into a preferred major. The acceptance rate at Emory University has only been able to admit about 20-25% of transfer applicants. 

Oxford College does not accept transfer applicants, and the most selective school at Emory University for transfer students is the Business School.

Admission Requirement for International Students 

Emory University has a diverse community comprising over 112 countries. International students are welcomed at Emory University and will undergo similar academic scrutiny just like domestic applicants.

All international applicants will provide the necessary academic materials. A piece of evidence to show that they have graduated from secondary/high school and have obtained a certificate suitable for university admission.

All international applicants should submit official high school transcripts, secondary school reports, and letters of recommendation. 

Emory University recognizes international curricula such as International Baccalaureate Diploma, Advanced Placement and British A-Level systems. International applicants who have taken classes at these curricula have a better chance of getting into Emory University.

English Proficiency

If you are from a country where English is not an official language, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in English. As an applicant applying to Emory University, you should be fluent in written and spoken English 

Here are the required tests and scores to submit.

  • TOEFL iBT or iBT Home Edition: minimum score of 100
  • IELTS: Minimum score of 7.5
  • Duolingo: minimum score of 120 or above (out of 160)
  • SAT Evidence-based Reading and Writing: minimum score of 700 plus 
  • ACT English subset: minimum score of 30 plus


  • SAT TOEFL: 5187
  • ACT: 0810

What Is the Acceptance Rate for International Students at Emory University?

Emory University receives several applications from international students annually. International applicants applying to Emory University hail from over 100 countries. Currently, over 112 countries are represented at Emory University with different cultures, religions, languages and heritage.

Regarding the acceptance rate for international students at Emory University, they account for 15-18% of the newly admitted students.

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Emory University Tuition and Fees 

Here is the estimated cost of attendance at Emory University.

Estimated Direct Costs
Estimated Indirect Costs
Books and Supplies1,250-1,350
Travel & Transportation1,000-1,200
Direct Loan Fee84
Total*$75,654 – $76,054
Source: https://www.emory.edu/home/index.html

 Emory University Contact Address

  • School Address: Emory University 201 Dowman Drive Atlanta, GA 30322
  • Phone: 404.727.6123

Frequently Asked Questions about the Acceptance Rate at Emory University

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the acceptance rate at Emory University.

What is the required GPA for Emory University?

Emory University is very selective and will require an average GPA of 3.78. If you are an intending applicant of Emory University, you should prioritise getting the best grades while still in high school.

Is Emory University hard to get into?

Emory University is the most selective research institution in Georgia, with an acceptance rate of 15.2%. The last admission year saw Emory University receive an overall of 33,436 applications and accepted 5,303 students.

Is Emory University a prestigious school?

Emory University is one of the most prestigious research institutions in the world. According to U.Snews and World Report, Emory University ranks 21st among national universities in the United States.

Is Emory University an Ivy League school?

No, Emory University is not an Ivy League school. The Ivy League schools are Cornell University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University.


Emory University looks for the best in students besides academic records. Students who are admitted into Emory University meet the requirement for admissions by having a convincing application profile.

With the information provided to you about the acceptance rate and admissions at Emory University, we believe you know what to include in your application profile. 



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