Georgia Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate, Admission, Tuition, SAT/ACT, Rankings

In this article, we have analyzed the admission procedures and the acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

If you are a long-time admirer of Georgia Tech and you have been searching for admission statistics, curious if your academic qualification will guarantee you a spot at the university, then you should read this article thoroughly for facts and statistics.

Georgia Tech is an institution of prestige and a household name among public research universities globally. 

Each year, Georgia Tech receives thousands of applications from both domestic and international applicants. Those who applied to various programs at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the last admission cycle hail from the 50 states (including D.C and Puerto Rico) and over 100 countries.

The applicants accepted into Georgia Tech were below half of the overall application received at admissions.

Hence, the acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology proves to be selective and challenging for most intending applicants. 

If you have been wondering about Georgia Tech’s requirements for application, GPA, SAT, ACT, and what your application profile should contain, the details are confined to the article.

About Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is a public research institution located in Atlanta, Georgia. Georgia Tech is among the institutions in the University System of Georgia.

Found in 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the earliest in the South Atlantic Region of the United States. Since its inception, George Tech has emerged as a prominent research institution, leading innovation in scientific research and technological advancement

Georgia Tech is a well-recognized global research institute. Its international campuses are found in China, France, Ireland, and Singapore. 

Georgia Institute of Technology offers a wide range of degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels through six distinctive colleges. It also functions on a semester-based academic calendar.

Georgia Institute of Technology is famous for offering one of the best degree programs in computer science, engineering, and business.

Additionally, Georgia Tech also offers continuing and professional education.

Georgia Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate

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Popular Programs Offered at Georgia Tech 

Here are some of the popular undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered at Georgia Tech.

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architecture 
  • Biology 
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Computer Science 
  • Economics 
  • Mathematics 
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Neuroscience 
  • Public Policy 

Colleges at Georgia Tech

The six colleges at Georgia Tech include;

  • College of Computing 
  • College of Design 
  • College of Engineering 
  • College of Science 
  • Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 
  • Scheller College of Business 

Georgia Institute of Technology, Rankings

Below are the latest state and national rankings of Georgia Tech, according to

National Rankings 

  • 4th in Top Public Universities in America 
  • 5th in Best Colleges for Engineering in America 
  • 6th in Best Colleges for Computer Science in America 
  • 11th in Best Value Colleges in America
  • 13th in Best Colleges for Design in America 
  • 18th in Best Colleges for Communication in America 
  • 27th in Best Colleges for Business in America 

State Rankings 

  • 1st in Best Value Colleges in Georgia 
  • 1st in Best Colleges in Georgia 
  • 1st in Top Public Universities in Georgia 
  • 1st in Best Colleges for Computer Science in Georgia 
  • 2nd in Hardest Colleges to Get Into in Georgia 
  • 2nd in Best College Location in Georgia
  • 2nd in Colleges with the Best Students Life in Georgia

Georgia Institute is Technology Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Georgia Institute of Technology in the past few years has only admitted one-quarter of its overall applicants.

Georgia Tech’s admit rate in the 2016-2017 application year was 25.8%, and in 2019-2020, it dropped to 20.6%.

In the last admission cycle, Georgia Tech received an overall application of 50,601. The applications were submitted by first-year applicants for the class of 2026.

Despite receiving such an amount of applications, Georgia Tech only admitted 17% of those applications.

The acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology is extremely selective, admitting only 17 applicants out of every 100. Georgia Tech’s admit rate falls below the national average for universities in the United States.

Georgia Institute of Technology Early Action Acceptance Rate

The admit rate for Early Action is mostly flexible, admitting more students than the Regular Decision. Most colleges and universities with selective acceptance rates accept more students through the Early Action plan.

Georgia Institute of Technology has the Early Action 1 and Early Action 2. Georgia Tech Early Action 1 is only available to residents of the state.

Early Action 1 admitted 39% of applicants who applied in the previous admission cycle. The new freshmen hail from 95 counties in Georgia, and 80% of the newly admitted students were from public schools.

Georgia Tech Early Action 2 is designed for out-of-state residents, and its deadline is just two weeks after that of Early Action 1.

Statistics show an admit rate of 12% for over 25,000 applicants who applied in the Early Action 2. 

GPA Requirement at Georgia Tech

Georgia Institute of Technology wants to see applicants with excellent academic qualifications competing for a place during admission.

The average GPA requires at Georgia Tech is 4.07 which is extremely selective for most applicants. A high school GPA of this standard will require more A’s in your courses.

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SAT Requirement 

Georgia Tech’s standard for SAT scores is 1465 on the 1600 SAT scale. 

Below are the statistics for the new SAT scores. 

SectionAverage25th Percentile75th Percentile
Reading and Writing715680750

ACT Requirement

Georgia Tech’s average ACT score stands at 33. 

Here are the stats for the 25th and 75th percentile ACT scores.

ACTScore Range

Georgia Tech Application Requirement

An application to Georgia Tech begins with the availability of your secondary/high school documents. Georgia Tech requires essential academic material to evaluate your application profile during admission.

Georgia Tech Application Review Process

Georgia Tech reviews your application profile holistically to evaluate these factors.

Academic Preparation

 Georgia Tech evaluates your application based on your academic preparedness. The admission committee at Georgia Tech is interested in your ability to handle academic challenges and how you cope with the rigorous curriculum at your school.

Georgia Tech wants to see you demonstrate a character of challenge by taking the most rigorous curriculum available at your school.

Georgia Tech expects you to take any of this rigorous curriculum.
  • Advanced Placement
  • International Baccalaureate 
  • AICE Program 
  • Dual Enrollment 
Submitting Transcripts 

Have your school counsellor submit your supporting documents to the admission committee at Georgia Tech. You can also upload an unofficial high school transcript through your admission portal once your application is submitted.

Furthermore, if you are admitted and you decided to enrol at Georgia Tech, you will be required to submit an official final high school transcript.

Standardized Tests

Georgia Tech provides two avenues for you to self-report your test scores.

First, Georgia Tech will consider your self-reported scores listed in the Common Application. 

Secondly, once your application is submitted, you will gain access to a form in your admission portal to self-report your test scores. 

Community Contribution

Georgia Tech is interested in your involvement in school and service to the community. The university wants to see you demonstrate a sense of leadership and commitment. 

Application Essay 

Georgia Tech requires all applicants to respond to these essay prompts.

  • Common Application Personal Essay
  • Georgia Tech Short Answer Question (maximum of 300 words) 


Recommendations at Georgia Tech are optional and not required during application.

However, if you decide to submit any recommendations, they must be obtained from your school counsellor or teacher.

The counsellor’s recommendation should be submitted online by your school counsellor.

The teacher recommendation should be obtained from a teacher who has taught you in core academic subjects. 

Interview for English Proficiency 

 The Georgia Tech English proficiency interview is for applicants who are non-native English speakers. The interview evaluates an applicant’s proficiency in English.

Major Selection

During your application on the Common Application platform, you are allowed to choose a primary or secondary choice concentration. Georgia Institute of Technology reviews your application profile by assessing your interest and preparedness for the concentration you listed in your application. 

Institutional Fit 

Georgia Tech assesses your application profile thoroughly. The admission committee reviews your academic qualification holistically.

They evaluate your high school GPA, standardized test scores, essay, course rigour, sense of leadership, and commitment to the community.

Admission Statistics at Georgia Institute of Technology

Below are the recent statistics at Georgia Tech- Class of 2026.

  • Total Applications: 50,601
  • Admit Rate: 17%
  • First-Generation Students: 11%
  • Black or Hispanic: 21%


  • Male: 56%
  • Female: 44%

How to Increase Your Admission Chances at Georgia Tech

Getting into the Georgia Institute of Technology is challenging for most students, considering its selective acceptance rate.

Going through the hurdle at Georgia Tech and competing with thousands of intending applicants, it would be academically beneficial to consider these admission easing factors.

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#1. Apply via Early Action

We already talked about the Georgia Tech Early Action plan earlier in the article.

Georgia Institute of Technology Early Action 1 had an acceptance rate of 39% for in-state applicants who applied during the last action and a 12% admit rate for out-of-state applicants in the Early Action 2.

An application through the Georgia Tech Early Action plan will enhance your admission chances, especially, if you are an in-state applicant. 

Georgia Institute of Technology has a flexible Early Action plan that enables you to apply to other university Action plans. 

#.2 Aim for a High School GPA of 4.07 While Taking Hard Classes

Georgia Tech like any other selective college or university uses the Academic Index to evaluate your academic qualification. 

If your application profile is lagging in high school GPA, you can challenge yourself by taking rigorous curriculum (AP or IB courses) available in your school.

#3. Write Interesting Essays 

Essays are very important during your application. Georgia Tech considers essays as essential tools in its admission procedure.

To boost your admission at Georgia Tech, craft your essay uniquely to showcase your intellectual curiosity, passion, commitment to the community, and why you will thrive at Georgia Tech. 

Georgia Institute of Technology Tuition 

Below is the estimated cost of attendance at Georgia Tech.

 In State ResidentsOut of State Residents
Mandatory Student Fees$1,506$1,506
Books and Supplies$800$800
First-year Housing Allowance$6,918$6,918
First-year Meal Plan Allowance$5,424$5,424
Personal/Miscellaneous Educational Costs (estimated)$3,200$3,200
Average Loan Costs$60$60
Total per year (2 semesters)$28,166$49,278

Students Life at Georgia Tech 

Georgia Institute of Technology has one of the best student life. 

Your college experience begins by interacting with a diverse community and cohorts that support your initiatives. 

Georgia Tech student life provides programs and services aimed at students’ transition, leadership, academic success, learning, and wellness.

Is Georgia Institute of Technology a Good School?

Georgia Institute of Technology has built a reputation as one of the best public research institutes in the United States. 

The university offers outstanding degree programs in business, computer science, and engineering. Georgia Institute of Technology College of Engineering has gained recognition as one of the top engineering schools in the U.S. 

Surprisingly, the Georgia Tech engineering program for undergraduates is ranked 4th in the 2022 America’s Best Colleges edition.

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Georgia Institute of Technology Contact Address 

  • School Address: North Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30332
  • Phone: : +1 404-894-2000

Frequently Asked Questions about the Acceptance Rate at Georgia Institute of Technology, 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

What is the GPA required at Georgia Tech?

The average high school GPA required at Georgia Tech is 4.07. Georgia Tech’s standard for GPA requires you to be in the top 10% of your graduating class.

Additionally, you can take rigorous curriculum (AP or IB courses) available in your school.

Is it hard to get onto Georgia Tech?

The acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology is 17%. Georgia Tech admits 17 applicants out of every 100.

With an acceptance rate that selective getting into Georgia will require a near distinction academic qualification. However, you can apply in Early Action 1 or 2 at Georgia Tech to increase your admission chances. 

What is Georgia Tech’s acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology is 17%. The admit rate at Georgia Tech only accepts 17 applicants out of every 100. 

However, the Georgia Tech Early Action 1 acceptance is more flexible at 39%.

Is Georgia Tech a prestigious school?

Georgia Institute of Technology is officially ranked as one of the top 100 most prestigious universities on the planet.


Since its inception, the Georgia Institute of Technology has become one of the top public research institutions in America. The University expansion goes beyond the American borders, providing top-quality education and research on the international stage. 

The acceptance rate at the Georgia Institute of Technology stirs competition among prospective applicants. If you are certain there is a place for you at Georgia Tech, then your academic qualifications shouldn’t say otherwise.



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