What are the Easiest College Majors that pay well?

What are the easiest college majors and university undergraduate degrees that pay well? It depends on your skills and your place of study. However, the majors listed in this article have higher GPAs than the other majors, which means that they are more accessible than others. In this article you will discover the best bachelors degrees that pay well.

What are the Easiest College Majors that pay well
What are the Easiest College Majors that pay well?

Before we move on to this list of the easiest university degrees, we want to make one thing clear: there is no simple high school diploma. No matter which class you choose, you have to work very hard to complete it.

Given this limitation, this article describes the easiest college and university major majors, why they are easy, and what your career prospects look like if you choose one of these easiest university undergraduate degrees.

How we determine the easiest university undergraduate degrees

There is no established way to generally determine how easy a college major is since every major and school has its own rigour. However, we use the available GPA statistics to determine our ranking of the simplest graduates.

According to a Cornell University study, most major science subjects have below-average GPAs, while the majors selected for this list have above-average GPAs. This means that it is not as difficult for many students to achieve a higher GPA in these majors than in other majors in college.

Let’s take a look at the list of the easiest college majors that pay well.

This list contains the easiest bachelors degrees that are available to undergraduate students  
These are the easiest majors and undergraduate university degrees we identified by the highest GPA on average.

1: Psychology

The main subjects of psychology examine the inner life of the human psyche. They learn how people behave in certain situations and learn to understand people’s motivations and desires. As a psychology student, you will learn several useful skills, such as analysis and communication.

As a psychology student, you will take basic courses in statistics and analysis. The hardest course comes later when you choose to graduate.

Psychology students earn an average salary of $ 57,000, making it a solid career option if you want to make more money.

Psychology is oone of the easiest college majors

2: Criminal Justice

A criminal justice bachelors degree is an excellent title if you want to work safely. Criminal justice majors is one of the easiest college majors that pay well. It has an average salary of more than $49,000 a year. A criminal justice investigator could become a policeman, a probation officer, a private investigator, or whatever.

Criminal justice degrees are generally not intensive reading or writing, which makes them easier than other specializations.

criminal justice as one of the easiest university undergraduate degrees

3: English

If you enjoy reading and analyzing texts, specializing in English, maybe ideal for you. There are a variety of careers for English learners that are good and bad. Although you have skills that apply to many careers, it can be challenging to narrow down what you want to do.

As an English learner, you don’t have to do much (if any) in math or science. Depending on your program, you may want to spend more time on shorter review articles than more extensive research articles.

English is one of the easiest college majors that pay well, as learners earn an average of $55,000 a year.


4: Education

If you specialize in education, you become a teacher. As an education student, you can specialize in special education, primary education, or secondary education. You will learn the theory of how to be an effective teacher, choose a major, and practice hard.

The main pedagogical subjects are simpler than the others because they focus on pedagogical theory and practice rather than more complex subjects in mathematics or science.

While you may have to teach a year after college without getting paid or it, education majors earn an average of $55.00 a year, and it is considered one of the easiest university undergraduate degrees that pay well.

Education majors as one of the easiest college majors

6: Sociology

Sociology students study human behavior by collecting and observing data. You’ll learn about the connections between people that can prepare you for work in HR, market research, and more.

Most sociology courses don’t require much reading or great writing, making this specialization a little easier than others. Sociology students earn an average salary of $56,000. Therefore, it is considered one of the easiest college majors that pay well.

Social Work easiest college majors

7: Communication

If you specialize in communication, learn more about journalism, public relations, marketing, and more. You will learn many general skills with a degree in communication that can help you find a job in different areas. A major in communication is easier because it lacks advanced science, math, or writing courses. Therefore, it one of the easiest bachelors degrees.

Communication majors is one of the easiest in college and students go on to earn an average salary of $60,000 after graduation.

communication majors - easiest university undergraduate degrees

8: History

The oldest events in the history study world have taken place from the beginning of the recorded times to the present day. As a history student, you will learn to analyze and understand what has happened in the past.

The History major could be seen as easier than other majors due to the lack of laboratory work and the technical writing required. You will spend much of your time as a leading historian analyzing old texts and writing documents about your thoughts.

History students have several professional careers available, from lawyers to professors. History students earn an average of $62,000 a year. This is one of the easiest college majors that pay well

History Majors easiest college majors

9: Health

As a health specialist, you can acquire a degree in health science or health administration. Health degrees are often an excellent way to prepare for a more advanced health degree, such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Health degrees are easier than degrees in physics or life sciences. As a healthcare specialist, you learn more about science theory rather than focusing on statistics, lab work, and analysis.

The more basic science of studying health makes this specialization easier than other ways of health care.
Health specialties have an average salary of $60,000 a year.

Health as one of the easiest college majors

10: Creative writing

A degree in creative writing will help you build useful communication skills, such as: Analyze the existing letter, do your work, and give and receive feedback from your colleagues.

A major in creative writing can take some time (think of all the hours you spent on the writing pad), but you don’t have to worry about spending time in the lab or practicing advanced math. Creative writing students earn an average of $ 50,000.

Creative writing - easiest university undergraduate degrees

11: Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of cultural history and the development of social relationships. Anthropology often includes archeology, so the majors of anthropology can spend time digging on the ground.

As an anthropology student, you will take a combination of anthropology, history, and sociology courses. You will read and write a lot, but you don’t need to do advanced statistics or other calculations.

Anthropology students earn an average of $ 55,000 when they graduate.

Anthropology easiest college majors

12: Music

Music students have different career options: they can try to be performers, music teachers, or engineers. A major in music can be psychologically tricky – you have to practice a lot and manage performance assessments at the end of the semester.
However, music students do not have to take challenging math or science classes or read or write a lot, making this specialization easier than the others.

You’ll be spending a lot of time in the exercise room, so make sure you play music before starting.

You can expect to make an average of $54,000 as the chief musician. This is one of the easiest bachelors degrees that pay well.

Music as one of the college easiest majors

13: Humanities

The main subjects in the humanities cover various subjects, such as history, philosophy, and religion. A major in the humanities is excellent if you like all of these subjects and can’t decide which one to choose.

With your major in humanities, you’ll learn to write your papers, read, think critically, and communicate.

As a student in English or humanities, This is one of the easiest college majors that pay as a humanities student has many career opportunities and an average salary of $59,000.

humanities majors

14: Religious Studies

A major in science studies the major religious movements and philosophies throughout history, and it is one of the easiest bachelors degrees. As a student who majors in religious studies, you will read, write, and analyze a lot, but you don’t have to do a lot of math or science.
Religious science student earns an average of $53,000.

This is one of the easiest college majors that pay well.

Religious Studies - easiest university undergraduate degrees


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