15 Best Undergraduate Schools For Computer Science 2022

Are you a tech geek seeking to find expression? First, you have to get an undergraduate degree from the best schools for computer science.

It’s no longer news that the world is now a cyber village. What this means is that any computer-related discipline or skill will thrive well in this dispensation.

Following this assertion, we bring you a guide to help you make the best choice of computer science schools to get an undergraduate degree to kick start your dream.

In this guide, we have also written how long it takes to get an undergraduate degree in computer science.

Also, we answered most of the frequently asked questions in this space. However, you can explore our article on the best business schools and engineering universities in the world.

So, join this educational rollercoaster ride as we explore this topic!!!

Best Undergraduate Schools For Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is a branch of science that deals specifically with the theory of computation or the design of computers.

However, today, this discipline has extended to cybersecurity, software development, cloud computing, computer engineering etc.

Today, computer science skills are in high demand, hence the reason why many students and scholars are spreading their tentacles toward this niche.

Why Study Computer Science?

Wondering why this program is ideal in this dispensation?

Are you thinking of taking this route as a viable option?

Here are some reasons why studying computer science is worth your resources and time!

  • Computer science skills are in high demand.
  • Skills in this niche come with a lucrative payment structure.
  • Other traditional skills and courses are becoming obsolete as the day progresses.
  • Computer scientists are high creatives that bring solutions to the table.

What’s the Job Outlook of an Undergraduate of Computer Science?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career growth in computer science will be at 15% in 10 years.

Therefore, if you’re pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science, there’s no better time to get it than now.

But before you leap, consider the best schools for computer science to get an undergraduate degree.

What are the requirements to apply for an undergraduate computer science degree?

To get into any of the best computer science schools, you have to be eligible.

By eligibility I mean you have to possess the necessary requirements to apply and gain admission.

Basically, here are the requirements to apply to computer science schools;

  • Mathematical skills.
  • Very logical
  • Highly innovative
  • A decent GPA. 

These are the basic requirements to be eligible to apply for a computer science undergraduate degree in any of the best schools in the world.

However, we recommend you visit the school website once you make a choice.

This is expedient because some schools have differing or additional requirements that are school-specific.

With that being said, we bring you top schools for a computer science undergraduate degree program.

15 Best Undergraduate Schools for Computer Science

Below is a list of the best universities, colleges and schools for a computer science undergraduate program. 

We compiled this list based on the analysis of tuition, enrollment data, online reviews and college ratings.

Best Undergraduate Schools For Computer Science
Best Undergraduate Schools For Computer Science

#1. University of California Irvine

Tuition: $26,544

Enrollment: 33,467

Graduation Rate: 87%

Location: Irvine, California

The University of California is reckoned as one of the best computer science schools for undergraduate studies.

Besides that, it’s one of the most affordable schools.

When it comes to computer science, they are on the front lines of producing many successful innovators.

If you want the best out of computer science, then the University of California is a good option.

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#2. Texas A&M University

  • Tuition: 38,602
  • Enrollment: 68,603
  • Graduation Rate: 80%
  • Location: College Station, Texas

When you consider Texas A&M University, basically it should be because of the quality education they offer.

Based on the graduate reviews, this is one of the universities with the right strategy to drill you in computer science-related disciplines.

#3. University of Virginia

  • Tuition: $34,094
  • Enrollment: 21,985
  • Graduation Rate: 94%
  • Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Here’s another top-rated computer science school.

The University of Virginia fashions its programs to suit people who want to take the frontline in the computer science field.

You may want to consider this school because of its affordability.

Although a public school, it has a review like that of an “ivy league” school.

#4. Georgia Tech

  • Tuition: $31,370 
  • Enrollment: 32,723
  • Graduation Rate: 86%
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Tech is one of the best undergraduate schools for computer science.

Besides quality education, Georgia Tech is affordable and offers significant discounts for Georgia residents.

Also, studying in Georgia comes with an airy feeling and breath of Atlanta atmosphere and vibe. 

However, keep in mind that a computer science program at Georgia Tech is more math-oriented.

Also, you will be taught by supportive professors in a  fast-paced learning schedule.

#5. University of Pennsylvania

  • Tuition: $39,174
  • Enrollment: 6,236
  • Graduation Rate: 95%
  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here’s another reputable university in our list of best schools for computer science undergraduate degrees.

Basically, many travels to UPenn for its computer science and engineering programs.

Also, UPenn builds off on these programming and engineering for a well-rounded education.

You will learn how to look at a task uniquely and proffer solutions.

#6. University of California (Berkeley)

  • Tuition: $44,007
  • Enrollment: 4,910
  • Graduation Rate: 92%
  • Location: Berkeley, California

Located in Berkeley is another university best known for the prowess of its computer science department.

Over the years, Berkeley’s computer science programs have won many awards for their breakthroughs, teaching methods, and innovations. 

And the good news is that students are part and parcel of their innovations.

#7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Tuition: $53,450
  • Enrollment: 4,550
  • Graduation Rate: 93%
  • Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

MIT is one of the best schools for undergraduate computer science degrees. 

Besides they are at the frontline of technology and education.

Basically, MIT rubs shoulders with the likes of Harvard and Cambridge as the top schools in the world in general. 

MIT computer science programs are held at high standards because of the new age of innovation and technology.

However, keep in mind that the tuition cost at MIT is high.

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#8. Cornell University

  • Tuition: $58,586
  • Enrollment: 23,600
  • Graduation Rate: 94%
  • Location: Ithaca, New York

Computer science at Cornell University is highly rated in the world in general.

Basically, the university is known for its outstanding undergraduate computer science and engineering programs. 

However, keep in mind that computer science at Cornell goes beyond coding to a more technological revolution.

#9. University of Michigan

  • Tuition: $51,200
  • Enrollment: 48,090
  • Graduation Rate: 91%
  • Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University of Michigan has a steady enrollment for computer science programs.

You can be sure of the education you get at Michigan because it was built in quality education. 

With the way the school is fashioned, graduates of l computer science and such programs have no trouble securing a job after graduation.

#10. Augsburg University

  • Tuition: $39,295
  • Enrollment: 3,822
  • Graduation Rate: 56%
  • Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Augsburg University is one of the best undergraduate schools for computer science programs in the world.

Although a medium-sized college, it’s the best tech college for computer science in and around Minnesota.

However, many learn at Augsburg University and practice elsewhere.

#11. Boston College

  • Tuition: $30,000
  • Enrollment: 9,370
  • Graduation Rate: 93%
  • Location: Newton, Massachusetts

Boston College has a long history of excellence attached to its name and quality of education.

Although Boston is not considered affordable, it’s one of the best schools for undergraduate degrees in computer science.

Its computer science education and innovation draw students from all walks of life.

And for the records, Massachusetts is a great city to explore.

#12. Rice University

  • Tuition: $49,112
  • Enrollment: 6,740
  • Graduation Rate: 93%
  • Location: Houston, Texas

Studying at Rice University comes with adjusting to a rigorous curriculum. 

You can count on quality education and brush both in character and in learning.

And because Rice graduates graduate best in their field, they are considered highly sought.

If you’re highly driven, then Rice University may be the place for you.

#13. University of Florida

  • Tuition: $28,659
  • Enrollment: 52,367
  • Graduation Rate: 87%
  • Location: Gainesville, Florida

Although the University of Florida is best known for its major advances in the medical field, they have an amazing computer science program.

Upon graduation, many computer science students find lucrative employment across the globe.

#14. California Institute of Technology

  • Tuition: $54,600
  • Enrollment: 2,238
  • Graduation Rate: 93%
  • Location: Pasadena, California

Cal-Tech as its popularly called offers is one of the schools that offers the best undergraduate programs in computer science.

In addition, they also recruit for postgraduate computer science degrees. 

Therefore, if you want to do a postgraduate study in computer science then Cal-Tech is a great choice.

#15. University of California Los Angeles

  • Tuition: $40,434 
  • Enrollment: 30,009
  • Graduation Rate: 91%
  • Location: Los Angeles, California

UCLA is a fairly expensive school for computer science programs.

Over and over, UCLA has made the news for innovation and famous graduates. 

Therefore, this could be a great option if you’re considering a computer science school on the west coast.

UCLA curriculum will prepare you to be an innovative thinker in the computer science field.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Computer Science Schools for Undergraduate Degree

How Long Will It Take To Graduate with a Computer Science Degree?

How long it will take to graduate with a computer science undergraduate degree will depend on factors such as
Computer science program.
Mode of study (Full-time or part-time)
Each school has their own curriculum and calendar.
However,  a typical bachelor’s degree in computer science will take you 4 years.

What can I work on with my Computer Science Undergraduate Degree?

It’s an established fact that computer science graduates do not have problems securing a job as long as you know your onion.
Upon graduation, you can work as;
Software developers 
Data scientists
UX designers
Digital designers
Web developers
Cloud computing technologist
Cybersecurity analysts etc

What College Has the Best Computer Science Program?

The best schools for undergraduate studies in computer science are;.
Carnegie Mellon
UC Berkeley
However, keep in mind that “the best” will largely depend on your specialization and need.

Does It Matter What College You Go to for Computer Science?

Yes, it does matter what college or school trained you in computer science.
A college reputation will either make or mar your job search experience. 
However, so long as you earn your undergraduate degree from an internationally accredited school, you will likely find fulfilling employment in a computer science space.

Is a Master’s in Computer Science Worth It?

Most times you need an undergraduate degree to get a fulfilling job in the computer science field.
However, with a master’s degree comes more pay and more advanced job opportunities.
We recommend you take an online master’s program in computer science.



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