Texas A&M University Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT/ACT, Tuition, Ranking

This article contains precise and comprehensive information about the acceptance rate and admission process at Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M University is a renowned public institution in America. A university with huge admiration and global recognition, attracting inquisitive students from all around the world. TAMU holds a large student body, with more applying to the university during its admission cycle. 

Thousands of applicants apply to TAMU each year, and some applicants are denied admission into the university. This may be due to poor academic records, errors in the application or not meeting other essential factors for admission.

It is crucial to know what TAMU expects from an applicant in other to be prepared before applying to the university. The information we have included in this article will enlighten you on admissions, the acceptance rate, and the application process to apply to TAMU.

Before we get to it, let us look at TAMU as an institution.

Texas A&M University Acceptance Rate

About Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is a public research institution established in 1876 and located in College Station, Texas. The university is one of the earliest institutions in the United States. TAMU began as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas back in 1876. Over the years, the university has expanded to become a global research institution with a large student body.

Currently, the total enrolment at TAMU comprises 53,876 undergraduate and 13,257 graduate and professional students. The university offers more than 133 undergraduate and 267 graduate degree programs. TAMU functions on a semester-based academic calendar.

Texas A&M University’s main campus is located at College Station, with other campuses in Galveston, Texas, and Doha.

Research expenditure at Texas A&M University is $1.13 billion, which makes the institution the biggest spender on research in the Lone Star state. TAMU is also a member of the Association of American Universities.

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School and Colleges at Texas A&M

Colleges at Texas A&M University include the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Arts and Sciences, and Engineering. Other schools at TAMU are the School of Law, Engineering Medicine, Nursing, Architecture, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, and Public Health.

The rest are Irma Lerma Rangel School of Pharmacy, School of Performance, Visualization and Fine Arts, Bush School of Government and Public Service, School of Education and Human Development, Mays Business School and Transition Academic Program.

Texas A&M University Ranking

TAMU is one of the best public universities in the United States. Currently, the institution occupies notable positions in recent university rankings. 

According to U.Snews and World Report, Texas is ranked 68th among national universities and 37th in best college for veterans. TAMU sits in the 89th position for the best value school, 70th in most innovative school, and 26th among top public schools in America. Fair enough, the university is ranked 15th for having the best undergraduate engineering program.

Since Texas A&M started as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, the university is the 2nd best college for agriculture sciences in the United States (Niche.com). TAMU is the 2nd top public university and the 3rd best college in Texas.

Student Life at Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University has a large student body, and it ensures that everyone on campus is provided with the basics of college life. 

TAMU offer a variety of housing options for students. On-campus apartments, corps housing, Near campus apartments, and residential halls are available for students to choose from.

The 73,000 plus students at Texas A&M are provided with over 1,000 student organizations and clubs.

There are dining halls on campus at designated locations. Meals are severed to the satisfaction of students concerning their dietary needs. 

TAMU priorities the safety and health of everyone on campus. Health services are provided to reinvigorate the lifestyle of students, faculty members, and the entire TAMU community.

University Police Department oversees the safety and security of the TAMU community. They patrol the campus 24/7 to ensure the environment is safe for all and maintain the reputation of the university.

Texas A&M University Admissions

Texas A&M University reviews each application holistically to ascertain who is academically qualified to be in the next freshman class. Admission at Texas A&M is selective. The admission officer at this school will assess an applicant based on their academic records, extracurricular, talent, and intellectual interests.

Unlike many universities, TAMU does not offer interviews but they do consider an applicant’s demonstrated interest.

Another factor that will make you a strong candidate for admission is your response to supplementary essays. Texas A&M University requires applicants to the school to respond to their supplementary essays.

Ensure to make out time to prepare your essays in other to present unique responses before starting the application. A good response to the supplementary essay will enhance your chances of admission into Texas A&M.

Additionally, a good recommendation from a teacher or counsellor will also boost your chances of admission. Before you apply to Texas A&M University, make sure you obtain the best recommendation from a core academic subject teacher or school counsellor. 

What Is the GPA Requirement at TAMU?

First, Texas A&M University does not have a minimum requirement for high school GPA. This does not imply that an applicant with a very low GPA will be considered for admission.

The previous admitted class at TAMU had an average GPA range of 3.48-3.71. Likely, you will be considered for admission if your high school GPA falls within this range.

To be considered a candidate for admission, you will need to obtain an average GPA of 3.68. Possessing a GPA of 3.68 or above will make you competitive for admission, and this can only be achieved if you earn more As in your high school courses.

SAT and ACT Requirements 

Due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, colleges and universities have waived the requirement for standardized test scores.

Texas A&M University is test-optional through the fall term of 2023. However, applicants can self-report their test scores if they choose to.

The average SAT at TAMU is 1275 on the 1600 SAT scale. This is the average SAT score of admitted students at Texas A&M University.

On the ACT, the 25th percentile score is 26, and the 75th percentile score is 31. Scoring above these ranges will boost your admission chances into Texas A&M.

Students who have been successful to get into this school had an average ACT score of 29.

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Texas A&M University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Texas A&M University is selective and has managed to admit more than half its overall applicants in the past few years. 

A year before the last admission at TAMU, the university admitted 57.8% of over 42,500 first-year applicants who applied for a spot in the next graduating class. The next year followed with 43,307 applicants applying to the university, and 27,287 were admitted.

By admitting 27,287 students, the acceptance rate at Texas A&M University stands at 62.9%, which is selective. Having an acceptance rate of 62.9% simply means that Texas A&M University rejected about 38% of applicants who applied to the school in the last admission cycle.

First-Year Application Process

Texas A&M University has a large student body and will accept more students who are academically qualified for admission. 

Who is eligible to apply to TAMU as a first-year applicant? You are eligible to apply to Texas A&M if you have graduated from high school and earned a diploma or equivalent.

Before you start the application, ensure you have the essential application materials ready.

Applying to TAMU follows a sequential process, and you are required to select a specific location between College Station, Higher Education Centre at McAllen, Texas A&M University Galveston, and Qatar.

Application Options

Texas A&M University uses the AppyTexas or the Common Application. You can apply through any of these application platforms as none is preferred over the other.


Texas A&M University is more interested in what defines you as a person other than having the best grades and high test scores. Through the Apply Texas and Coalition Essay, tell your story and the challenges you have encountered while still in high school. 

Application Fee

In other to complete your application, you are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $75. The fee can be paid via the ApplyTexas or the Coalition.

Applicants who qualify for fee waivers can certify their eligibility on the ApplyTexas or the Coalition Application.

Self-Reported Academic Record

As a first-year applicant, you are required to complete a Self-Reported Academic Records (SRAR). If you are a GED graduate or did not complete high school in the United States, you are not required to complete the Self-Reported Academic Record.

High School Curriculum Requirement (only for Texas private high schools): first-year applicants who do not meet the State of Texas Uniform Admission Policy are required to present Exemption Form 3.

Optional Application Materials

Texas A&M University is test optional. All first-year applicants are not required to submit test scores. TAMU however encourages applicants to self-report test scores. Test scores must be sent through the testing agency.

Other optional application materials include a resume and letter of recommendation.

Transfer Application Process and Admissions

Just like any other public institution, Texas A&M University accepts transfer students from different colleges. Students are eligible for transfer admission at Texas A&M if they have previously graduated from high school and have enrolled in a tertiary institution with or without earning credits.

What is the minimum requirement for a student to be considered for transfer admission?

On average, students vying for transfer admission must have at least a GPA of 2.5 on a minimum of twenty-four hours of graded transferable coursework.

How Can I Apply to Texas A&M as a Transfer Student?

Transfer applicants to Texas A&M University can apply through the ApplyTexas.

Next, write your statement of purpose and explain your academic background and experiences.

Pay the non-refundable application fee of $75.

Send official college transcripts from every institution previously attended. TAMU will not accept emailed copies of your transcripts. 

Transfer students who are not citizens of the United States but are permanent residents are required to provide a permanent resident card. Texas A&M also requires a copy of the parent/guardian permanent residence card.

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What is the Acceptance Rate for Transfer Students at Texas A&M University?

Over the last few years, transfer students have been successful at Texas A&M University. The acceptance rate for transfer admission at Texas A&M University is above 50%.

In the fall of 2021, Texas A&M accepted 52% of transfer students who applied to the university.

Application Process for International Students

TAMU shares a diverse community with over 50 countries represented on campus. The university comprises 73,000 plus undergraduate and graduate students, and international students make up to 9% of the student body.

Texas A&M University will accept all international applicants who have graduated from high school and earned a certificate appropriate for university admission in their home country.

All first-year applicants are treated equally regardless of nationality, race, religion, or language. International applicants whose high school transcripts are written in a different language are required to submit an English-translated version.

To be on the right path, Texas A&M University encourages all international applicants to visit the International Student Services page to get more useful information on how to attend.  

How to Apply to Texas A&M as an International Student

First, you need to have your application materials ready before starting the application. As an international applicant, you can apply to Texas A&M through ApplyTexas or the Common Application.

All international applicants must write Topic A on the application and submit it. You are not permitted to write more than 1 to 1.5 pages. 

The application fee for international students is $90 and be paid with a credit card, check, or money order.

International applicants from countries where English is not an official language are required to submit English proficiency exam scores.

  • TOEFL iBT: minimum score of 80
  • TOEFL Essentials: minimum score of 8.5
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: minimum score of 560
  • IELTS Academic: minimum score of 6.0
  • TAMU does not accept IELTS General Test. The university is temporarily accepting Duolingo and English3.

Next, you are required to submit your official secondary school transcript.

The transcript must have an authentic signature of a school registrar, official, principal, or the Ministry of Education.  

Texas A&M University is test optional. Test scores must be submitted through the testing agency. 

Texas A&M school codes

  • SAT: 6003
  • ACT: 4198

What is the Acceptance Rate for International Students at Texas A&M University?

International students make up 9% of the student population at Texas A&M University. In terms of the acceptance rate for international students at Texas A&M University, there is none.

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Texas A&M University Tuition and Fees

Here is the estimated cost of attendance at Texas A&M University.

College ExpensesResident*Resident at home
with Parents*
Tuition & Fees$2,496$2,496$7,984
Loan Fees323232
Housing & Meals3,8001,6173,800
Books & Supplies**333333333
Personal Expenses1,1671,1671,167
Source: https://www.tamu.edu/index.html

Texas A&M University Contact Address

  • School Address: College Station, TX
  • Phone: +1 979-845-3211

FAQ about the Acceptance rate at Texas A&M University

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the acceptance rate at Texas A&M University.

What is the average GPA to get into Texas A&M?

The average GPA that will make you compete with other applicants for admission is 3.68. A High school GPA below 3.68 might hinder your admission chances.

How hard is it to get into Texas A&M? 

The admission rate at Texas A&M is 62.9%, which is selective. Most applicants are denied admission into this university. Those that are admitted had an average GPA of 3.68, SAT score of 1275 and an ACT score of 29.

What is the acceptance rate at Texas A&M University?

The acceptance rate at Texas A&M University is 62.9%. The university previously had an admission rate of 57.8% before it accepted 27,287 students into the Class of 2025.

What is the average SAT score to get into Texas A&M University?

The average SAT score to get into Texas A&M University is 1275. Students who were admitted into Texas A&M University had an average SAT score range of 1160-1390.


Texas A&M University is one of the top public schools in the United States. A renowned research institution stretching beyond the borders of the U.S to provide education in Qatar. 

Despite having an acceptance rate of 62.9%, getting into Texas A&M is challenging and will require the best grades and high test scores.



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