Stony Brook University Acceptance Rate, SAT, ACT, GPA, Tuition, Ranking

The acceptance rate of Stony Brook University has been discussed in this article and other information you need about the application process, requirements, SAT/ACT, GPA, rankings, tuition and other tips for local, transfer and international students.

If you are interested in applying to Stony Brook it is important that you know that the school accepts three kinds of application routes and they will all be listed as you read this article.

Whichever application you choose, write a persuasive essay. The university is also interested in learning about some of the outside classroom activities, especially your leadership skills and talents related to non-academic pursuits.

Furthermore, applicants must submit letters of recommendation. There are some additional requirements needed for students who are interested in the honours programs and some other selected majors.

Continue reading as you discover all you need to know.

Stony Brook University Acceptance Rate

About Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University (SBU) is one of four New York State universities located on Long Island, 60 miles east of New York City.

The school is a public university that is research-dependent and a member of the Association of American Universities, and a national merit institution.

Also, the school is among the ten universities accredited by the National Science Foundation as the school is valued for its ability to combine research and undergraduate education.

SBU has approximately 25,000 students in a total of 13 schools and colleges, including a graduate school and an honours college.

The university has a School of Health Sciences and it consists of five professional schools with approximately 3,000 students. School of Nursing, School of Welfare, School of Dental Medicine, School of Medicine and Health, School of Technology and Management.

Located on Long Island’s North Shore, the main campus covers 1,000 acres and includes the main academic facilities, an 8,300-seat stadium and athletic complex, and the Stony Brook School of Medicine University Hospital.

Furthermore, the school has two satellite campuses – one in downtown Manhattan and the other in Southampton.

What is Stony Brook University (SBU) Acceptance Rate?

On average, Stony Brook University (SBU)’s acceptance rate is 49%. However, the admission rate of this school can increase or decrease over time as it all depends on the number and quality of applicants.

However, admission trends show that the acceptance rate of the school is decreasing over time.

As you can see, getting into Stony Brook University (SBU) is getting harder and harder. If this trend continues, SUNY Stony Brook may be more competitive when you apply.

The acceptance rate in and of itself doesn’t indicate your likelihood of getting into SUNY Stony Brook—it’s a high-level understanding of the actual competition. Use the acceptance rate as a general guideline and make a list of 10-15 schools that fall into different areas of competitiveness. Then use the information below to get a deeper understanding of how your app compares to the rest of the pool.

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List of Schools Stony Brook University

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Business
  • College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • School of Journalism
  • School of Health Technology and Management
  • School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Social Welfare

Stony Brook University Admissions

When it comes to the schools in the State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook University is one of the schools with the lowest acceptance rate

Applicants whose SAT/ACT scores and GPA meet the institution’s requirements have a good chance of admission.

The school tries as much as possible to maintain a robust admissions process that includes many academic measures.

Applicants must complete an online application. An impressive essay and attractive letters of recommendation can support your application as you participate in student organizations and attempt to complete a challenging course curriculum.

Even if the GPAs of prospective students fall outside the average admissions range, students with unique talents and achievements can still receive serious consideration. Interested students should visit the university’s website, which offers useful tips and contact information for the admissions office.

What are Stony Brook University’s SAT Admission Requirements?

Stony Brook University School with a selective acceptance rate – the school prefers applicants to be in the top 20% on the SAT. The admission department of the school always brings down the cumulative value of the SAT score to 1230 out of 1600 to make it possible for prospective students to have a better chance of getting to the school.

The average cumulative SAT score of admitted freshmen is estimated to be 1340/1600. SUNY Stony Brook ranks 14th in New York for average cumulative SAT score and 92nd in the United States of America. Bear in mind that 85% of students choose to submit their scores to SBU.

Average SAT

SAT Reading 25th600
SAT Math 25th630
SAT Composite 25th1230
SAT Reading 75th690
SAT Math 75th750
SAT Composite 75th1440
Average SAT Score1340

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What are the ACT requirements for prospective students to get into SUNY Stony Brook?

SBU admission information shows the school regularly admits students with an ACT of 26 or higher. An applicant who ends up getting admitted typically submits their ACT scores believed to be at the top 18% of test scores in the US.

Applicants who work hard enough to be able to score an ACT of 29 or higher should be at the top of the list of interested applicants, and students who score 32 and or more are believed to be at top of the competition list.

The school ranks 21st in New York and 120th in the United States among the schools with the highest SAT requirements. 25% of applicants submit ACT scores to Stony Brook University.

Average ACT

ACT Reading 25th25
ACT Math 25th25
ACT Composite 25th26
ACT Reading 75th34
ACT Math 75th32
ACT Composite 75th32
Average ACT Score29

The SAT, ACT, and GPA requirements discussed above are gotten from the previous admissions and from the data of students who were accepted. The school in general do not stipulate any cut-offs on test scores, class ranks etc.

What is the GPA required to get into Stony Brook University?

SUNY Stony Brook requires their prospective students to have a very good grade. Stony Brook freshmen have an average high school GPA of 3.9/4.0.

This shows that A- and B+ students will likely get accepted into this school. The ranks #5 in New York among schools with the highest GPA requirements. Even with a competitive GPA, getting into Stony Brook can be very competitive as the Stony Brook University acceptance rate shows.

First-Year Applicant Application Requirements

Stony Brook is a highly selective institution dedicated to students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and the academic ability to succeed. Candidates are assessed individually. There are no automatic restrictions on grade point averages, rankings, or test scores during the admissions process. The selection committee strives to recruit the strongest and most versatile class.

How to Apply

Are you ready to take your first steps in your future at SBU? Start applying today! SBU offer three application options (just apply for one). The application fee is $50.

High School Transcript(s)

Official high school transcripts should be submitted online or by email ([email protected]) or by mail to the Stony Brook University Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 118 Administration Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-1901.

Standardized Test Scores

Official scores from the SAT, ACT, or both must be sent directly from the testing office. SAT code: 2548, ACT code: 2952.

Bear in mind that Stony Brook is test-optional for spring 2023, fall 2023 and spring 2024 applicants.

Admission to Stony Brook is based on a comprehensive analysis of student performance, including overall GPA and program strength, as well as other academic and personal factors such as co-curricular and community involvement, demonstrated leadership, special talents or interests.

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Teacher/Counsellor Recommendation

A letter of recommendation from a teacher or counsellor. This can be submitted electronically via the application portal using the teacher/counsellor evaluation form, or the referee can send the document to the university at [email protected]

If you are applying to one of the honours programs available at SBU, please submit two teacher evaluations. If you apply to WISE, at least one of the evaluation must come from a math or science teacher.


The school requires that you submit an essay on any topic of your choice, which can be sent with the application or uploaded to the SBU application portal.

How can I make my SBU application stand out?

Stony Brook is looking for motivated students who know how to manage their time and who are interested in community life.

The admission community are especially interested in how students integrate into the campus community socially and academically.

Pay attention to specific program requirements and standards.

For example, students entering engineering and applied sciences must demonstrate excellent academic achievement in math and physics and achieve high scores on the math SAT or ACT. It is also worth participating in many related outside classroom activities, such as research competitions.

Meanwhile, music majors must go through the audition process and pass both theory and music exams.

 When choosing a study program, read these requirements so you can choose the program that best suits you.

Demonstrate independence and innovation.

Few colleges spoil you, especially at a school like Stony Brook with 17,364 students at the undergraduate level of study. You need to make sure that you pursue an extracurricular activity that demonstrates leadership and initiative.

When you’re a junior, many of your classes are very large, so you need to show SBU that you can seek out opportunities instead of waiting for them to come to you.

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Show proof of what you are going to bring to the table

As one of the leading research institutions in the US with a diverse student body representing all 50 states and 110 countries, SBU seeks students who can thrive through their contributions to society and the perspective you provide.

Describe your unique experience in the application and demonstrate that you have studied your area of ​​interest both academically and via outdoor activities. For example, potential journalists can intern at local newspapers and take leadership positions in writers’ clubs.

Stony Brook University Transfer Acceptance Rate Requirements

In fact, more than 700,000 students enter the university each year through the transfer admission route. At SUNY Stony Brook, 9.27% ​​are students who came to the school through transfer.

On average the school accepts 3218 students via transfer. Therefore, Stony Brook University transfer acceptance rate is 45%.

If you attend a college or university after high school, you are a transfer student. Applicants must be performing in a very strong academic program and typically have completed at least 24 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher at the time of application. Some majors may have different admission conditions.

Apply online

The school offer three application options for transfer students. The application fee is $50.


Send Your Academic Credentials

Remember to include your full name, date of birth and home address in all correspondence. Obtaining all application certificates is the responsibility of each applicant.

Send transcripts electronically or by mail from each college/university you attended to Stony Brook University, Student Admissions Office, 118 Administration Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-1901.

If you are applying with less than 24 college or university credits:

  • Required: High school transcripts must be emailed to [email protected] or sent by mail to the school. Mail to Stony Brook University Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 118 Administration Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-1901.
  • Optional: You can submit official SAT or ACT scores directly from the testing Office.
    • SAT Code: 2548
    • ACT Code: 2952

Transfer students who have completed more than 56 credits must indicate their major in their application in order to receive financial support.

It is the responsibility of each applicant to obtain all credentials and submit final university transcripts to the undergraduate studies office before the orientation. Applicants who wish to earn a degree (AA or AS) must present proof of degree completion prior to advising for orientation.

Other Requirements

The following programs and applicants have additional application procedures, eligibility requirements and deadlines:


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Stony Brook University Acceptance Rate for International Students and Requirements

International students are those who need an F-1 visa to study in the United States. All international students complete a first-year or transfer application. There is no separate acceptance rate for the international students at Stony Brook University or a separate application.

If you are an international student then you need to pay attention to the following guidelines on the application process for international students

High School Transcript(s)

All transcripts must be sent directly from your high school or college in the original language (if not in English, they must be accompanied by a precisely formatted and certified translation).

Notarized copies of any original document will be accepted by the admission office for international students, and your advisor can upload official copies electronically through your application system. Documents can be submitted online through the application portal, by email ([email protected]) or by email to:

Stony Brook University, 
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
118 Administration Building,
Stony Brook, NY 11794-1901

English Proficiency/Test Scores

You should send your Proof of English Proficiency in an official report from TOEFL, Duolingo, IELTS, AP, IB, SAT, ACT, A-level or PTE Academic.

  • SAT and TOEFL code: 2548
  • ACT code: 2952

International students must prove their English language proficiency by passing one of the tests below. Applicants from English-speaking countries are exempt from the English proficiency test.

You are also exempt if you attended high school in the US for 3 years.

For the international students who do not meet the criteria listed above, you are expected to complete one of the following tests:

ExamMinimum Score
TOEFL (Internet-based & Home Edition)80
TOEFL Essentials9
ACT English19
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (New Exam)480
IB English Higher Level5
AP English Language/Comp or Literature/Com exam3
A -level (Advanced) EnglishC
PTE Academic53

Teacher/Counselor Recommendation

A letter of recommendation from a teacher or counsellor is required. You can send this electronically via the application portal using the teacher/counsellor evaluation form, or the person referring you can send the file to the university at [email protected]


As a prospective student, you are to submit an essay on any topic you choose to write, and you can send the essay with your completed application uploaded to the SBU application portal.

Stony Brook University Tuition and Cost of Studies

  • Paid to the University. All full-time students must have health insurance; local students who already have health insurance are exempt. International students must register with the International Student Health Insurance Plan; the estimated cost is around $1,500.
  • The fee may vary depending on the meal plan, accommodation options and other variables. Calculate the room and board plan with a double dormitory and silver meal plan. All students who choose to live on campus are expected to enrol in the meal plan for the first two semesters.
  • The cost depends on the schedule of your course. Additional course fees may be charged to cover chemicals, supplies, supply and maintenance costs associated with certain courses.
DIRECT COSTS ** (Payable to SBU)
TUITION7,070 (NY Residents)
24,990 (Out-of-state & International)
FEES ****3,486
ROOM ***10,254
MEAL PLAN ***6,340
INDIRECT COSTS (Estimated annual)
BOOKS ***900

All fees are subject to change without notice.

Stony Brook University Rankings

Stony Brook is ranked 93rd among all national universities and 38th among public universities according to the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges.

The rankings are based on a variety of metrics, including class size, ability to retain and help students graduate from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and average alumni debt. This ranking is generally considered the best-known ranking of educational institutions in the United States.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings ranks Stony Brook University 301-350 overall and 77-80 in the United States, and the annual Washington University Rankings ranks SBU 98th among all national universities and the 61st among public universities in the state in their annual college rankings.

Stony Brook was ranked 62nd overall in Forbes America’s Top Colleges and 23rd among public universities. Also, the school was ranked 39th among all US universities in the QS US University Rankings.



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