44 Best Medical Schools in UK Ranking in 2023

If you are thinking of a successful career in medicine then you should consider some of the best medical schools in UK. This article will provide you with the information you need regarding all the medical schools in UK and ranking.

A reasonable person would know that the medical field is sensitive and the school from which you obtain your medical degree has a long way to go in deciding if you will be recognised or not

The UK is already recognised as a place that houses some of the best universities in the world that offer a high-quality degrees in different fields and the medical field is not an exception.

The UK has some of the best medical schools in the world and in this article, we are going to list all the medical schools in the United Kingdom we will also take time to provide information about the ranking of the schools.

After we have listed all the medical schools we will go and head to prepare a table that will comprise only the 10 best medical schools in the UK ranking.

But, before then, we will talk in general about how to apply to study medicine in the UK; we will also discuss what makes a good doctor. We will also provide you with information concerning the entry requirements that medical schools in the UK would consider before admitting a student into any medical-related program.

Each school has their acceptance requirements, but the general requirements that one must meet to enter any medical school in the United Kingdom are what we will discuss.

If you want any more information concerning the specific school you want to enter you can visit the official link of that particular school and discover the specific admission requirements for the medical programs offered by the school.

Best Medical Schools in UK

How to apply to medical schools UK

Irrespective of the medical school you want to apply to in the UK all the application to study any medical program in the UK is handled by the UCAS.

You can only apply through the UCAS and you’ll be able to apply to not more than four medical courses. If you are already in college or 6-form then the teachers in your school would help you go to the application process.

You should also bear in mind that most people are applying for medical courses and the application process takes time, and it is not as easy as other study programs.

Cognisance of these, you should make your application one year prior. The deadline for medical schools application in the UK is always the 15th of October, while the course will start September the next year if you are accepted.

What makes a good doctor?

What makes a good doctor?

The best medical schools in the UK want students who are committed; who are very initiative and those who can persevere.

They also consider those who have concern for others as people who can be able to communicate with patients.

These aforementioned things are put into consideration apart from just focusing on academic excellence. They are core values and attributes needed for somebody to be successful in the field of medicine.

These attributes have been endorsed by most medical schools as part of the selection criteria as they believe that this would help to train the best doctors.

What are the Entry Requirements for the Best Medical Schools in the UK?

One of the criteria for Medical Schools in the UK Ranking is the school’s entry requirements.

That is to say that each school has their entry requirements for medical courses, but there are general entry requirements that any aspiring medical student should pose before he/she would be accepted into any medical school in the UK

The general minimum entry requirements to the best medical schools in the UK are three As at A level or qualification equivalent to that.

One of the subjects or even two of them should be in a lab-based science, which should be chemistry or biology. Some medical schools in the UK require Physics or Mathematics at A level.

Furthermore, GCSE grades or their equivalent are mostly considered by the best medical schools in UK, though medical schools vary when it comes to the placement of emphasis on them.

Bear in mind that the admission criteria for medical schools in the UK can change annually.

It is important that before you start preparing your documents for application, you should visit the official website of the school you are interested in to see updated admission criteria and also understand more about the school you want to apply to.

We have prepared a list of all the medical schools in the UK with their official website so that you’ll be able to access the school website to find out more about a particular School

We have also included the medical school in the UK ranking so that you will be able to see the ranking of your school and know whether it appears in the top 10 medical schools in UK.

You will see a list of all the medical schools in the UK before the top 10 ranking which is listed in a tabulated manner.

Differences between the top UK medical schools 

There is fierce competition in the yearly medical schools in UK ranking, and these institutions differ in many ways.

But when you want to decide on the medical school to attend you should make sure you read about that particular school as we have already emphasized and make sure that the school you want to choose aligns with your skills, academic resume, your profile, and other attributes.

List of all the medical schools in the UK without rankings

Before we list the top 10 medical schools in UK ranking, we will, first of all, provide a list of all the medical schools in UK.

This is because we want you to see the whole school that you can attend so that you can read about them and make your choice without having to be influenced by the ranking of that school as there are schools that may not appear in the top ten but will suit you academically.

University of Aberdeen School of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Location: Polwarth Building | Foresterhill | Aberdeen | AB25 2ZD | 01224 272000

The Faculty of Medicine, Health Sciences and Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen includes the School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

As one of the top best medical schools in UK according to ranking, the school also provides training and research in areas such as Medical Sciences, Nutrition, Public Health, Dentistry, Health Sciences and Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels of studies related to medicine.

The current medical school was created by bringing together the former Rowett Institute of Nutrition, School of Medicine and Dentistry and the school of medical Sciences.

Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine

  • Location: Chelmsford Campus | Bishop Hall Lane | Chelmsford | Essex | CM1 1SQ | 01245 686868

Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine is part of the Anglia Ruskin University – a public university in the East of England, England. Its origins can be traced to the Cambridge School of Art, founded in 1852 by William John Beamont.

The school started operating as a university in university in 1992 and was named after John Ruskin in 2005. It is one of the.

The visionary mission of Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine is to educate doctors who are ready to deliver and practice modern medicine in the 21st century.

Aston University Medical School

  • Location: Aston Triangle | Birmingham | B4 7ET | 0121 204 3284

Aston Medical School is a member of Aston University and is located in central Birmingham, England. It is the 34th medical school in the UK and the 6th medical school in the Midlands. Its purpose is to train physicians/doctor and promote research in the field of medicine.

Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Location: Mile End Road | London | E1 4NS | 020 7882 5555

Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, commonly known as Barts, is a school of medicine and dentistry based in London, United Kingdom. The school is affiliated with Queen Mary University of London, which is affiliated with Federal University of London and a member of United Hospital.

The school was founded in 1995 by London Hospital Medical School (the first school officially authorized to teach medicine in 1785) and St Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical college (Britain’s oldest surviving hospital), founded in 1123.

University of Birmingham College of Medical and Dental Sciences

  • Location: Edgbaston | Birmingham | B15 2TT | 0121 414 3344

University of Birmingham School of Medicine and Dental Science is part of the University of Birmingham – a public research university based in Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK. A successor to King’s College, Birmingham and Mason College of Science, it received a Royal Charter in 1900, which makes the school the first British university to receive a Royal Charter in the form of thr civic or ‘red brick’.

The University of Birmingham School of Health and Dentistry defines the future of healthcare and medicine by providing innovative education and cutting-edge research led by the world’s leading researchers.

Brighton and Sussex Medical School

  • Location: Teaching Building | University of Sussex | Brighton | East Sussex | BN1 9PX | 01273 606 755

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) is one of the top 10 best medical schools for in UK according ranking, the academic institution is based on a partnership between the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex.

The school follows the general principles of medical practice in the UK, a principle other schools follow which focuses on standards of Doctors of Tomorrow – this is an initiative of the Medical Council operating in the UK that defines the role of medical practitioners in the United Kingdom. Since opening in 2003, BSMS has trained more than 1,500 new qualified doctors who are now working across the United Kingdom.

University of Bristol Medical School

  • Location: Senate House | Tyndall Avenue | Bristol | BS8 1TH | 0117 928 9000

Bristol Medical School is part of the University of Bristol is a research university that received university status before the first world war, based in Red Brick, Bristol, UK. The school was awarded the Royal Charter in 1909, although the origin of the schools can be traced back to the Merchant Venturers’ schools which was established in 1595.

Bristol Medical School is a top notch school in the field of medicine offering students the opportunities for collaborative and interdisciplinary research. The school is divided into two departments: Population health sciences and translational health sciences.

University of Buckingham Medical School

  • Location: Hunter Street | Buckingham | MK18 1EG | 01280 827546

University of Buckingham School of Medicine operated in a way that it prioritizing Buckingham students. The medical school is small enough for students to become part of a close and supportive community, and large enough to provide all the experience needed to become a general practitioner. …

The short 4.5 year MB ChB course is based on an established curriculum. Each part of it is designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become a professional and ethical physician.

In general University of Buckingham is the parent school of the University of Buckingham School of Medicine England and the oldest among all the private universities located in the UK. The school was first started as the University College at Buckingham in 1973.

University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine

  • Location: Addenbrooke’s Hospital | Hills Rd | Cambridge | CB2 0SP | 01223 336700

The Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine, UK is one of the top schools of medicine in the UK. It is the third best medical school in the world by 2020 according to QS World University Rankings. The school is located in several buildings on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, next to Addenbrooke Hospital and other facilities.

Cambridge students usually enter the clinical school after three years of pre-clinical training. About half of the clinical training in Cambridge takes place on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the other half in regional hospitals and the East of England is where general practices takes place.

Cardiff University School of Medicine

  • Location: UHW Main Building | Heath Park | Cardiff | CF14 4XN | 029 2087 4000

Cardiff University School of Medicine is the Medical College of the University of Cardiff, located in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. It was established in 1893 as part of the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire and in schools is the oldest medical schools in Wales.

The school offers quality medical programs and one of the most lagest and prestigious medical schools in Wales, with around 500 staff and 300 support staff; more than 1,000 undergraduate and more than 1,100 graduate students study in medicine and science courses.

The school has an annual turnover in excess of £50 million, almost half of which comes from competitive external research funding. The school is located at the University of Wales Hospital located in Cardiff City.

Other List of Best Medical Schools in The United Kingdom

  • University of Dundee School of Medicine
  • Edge Hill University Medical School
  • The University of Edinburgh Medical School
    • The University of Edinburgh | The Queen’s Medical Research Institute | 47 Little France Crescent | Edinburgh | EH16 4TJ | 0131 242 9100
  • University of Exeter Medical School
  • University of Glasgow School of Medicine
  • Hull York Medical School
    • HYMS, John Hughlings Jackson Building | University of York | Heslington | York | YO10 5DD
  • Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine
  • Keele University School of Medicine
    • Keele University | David Weatherall Building | Keele University | Staffordshire | ST5 5BG | 01782 733937
  • Kent and Medway Medical School
    • Medway Campus | Rowan Williams Court | 30 Pembroke Court | Chatham Maritime | Kent | ME4 4UF | 01227 928000
  • King’s College London GKT School of Medical Education
  • Lancaster University Medical School
  • University of Leeds School of Medicine
  • University of Leicester Medical School
  • University of Liverpool School of Medicine
  • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
    • LSHTM | Keppel Street | London | WC1E 7HT | 020 7636 8636
  • University of Manchester Medical School
  • Newcastle University School of Medical Education
  • Norwich Medical School
  • University of Nottingham School of Medicine
    • University of Nottingham | Division of Medical Sciences and Graduate Entry Medicine | Royal Derby Hospital | Uttoxeter Road | Derby | DE22 3DT | 01332 724622
  • University of Nottingham – Lincoln Medical School
  • University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division
  • Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Queen’s University Belfast School of Medicine
  • University of Sheffield Medical School
  • University of Southampton School of Medicine
  • University of St Andrews School of Medicine
  • St George’s, University of London
    • SGUL | Cranmer Terrace | London | SW17 0RE | 020 8672 9944
  • University of Sunderland School of Medicine
  • Swansea University Medical School
  • University of Central Lancashire School of Medicine
  • University College London Medical School
  • University of Warwick Medical School
  • Brunel University London, Brunel Medical School
  • Ulster University, School of Medicine
    • Ulster University | Northland Road, Derry~Londonderry, County Londonderry | BT48 7JL | 028 7012 3456

UK medical schools rankings

We are going to be talking about the ranking method and factors that contribute to the top 10 medical schools in UK rankings.

We will specifically talk about the Guardian ranking methodology.

What Factors are Considered in The UK Medical Schools Ranking?

In a normal circumstance, a university or higher institution is too large that you cannot collect all the data necessary to rank them accurately and accordingly.

Therefore, there’s not been a generally accepted way of ranking medical schools in UK.

There are roughly 40 medical schools in UK and ranking them would mean collecting accurate data ranging from their selection process, style of teaching and education standard.

While this may be considered impossible, which is true because the data collected may be wrong and people may give a vague account concerning the reputation of a particular school.

As when it comes to reputation and student satisfaction, it is very hard to get a piece of accurate information.

Below, you can actually get something that should give a glimpse of what a school can offer according to what the guardian medical schools ranking used as their ranking criteria.

The Guardian UK Medical Schools Ranking Criteria.

The Guardian uses the method discussed below to compile their list of medical schools ranking in the UK.

  • Satisfied with course: This is the rating provided by the final year students
  • Another one is satisfied with the teaching rating. This is also provided by the final year students. It is the degree to which they are satisfied with how they are being taught
  • Another one is satisfied with feedback which is also provided by the final year student. It is a rating given by the feedback quality and assessment offered by final-year students too
  • The student-to-staff ratio is also considered as the number of staff to students would also be considered in the medical schools in UK ranking.
  • The spend per student will also be considered, which is the amount of money that is being spent on a student without including the academic staff cost.
  • The value-added score would also be considered. This is a comparison of what the students were able to graduate with against their entry qualification which shows how effectively the student was taught during their time in school.
  • Another one is the average entry tariff which is the UCAS score of students who are applying for that institution.
  • The guardian medical schools in UK ranking also takes into account the career after 6 months. This is the degree to which a student who graduated from a particular school can get a job or further their education at the graduate level.
  • Continuation of students is also put into consideration. This is the rate at which student continue their education after their first year.
UK medical schools ranking

Best medical schools in UK according to rankings

1University of DundeeDundee, Scotland
2University of AberdeenAberdeen, Scotland
3University of EdinburghEdinburgh, Scotland
4University of OxfordOxford, England
5Brighton and Sussex Medical SchoolBrighton, England
6University of CambridgeCambridge, England
7Swansea UniversitySwansea, Wales
8Keele UniversityNewcastle-under-Lyme, England
9University of St AndrewsSt Andrews, Scotland
10University of LeedsLeeds, England


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