The New School Acceptance Rate, Admissions, SAT/ACT, Tuition

This article has information about the New School acceptance rate, admissions, SAT/ACT requirements, tuition, the application process for domestic and international students and other important information.

At the New School, you will experience a new kind of university in New York where students, artists, and designers meet to challenge the conventional perspective and create positive change. The New School takes full advantage of its location in one of the world’s most dynamic and diverse cities.

The Parsons School of Design, the Eugene Lang College, the School of Public Engagement, the Parsons Paris and the School of Performing Arts are among the undergraduate colleges at the school.

As you read further, you will get to know more about the school, the acceptance rates and admission process, tuition, etc.

The New School Acceptance Rate

About the New School

The New School was established in 1919 in Greenwich Village, the academic institution is a public university in New York City. The school is a place where creative students, artists and designers can interact with a diverse community, discuss ideas and expand their knowledge.

Approximately 15,000 students participate in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs at New York’s New School, and they study in a variety of fields in different departments of this world-renowned school.

The New School has a history of excellence and trains students in drama, fine arts and design, management and administration, the liberal arts, social sciences, creative writing, and contemporary and classical music on the historic Greenwich Village campus and in many e-learning areas in the world.

Is the new school a good school?

Is the new school a good school? If this is your question then you need to understand that there is no yardstick to measure a good school. It all depends on what you want you your academic goals.

Below we will be discussing some of the things you stand to gain and what your experiences would look like when you start studying at the Ne School – this will help you decide if this is a good school for you or not

The multidisciplinary academic program offered by the school frees you from traditional boundaries, which allows you the flexibility to study in depth from multiple perspectives.

As a student at The New School, you can take courses at the school’s colleges and subjects and immerse yourself in many areas of study related to your interests. What you stand to gain in this academic flexibility is enormous.

By crossing traditional academic paths, you will definitely advance in all areas of life, expand your problem-solving skills, and be ready to make an impact in a complex world.

Your skills in thinking critically will improve as you prototype innovative solutions and gain first-hand experience through workshops and project-based learning.

At The New School, the rigorous academic approach goes beyond the development of knowledge in education to help you discover and realize your passion and vision.

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The New School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of the New School is 69%. It ranks 74th in New York with the lowest acceptance rate.

The New School is a competitive University, and if you meet the requirements, there is a good chance of getting into it. Last year, 6,012 applicants out of 8,701 applicants were accepted.

The University is one of the schools in the US with high SAT and ACT admission requirements and typically accepts students in the top 26% (SAT 1140/1360 ACT 26/30).

The Academic Institution generally accept and attracts applicants with a B+ GPA and an average GPA of about 3.59 from their high school. 21% of those who gain admission decide to go to school.

Scores on SAT or ACT are not required to enter the New School. If you submit test results, they will be considered in your application, but are not required. 34% of students sent SAT scores and 16% sent their ACT scores on average during application.

The New School Admissions

As we have already mentioned, the New School is a private research university with an acceptance rate of 69%.

The university, which accepts more than half of its applicants, has competitive admission procedures with high average SAT/ACT scores. However, The New School do their admission consideration in a holistic process with no mandatory test, and admission decisions are not based on numbers alone.

A strong essay and strong letters of recommendation can improve your application as well as participate in meaningful community activities and a rigorous course plan.

Bear in mind that each of the colleges associated with The New School has unique admission requirements that may include exam, portfolio, and essay submissions. Students with particularly interesting stories or achievements can still be seriously considered, even if their scores and grades are not up to the average scores of the school.

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SAT requirements and average SAT scores

New schools generally prefer students to be among the 34% of people who took the  SAT tests. The school is constantly lowering its cumulative SAT score to1140/1600, making admission into the school very possible.

The average cumulative SAT score for freshmen who were accepted into the school is estimated to be 1250/1600. As the New School acceptance rate is somewhat selective, you can increase your chances of getting in by meeting this SAT requirements.

The new school ranks 27th in New York with average cumulative SAT scores and 170th at the national level. 34% of prospective students submit SAT points to a school.

SAT Reading 25th580
SAT Math 25th560
SAT Composite 25th1140
SAT Reading 75th680
SAT Math 75th680
SAT Composite 75th1360
Average SAT Score1250

ACT Requirements and ACT GPA

Admission records show that The New School regularly admits students with an ACT 26 or higher. Students who end up getting into the school send ACT scores that are in the top 18% nationwide.

Applicants with an ACT score of 28 should be at the top of the students who would possibly get into the school.

The school ranks 26th in New York and 158th in the United States.

Data show that 16% of those who apply to the school send their ACT scores.

ACT Reading 25th25
ACT Math 25th23
ACT Composite 25th26
ACT Reading 75th34
ACT Math 75th28
ACT Composite 75th30
Average ACT Score28

Estimated GPA requirements and average GPA

Applicants must have very good high school grades to enter a New School. The average GPA for the freshman class enrolled in the University was 3.59 on a scale of 4.0, indicating that B+ students were primarily accepted and eventually end up attending the Ne School.

The school has an average GPA of 32nd in New York. As the New School acceptance Rate is somewhat selective you increase your chances by meeting the GPA requirements.

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How to Apply to the School

Follow the instructions below to apply for bachelor’s degree programs:

Step 1: Choose your college at the New School.

Wondering which new school is right for you? Check out your options on This Page.

Step 2: Follow the particular instructions for application.

Use the links below to find detailed application instructions and requirements for your program in your specific college.

Step 3: Fill out the application for the degree you want.

  • If you want to apply for a bachelor’s degree at the School of Design, Parsons School of Design, Parsons Paris, the College of Performing Arts or  Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts make use of the Common Application.
  • To apply for a Parsons AAS degree or an adult bachelor’s degree then you have to use The New School’s Online Application.
  • Former new school students who re-apply for enrollment in a previous academic program must re-apply through an Application for Readmission process. Instructions for applying as a re-applicant can be found on this page.
  • Existing students at the New School who want to go to another college at the New School should apply for internal transfer. Instructions for applying for an internal transfer can be found on this page.
  • Students who are visiting can find more information about applying on the Visiting Students website

Step 4: Check the status of your application.

Log in to the Admission Hub to view your admission materials status. Once the selection board has received all the necessary information, the application is complete and ready to be processed. Wait at least ten days from the date of application before the checklist of application materials appears.

After your material checklist has been reviewed, please contact your schools and recommenders to ensure that your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other materials have been submitted to the New School.

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The New School Acceptance Rate Compared to other schools Near it

The rate of admission at the new school is higher than the average for all other schools close to it, which is at about 56.7 on average.

Below are the acceptance rates of other schools close to the new school.

SchoolAcceptance Rate
CUNY Bernard M Baruch College43.5%
Fashion Institute of Technology53.9%
Touro College69.4%
Stevens Institute of Technology40.0%
Pace University-New York78.7%

The New school Acceptance Rates for International Students and How to Apply

The New School is an active global community that embraces students from all over the world. In fact, the university students represent 116 countries.

The international student population of the school includes students who have not set foot in the US before being admitted to the school, students currently living in the United States, and U.S. citizens who have been staying in the united states.

The school welcomes you to apply as this is a home to a variety of academic and artistic communities in one largest city in the world.

The New School Acceptance Rate for International Students is not different from the general acceptance. International students receive the same level of consideration as domestic students.

Below are instructions for applying for international students.

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International Students Application

International applicants go through the same application process as our local applicants. Application instructions may vary for applicants whose first language is not English or whose transcripts are not in English. Visit the following pages for more information:

Students who want to go to a New School to improve their English are encouraged to take one of our many English courses as a second language.

Click this link for more information on international applications and requirements.

The New School Tuition Fees according to programs

The credit intervals that have been shown in the semester and the fee table below refers only to applicable enrollment fees and should not be construed as advice. The course load a student must complete in order to progress satisfactorily is determined by each department and is based on the requirements of the degree a student is studying.

See the list below for more information or contact an Academic Advisor.

The Schools of Public Engagement (SPE) do not offer fixed tuition, but all students pay tuition per credit.

Degree ProgramFull-Time Tuition (Per Semester)Full-Time Credit RangePer-Credit Tuition
AAS, BBA, BFA, BS (Parsons)$26,85412-18$1,810
BA, BS, BM, BFA (Lang, CoPA)$25,95012-18$1,810
BA/BFA (Lang/Jazz, Lang/Parsons)$25,95012-21$1,810
BA, BFA, BS (SPE)N/AN/A$1,421
Parsons Paris$18,35512-18$1,245

Other Fees

Orientation Fee$155Once (all new undergraduate and graduate students)
International Student Fee$95Per semester (New York City only)
Global Campus Fee$95Per semester (Parsons Paris students)
Domestic Application Fee$50Per application
International Application Fee$80Per application
Payment Plan Enrollment Fee$60Per semester

For graduate tuition fees and other fees please visit the official tuition page.

Bachelor’s Program for Adults and Transfer Students

FAQs About the New School Acceptance Rate and Admissions

below are some of the questions people always ask about admission to the New school and we have provided answers to them in a bid to make this article more comprehensive.

How do I know whether to use the New School Online Application or the Common Application?

Applicants must use the common application if they are applying for programs offered by the following schools

  • Parsons School of Design
  • Parsons Paris
  • Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, or
  • The College of Performing Arts.

 The New School online application allows you to apply for a Parsons AAS degree or an adult bachelor’s degree.

Can institutions waive the registration fee?

Yes, the school can waive the application fee for those who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Satisfies at least one Common Application requirement.
  • The applicant is a veteran.

Can I defer my admission?

Successful applicants may apply to defer their admission from the Director of Admissions. Decisions on deferring admission applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Does early action improve my chances of getting into the New School?

No, there is no difference between an early action of the evaluation process or a normal decision. And also, the New School does not have a separate acceptance rate for early action.

Can I request an internal transfer?

The answer is yes. Applicants may apply for an internal transfer during the second semester of their university studies.

Students wishing to transfer to any of the majors at Parsons School of Design or the College of Performing Arts are expected as part of a considerable process to complete a portfolio or an audition.

Which does the new school prefer; SAT or ACT?

As much as 34% of students send SAT scores to The New School. 16% of applicants submitted their ACT scores with their application.

What are my chances of getting into a new school?

69% of applicants get accepted to a new school. The competition for admission is low and the admission requirements for the university are very high. Check that your scores and grades are sufficient for entry.

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What is the New School Acceptance Rate?

As we have already mentioned, the New School is a private research university with an acceptance rate of 69%.

What SAT scores are required for the New School?

  • SAT Reading 25th: 580
  • SAT Math 25th: 560
  • SAT Composite 25th: 1140
  • SAT Reading 75th: 680
  • SAT Math 75th: 680
  • SAT Composite 75th: 1360
  • Average SAT Score: 1250

How many ACT points do I need to get to THE New School?

  • ACT Reading 25th: 25
  • ACT Math 25th: 23
  • ACT Composite 25th: 26
  • ACT Reading 75th: 34
  • ACT Math 75th: 28
  • ACT Composite 75th: 30
  • Average ACT Score: 28



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