10 Jobs For Degrees In Business Administration

If you are looking for information about the jobs for degrees in business administration then you need to read this article. The pieces of information contained in this article will help you understand the career opportunity available in the field of business administration.

It might interest you to know that degrees in business administration are some of the most popular degrees in the world offered by different universities, colleges and other academic opportunities.

One of the reasons why this field of study on one of the most popular is because there are a lot of jobs for degrees in business administration and because of this various career prospects students are choosing this degree of study so that they can stand a better chance of employment.

Some of the fields where someone with a degree in business administration can make a career are manufacturing, banking, business, consulting, advertising, or even music.

As you go through the undergraduate level of study in a bid to obtain a BSc in business administration, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills you need to fit into any managerial or administrative position in any industry.

In a situation where you decide to obtain a masters or doctorate degree in business administration then you are qualified to handle any type of leadership position that may be available in the field and in any organisation. 

However, if what you have is an associate degree in business administration, then you may only be able to jobs in business administration that will only allow you to work as a sales representative, or a retailer and as a management trainee.

Other position that may be available to you includes project coordinator or office manager.

Degrees that will position you for jobs in business administration are offered in many universities of the world. You can decide to take these courses online on-campus or online based on the flexibility of your time and your academic goals.

In business administration, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have been through by working together with other students.

Jobs For Degrees In Business Administration

Why Pursue a Career in Business Administration?

If you are thinking of a career in business administration then you must make sure that you can think analytically and also be aloe to lead a research team and also be able to lead by influencing people.

It is true that during your business administration program, you will be able to learn and improve on these skills, but also you must be willing and passionate to make use of these traits and skills to solve the problem that may arise in the course of your work.

Jobs for degrees in business administration provides people in this field the opportunity of working and being relevant in any industry especially privately-owned organisations.

Also, you should be interested in helping your organisation succeed financially as this is mostly where an organisation that offer jobs for a degree in business administration would need them to function well.

How to Start Your Career in Business Administration

BLS has stated that for individuals to pursue a career in business administration, then they need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the field.  

During the time of acquiring this degree, participants will learn the fundamentals in the field of business studies, and also, this is where they will acquire the necessary skills that are transferable, which will ultimately help them switch careers if you decide not to continue in business in the future. You may decide to go for an advanced degree in business like MBA as you gain experience in the entry-level job with your bachelor’s degree.

This is because, many organisations will not allow those with a bachelor’s degree to occupy management level positions and will allow those with an MBA to occupy such positions, thus, this may warrant you to go higher and acquire an advanced degree.

If you are lucky to be a company that pays workers to go back to school to acquire this degree, then you should maximise the opportunity and improve on your existing qualification and skills.

Associate’s Degree in Business Administration

If you are thinking of exploring jobs for degrees in business administration and you are thinking of doing that with an associate degree then you may be limiting your opportunities as an associate degree may not position you to reach a reasonable level of success in this field of study.

However, if all you need is a bearing in the business world and the fundamental knowledge necessary to launch a career in business, an associate degree in business administration will offer these opportunities.

Mainly, an associate degree program in business administration is offered in the fields of management, accounting and software application.

Courses like information systems, human resources and healthcare administration are offered in some schools under business administration courses and programs and these courses can position one to and an entry-level job in the field.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

In your pursuit of jobs for degrees in business administration, you will stand a chance for better job roles if you have a bachelors degree in business administration. This s because a bachelors degree in business provides you with the knowledge of business management application and principles including interpersonal skills that will help you thrive in the field.

During the study, your core subject in your business program will include general business administration, economics, marketing, economics, accounting and ICT. Other classes, you may take include international business and organisational behaviour, logistics and human resource.

These courses are strategical ton your success in the field as they will teach you what you need to be able to handle job roles that are broader in nature as there is more to business than management.

The business administration course aims to teach students how to focus on strategic planning, creating organizational value and mastering financial principles.

Also, you will learn first-hand business scenarios obtainable in the world so that students can understand what is available in the business world.

The knowledge you will acquire will equip you with the skills you need to work in private, public and organisations that are not for profit.

Some of the job positions you can assume include business analyst, human resources manager, operations manager or marketing specialist. As an entrepreneur, you can also find enough space to build your own business from scratch.

If you are thinking of a bachelor’s degree in business admiration, then you should know that you need to sacrifice four years of your life to study as that is what it takes to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Completion of 120-course credits is required during this period.

Some of the compulsory courses to take during an undergraduate degree in business include marketing, finance, management, Accounting, and business law. There are also electives in these courses and the electives available to you will be dependent on your institution. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs

If you looking for jobs for degrees in business administration with a master’s degree in the field, then you are eligible for a wider range of job roles and open to more advanced business opportunities. You can be a company’s financial director, executive director, consultant, or even a business owner.

If you are aspiring to become an MBA student, you have the flux of choice to choose between a full-time or part-time business administration program. Full-time courses usually take two years to complete.

Also, you can choose to maximise your studies by choosing an option that allows you to enter the BA/MBA program and earn two degrees in five years.

There is an option for professionals and people who are already working to study online from the comfort of their homes or office.

This is another option for traditional learning. There are certified online MBA courses that can provide you with the same high-quality education, but with different courses depending on the school that provides them.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Jobs for degrees in business administration for people with a doctorate degree in the field are unending and with a PhD in Business Administration, you are ready to lead, teach in corporate and academic environments and also consult.

The DBA degree program will help you build on the skills acquired at the MBA level and the experience acquired through management positions.

You will gain more profitable career opportunities in leadership and management, and you will become a guru in conducting research.

Obtaining a DBA degree usually takes 3 to 6 years. At this level, you will focus more on research and analysis, management, solution-based leadership and strategic planning.

You can also choose more professional courses, such as information systems, marketing, management and international business.

In addition, as a PhD student in Business Administration, you must write and defend a doctoral dissertation. You must also pass a comprehensive exam to obtain a certificate.

In addition, a PhD in Business Administration is different from a DBA because a PhD concentrates more on research and equips you for work in an academic environment.

What You Can Do with a Degree in Business Administration

There are a lot of jobs for degrees in business administration professionals. You can find jobs in marketing, accounting, human resources, banking and other related fields.

The specific career and job you will be qualified for will depend on your area of specialisation- jobs are available in the private, public and other sectors.

A variety of career options are available in business administration and you will stand to receive more opportunities as you advance in your level of study in the field and as you gain more certifications in the field of business.

The more you study for more certification and k knowledge the more job your opportunities in business administration increases.

It might interest you to know that when you have versatile business degrees you can become employed in the consulting, and technology, healthcare, energy, industries. People with an MBA will most certainly qualify for the aforementioned places.

What are the Jobs For Degrees In Business Administration?

  • Business consultants
  • Municipal managers
  • Meeting, convention and event planner
  • Procurement officers
  • Office administrator
  • Loan officers
  • Market research analysts
  • Training and development specialist
  • Sales Manager
  • Financial analysts
Jobs For Degrees In Business Administration

We have discussed that there are a lot of job opportunities for business administration degree holders in different fields and sectors.

Below we shall be listing and discussing some specific job positions where people with business administration degrees can work and make a career in.

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Business consultants

Business consultants can also be called management consultants. They are responsible for helping organizations come up with ways to improve efficiency of organisations. Their responsibilities also include giving managers advice on possible ways they can increase organisational profitability o by minimising costs and maximising revenue.

Usually, management consultants will analyse the data of the problems encountered by the organization and develop solutions for the problems encountered – they will come up with systems that are improved which will help the organization make changes that will affect them positively.

The jobs for degrees in business administration for the business consultants position is expected to grow by 14% from 2020 to 2024.

Municipal managers

Municipal managers positions are some of the jobs for degrees in business administration – they cater to big cities and counties.

Some big cities would need the services of administrative staff to handle some tasks. Municipal administration requires professionals with a background in business administration to assume these roles to ensure that it operates as a standard business. If this is not the case, the operation may not proceed in a smooth and efficient way.

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Meeting, convention and event planner

Ranging from the coordination of events and professional meeting a meeting, convention and event planner is important to originations.

They are responsible for meeting with clients in order to discover the purpose of the meeting, event or conference and the appropriate location for such meeting, conference or event.

The planner will find venues and suppliers that meet their specifications and discuss payment and other specifics. Most of these planners work for private companies, but they can also work for foodservice providers, professional organizations or religious groups to provide services based on short time, part-time or full-time plans.

Procurement officers

A procurement officer position is one of the places you can find jobs for degrees in business administration is also a procurement specialist or purchasing officer. Purchasing officials need to obtain or purchase products needed for the organization’s daily activities.

They need key skills in analysis and negotiation, which will help to bid for the best offer for the organization at the lowest possible cost while considering quality and duration.

The procurement officer needs to know the time from purchasing or ordering a product to the expected arrival in the organization for timely use.

Before that, in addition to quality and price, the procurement officer is also responsible for conducting background checks on suppliers to understand the reputation, products or services they provide.

Then, if necessary, he should establish a relationship with a trustworthy supplier for business purposes that may arise in the future. He must also consider the needs of the company to guide his purchasing decisions.

Also, if the organization is operating internationally, procurement officials can handle international logistics. He can also be fortunate to serve as a member of the executive committee.

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Office administrator

Office administrators are professionals and have many options for employment when it comes to jobs for degrees in business administration.

With the help of technology and innovation, office administrators have the responsibility to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

One of his basic skills that an office administrator can’t joke about is the use of databases and Microsoft software such as Word, Excel, etc.

Basic knowledge of reporting and accounting is also important. His responsibilities need to deal with phone calls, customers and employees, which leaves him no choice but to have sufficient interpersonal skills.

An office administrator can also plan and organize office space, use equipment in the office, and deal with unexpected situations in the office.

Loan officers

Another position where people looking for jobs for degrees in business administration can find career opportunities is the loan officer position.

A loan offer is faced with the responsibility of evaluating, authorizing, and recommending loan approvals for individuals and companies.

A loan officer obtains and analyses all the necessary financial information of the person who wants a loan – they analyse information such as income level and credit score.

Also, they review agreements on loans to make sure they meet standards set by the federal and state governments.

The most common place where loan officers can easily find jobs are mortgage companies, commercial banks and other financial institutions that may be in need of the services they offer. The jobs for people with business administration degrees in the position of loan officers between 2020 and 2024 is expected to increase by 8%.

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Market research analysts

Market research analysts play multiple roles in organizations. They help their companies to get to know their target customers, the types of products or services that suit their customers, and the different ways they can get the public to get to know about these products and services in a bid to sell and ultimately have their profits increased.

Market research analysts are also the ones in charge of training, designing surveys, and supervising interviewers responsible for surveys.

They are relevant in various industries and consulting companies. By 2024, the jobs for degrees in business administration for the position of market research analysts is expected to increase by 19%.

Training and development specialist

There are a lot of jobs for degrees in business administration for the Training and development specialist position.

The Training and development specialist is faced with the responsibility of planning, implementing, and managing training programs to improve the skills and knowledge of the personnel in the organization.

This group of experts can work in almost all industries. Their work is people-oriented, so it is important to spend quality time with people, train them, and help them better master their skills.

Furthermore, they are also responsible for conducting interviews, evaluating employees, and providing consulting services. They can create programs that meet the skills of a particular employee. By 2024, the jobs for degrees in business administration for Training and development specialists is expected to increase by 7%.

Sales Manager

The sales manager is responsible for the sales team of the organization and also he is bestowed with the duty to make sure that the organisation keeps improving on their revenue generation

The responsibility of the sales manager is to set sales targets, analyse sales data and develop sales training plans for team members.

Furthermore, the sales manager also forecasts sales and evaluates the profitability of products and services offered by the company. It has been stated that between 2020 to 2024 jobs for degrees in business administration for sales managers will increase by 5%

Financial analysts

Financial analysts have different responsibilities, such as collecting data, making financial recommendations and running financial models.

Financial analysts have a deep insight into a particular business or industry, and explain their investment philosophy in the organization through speeches.

Financial analysts have two aspects: buy-side analysts, who conduct research and recommendations for companies that specialize in pension or mutual funds.

Sell-side analysts focus on companies that manage personal accounts. Sell-side analysts also are responsible for helping the company’s customers make better choices when buying and selling stocks. From 2020 to 2024, the jobs for degrees in business administration for business analysts positions is expected to increase by 12%.


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