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If you are looking for information about the CDI College Montreal Work Permit, then this article will provide you with the information you need. And we will be explicit enough so as to make sure that you wouldn’t need further information any other place about the CDI College Montreal Work Permit.

The CDI College Montreal work permit information is one of the commonly sought after by immigrants. And this article will expose you to extensive information you need to possess about the CDI Montreal work permit as a native of Canada or a work seeker from other countries.

A lot of times the Idea of getting a work permit from a country abroad is often a major issue as most do not access the right information. However, we will communicate to you the best way to attain the CDI College Montreal Work permit irrespective of your current academic status.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a graduate or still at the university as long as you are willing to study and work in your academic pursuit at the CDI college Montreal, then this very article will be very helpful to you.

CDI College Montreal Work Permit

A brief information about CDI College Montreal

This institution, owned by the Eminata Group after it was purchased from the previous owners (Corinthian College Inc)14 years ago. It is a private college situated in the eastern province of Canada which offers academic programs to not just local students but also international students.

One of the most paramount requirements as an international student is a valid Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) and study permit. This is because it is an important immigration document that aides documentation.

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IS CDI College a Commendable College for International students ?

One major key factor in the pursuit of education is the quality of education offered by the institution one is applying. This goes a long way in determining the level of preparation expected from the students. The CDI College, Montreal provides a variety of not just affordable but high-quality programs for international students.

This standard of purely unadulterated education from CDI College has been the standard available to not just local students but their international counterparts who would need CDI College Montreal Work Permit and maybe other forms of licenses since 1969 which is the year of its inception.

With precedence in the niches of technology, healthcare industries, business, a good number of programs ranging over 100 are made available to these students for them to be able to thrive in the international and local markets.

The school possesses laboratories with high standard equipment to learn and is situated in a very prominent province known to be of high tourist attraction.

Affordability is also one major factor to be considered with respect to education and the CDI college Montreal makes education quite easy for international students as their tuition fees are very affordable. In addition to this, the application process is also very straightforward.

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How to get a CDI College Montreal work Permit

It is a popular fact that the CDI college Montreal is known to be one of the major DLI’s (Designated Learning Institution) in Canada, however, it does not have the capacity or does not fit the requirements necessary to profer eligibility of Post Graduation work permit(PGWP) to its students. This invariably means that the CDI college Montreal does not confer or give work permits to students.

This is rather a role shouldered by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) previously known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada. See the official website below.

CDI College Montreal Work Permit

How to get a work permit in Montreal

As discussed earlier, the CDI college Montreal, unfortunately, does not offer a work permit but this does not mean that an international student cannot obtain a work permit in Montreal should the need arise. The big question remains, How can one get a work permit in Montreal?

If staying back to work in the eastern providence of Canada, Montreal Quebec is your dream then after graduation in the absence of the CDI College Montreal Work permit, you would be required to apply for any of these immigrations listed below:

1.Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) or Certificat de sélection du Quebec

This program could fall under either of these two categories

i. Quebec Experience Program(PEQ)

ii. Skilled worker program.

The Quebec selection certificate is not a form of CDI College Montreal Work Permit, and it is only available to students who are at least of the legal age. It is one way that international students or even temporary foreign workers in Montreal are able to migrate and live predominantly in the country.

It could take an average of six months to process these applications after the necessary requirements are made. This document is issued out by the Quebec Immigration Authorities. Obtaining your CSQ from the immigration authorities means.

  1. That the person has been selected by the province of Quebec and therefore qualified to apply for permanent resident
  2. Since the CSQ is only valid for 2 years, it is also important to note that the continued living of a foreign person is dependent on the final judgement of the IRCC with regards to the foreigners national permananent resident visa application. It is very important to note that the CSQ cannot function as a Visa and so cannot be used to enter Canada.

How to Apply and Obtain your CSQ

The ministry of immigration, diversity, and Inclusion( MIDI) Currently known as the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration plays a vital role in obtaining the CSQ. As it is a government department in Quebec that shoulders the responsibility of immigration, Francisation, and integration into the province.

Below are the steps involved in obtaining your CSQ

  1. The MIDI through a project Arrima gives the Express of Interest (EOI) to candidates who want to migrate to the province. When these EOI receive invitations to apply for the CSQ, the foreigner would have a minimum of 90 days to finish their online profile which is to be created for the sole purpose of Migration, and this has nothing to do with CDI College Montreal Work Permit
  2. A list of requirements neccessary for documentation will be issued to the applicant often based on the current labour needs of the providence, which also is to be completed with the duration of 90 days.
  3. After Immigration ministry in Quebec receives the required documents and completes their assessment a CSQ is issued if the application is indeed approved, then the applicant can apply for a permanent residency.

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i. PEQ( The Quebec Experience Program)

This functions in two categories which include: Temporary foreign workers and Quebec graduates. The PEQ is not a type of CDI College Montreal Work Permit, but an arm of the Arrima program which allows skilled personnel from foreign countries or graduates to settle permanently in the country.

The knowledge of french can aid a person in obtaining theirs quickly and is known to have a minimum of 20 processing days. This program is made mandatory for people who have a skilled job who have been in Montreal Quebec for a minimum of one year out of 2.

Requirements for Eligibility of the PEQ

  1. The applicants must be willing to reside in Quebec for employment
  2. The applicants must be able to speak french to a commendable level
  3. The candidates must be living legally in the province of Quebec as skilled temporary workers.
  4. The applicants must be willing to be able to provide for their basic needs

ii. The Skilled Worker Program

Further categorized into the following

  • Foreign Student Program: Which pertains to applicants that in the process of pursuing an academic program or have succesfully completed theirs.
  • Youth Exchange Program: Which is also part of the Arimma programs concerns the applicants who have been admitted into the province to be partcipants of the youth exchange program for a period of 12 months and occupied a full time job before applying for the Quebec selection Certificate
  • The last category is the Temporary foreign workers program which is basically for temporary workers who were legally admitted into the province as temporary workers for a period of 12 months.

All the programs discussed above are not under CDI College Montreal Work Permit, as we discussed earlier that CDI College does not offer work permit. They are programs that will allow international students and immigrants to settle down in Canada without fear of deportation or embarrassment.

The skilled worker program has a distinguishing feature from the PEQ as it considers the applicant’s spouse or de facto spouse. The program basically considers the relevance of the applicant in the socio-occupational sphere with respect to the basic factors or requirements of the program.

2. Post Graduation Work Permit

As the name implies, this program creates an opportunity for international students who are graduates to work in the country. A vital factor to be considered is the work experience gained as this can help the students qualify for a permanent residency.

These applicants must possess a transcript or an official letter from their respective institutions in order to prove their eligibility for the program.

The requirements for eligibility for this program include:

  1. Applicants must have obtained a formal education full time in any of the designated Learning institutions in Canada.
  2. They must possess a valid study permit which also proves their eligibilty for the work permit
  3. They must have passed and also completed their respective program of academic study with a refereence letter from the designated institution of learning which shows that they are viable to obtain a degree or certificate.

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CDI College Montreal Work Permit in Conclusion

We have discussed expressly CDI College Montreal Work Permit and other forms of permits and programs that will allow international students and immigrants to study and work in Canada without having to look over their shoulders.

If you still need more insights and information, you can use the comment section and we will be glad to provide you with the information you need.


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