How to Prepare for Medical Exam for Immigration and Get Approved

If you are thinking of migrating to another country like the United States of America then you definitely need a medical exam for immigration.

The truth is that you cannot bypass this so long as you want to become a legal resident in the United States of America or any other reputable country around the world.

The medical exam for immigration is an official health history assessment done by qualified, accredited and selected medical practitioners to ascertain whether one is medically fit to become a legal resident of a new country.

During a medical examination for immigration, many things are put into consideration. Those things have been discussed in this article, including other vital information as regards a medical exam for immigration.

In this article, we shall be talking about what immigration is all about and how one can obtain one for the immigration interview.

It is important that you understand that not every doctor is certified to examine a patient or an individual prior to immigration, but some selected doctors, mostly selected by embassies and consulate of the intended country to carry out these medical immigration examination.

That is why, in this article, we have also discussed how to choose a doctor for a medical examination and how much you should budget for this process, including what to expect during medical examination for immigration.

Now we start by discussing holistically what a medical examination for immigration is all about.

This will be discussed with no specific country in mind. But this article is most susceptible for people who are immigrating to the United States of America or Canada.

This article will also provide a glimpse of what to expect when immigrating to other countries because their requirement would not be more than it is for these two countries.

What you need to do is to contact the consulate in your country and make enquiries about how to go about your immigration medical exam of the country you want to immigrate to.

Medical Exam for Immigration
Medical Exam for Immigration

What is a medical exam for immigration?

An immigration medical exam is an examination of a person’s health performed by a specific doctor approved by the relevant embassy or agency in the country concerned. The test is used to determine if there are medical reasons why a person should be denied immigrant status in the proposed country.

A medical exam includes a personal medical history questionnaire, physical exam, and other possible tests that the appointed doctor deems relevant. If your doctor needs more information about your health, they can refer you to a specialist for further evaluation. You have the legal right to bring a companion to your appointment if you wish.

How to Find a Doctor for a Medical Exam for Immigration

No random doctor can provide you with your immigrant medical examination. The exam itself should be performed by someone with a medical degree approved by the government of the United States, Canada, or the country of destination.

When you apply for a visa at the U.S. Consulate or Embassy, ​​in most cases you will also be given a list of State Department certified doctors. In most cases, you will have a variety of doctors to choose from, but it never hurts to consult your local consulate as well. You may need to show your appointment notification before the designated doctor can see you.

What Happens During an Immigration Medical Exam?

The medical exam for immigration is not like a routine physical exam you would get from your personal physician. The doctor will also not give you a pass or fail rating based on your general health.

During the medical test for immigration, your doctor will review your medical and vaccination history with you. They will ask you general and specific questions about your health. You will also be given a basic (or “physical”) exam.

Additionally, the doctor will look for some specifics that fall into the following categories:

  • Communicable diseases (all forms)
  • Drug addiction or Abuse
  • Physical or mental related disorders have to do with harmful behaviour.
  • Conditions that prevent you from supporting yourself

How much does a medical exam for immigration cost

The cost of the medical examination for immigration or green card varies significantly depending on the location and provider. Most people have reported paying between $100 and $500, but $ 200 is normal.

What do I need to bring to my medical immigration exam?

If you have all the documents to hand before your appointment, the medical examination can go smoothly. Bring the following:

  • Your vaccination or immunisation record
  • A copy of your medical records.
  • If applicable, copies of previous chest x-rays
  • A letter from your attending physician describing the treatment plan for your state of health
  • Government-issued photo identification such as passport, ID card, driver’s license, travel permit, or work permit
  • Payment of medical examination fees
  • If necessary, your health insurance card
  • Also, depending on where you are submitting the request, you will need to bring an additional document


If you are applying for a medical exam for immigration from abroad.

You must bring your appointment letter for the interview with the NVC Green Card. The doctor will only conduct the medical examination if you arrive with this document, which he uses to verify that you have an active green card application.


After your medical exam is complete, your doctor will provide you with an approved form reporting the results. Sometimes the results are sent directly to the consulate, but you can also be the one to bring them with you. This report should be submitted using Form I-693 and Form I-485. In most cases, the results of this test are valid for two years.

Your medical immigration exam is something you may not be able to escape when applying for a visa. As long as the documents are in order and you can demonstrate that you do not pose a health risk, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to be accepted as a permanent residence.

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