Who invented school tests? All you need to know

Who invented school tests? If you are one of those students who is wondering how school tests started and who invented school tests, then stay close to this article as I’ll be explaining everything about how school test and exams started and who is behind them.

While in school we are always happy with school activities until exams. Some people always say that school is interesting but it is exams that spoilt it.

The man who invented the school test did not mean to spoil the fun in school but to make it more systemized and to have the ability to ascertain and reward excellence.

To be honest I had some funny colleagues back then in the university who so much hate tests and exams to the extent that they are traumatized by them. Their relationship with exams isn’t something nice and they find it difficult to study for them. That’s why a lot of them had to hire someone from essay writing services to help with their papers online.

But the million-dollar question is, who invented school tests? I will be answering this question in a broad terms as it is the same person who invented school exams.

If we should go by history, there is a name behind the invention of school tests and exams.

But before we go into details about who invented school tests and exams we will put some important things in perspective just to be able to give you the answer you need and also offer some helpful tips on how to do well in your next test and exams.

Who invented school tests

What is school tests?

Before we go straight to who invented school tests and exams let’s look at what school tests are all about.

A test from the educational perspective is a way of testing or assessing a student based on what he or she has been taught along the line, and knowledge acquired by the candidate during the learning phase.

A test is an educational assessment designed to measure a candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities, fitness, or ranking in many other subjects. A test can be taken orally, on paper, on the computer, or in a predetermined area where a candidate must demonstrate or perform a range of skills.

The tests vary in terms of style, thoroughness, and requirements. There is no general consensus or standard for the formats and difficulty of the tests. Oftentimes, the format and difficulty of the test depend on the teacher’s educational philosophy, subject, class size, educational institution guidelines, and accreditation or certification requirements. Keep reading to discover who invented school tests and exams.

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What are school exams?

From an educational perspective, an exam is a test to demonstrate a student’s knowledge and skills. A student who takes an exam is a candidate.

The person who decides on the student’s performance is the examiner. An exam can be a written test, an online test, or a practice test. Examples of practical tests could include driving a car, speaking a language, playing a musical instrument, and doing a science experiment.

If the candidate passes, he has passed the exam. If you don’t succeed, you have failed. In some cases, a student may not be able to retake the exam at another time.

So the question remains: Who invented school tests?

Who invented school tests?

Who invented school tests? Who is behind this terribly traumatic form of assessment? 

If we were to be guided by historical sources, the tests were invented sometime in the late 19th century by an American businessman and philanthropist named Henry Fischel. However, some sources attribute the invention of standardized tests to another man of the same name, namely Henry Fischel. The latter was a Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University in the early 20th century. Here! You have finally discovered the name of the ultimate torturer in education.

Are exam and test the same thing?

Now we have known who invented school tests. Let us look at the difference between tests and exams. The big difference between a test and an exam is that an exam is more formal than a test. However, they are used as synonyms in all schools and courses. But we think they have a different purpose:

A test is a tool to measure the level of knowledge of your students and to adapt the learning material accordingly. With the aim that their students learn.

An exam or quiz is more formal and indicates whether or not a student has passed a course or course. In most cases, you will have to continue your studies and take the exam again. Or start the course or class again.


Now you who invented school tests, which is also how school exams started.

The aim of Henry Fischel wasn’t to traumatise students whatsoever. The only reason most students find school tests and exams traumatizing is because of the lack of studying.

If you make time to study your books, you’ll see things from the perspective of the person who started school tests and exams.


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