Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students 2020/2021

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students is an international scholarship open to student studying in Switzerland. Each year it is offered for only PhD, Postdoctoral and Research foreign students. But this year the provision has been made that would allow Masters students who are studying arts to benefit from the scholarship too. The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship for Masters Art students (Artists) is a new provision and Africans and other international students are advised to apply.

This article will provide you with the information about Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships For Master students in Art and the normal PhD, Postdoctoral and Research. Also information regarding the eligibility requirements of the scholarship including how to apply will be embedded. All you need is to proceed till the end of this content.

The content will provide you with answers to questions regarding Switzerland scholarships for international students. Some of the questions to be answered includes:

  • What is the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students?
  • What is the Swiss Government Scholarships Masters in Arts?
  • What is the Swiss Government Scholarships Eligibility Requirements?
  • How can Apply for the Swiss Government Scholarships?
  • How much is the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships?
  • Why The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships?

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships

Brief Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships Data

On a yearly basis, the Swiss Confederation offered the Government Excellence Scholarships to enhance international exchange and cooperation in research in Switzerland and over 180 countries of the world.

The Swiss government excellence scholarship used to be an international scholarship for PhD, Postdoctoral, and research students, but the continued expansion of the scholarship has caused the inclusion of Swiss government scholarship Masters open to Masters students in Art.

There are still other Switzerland scholarships for international students to apply for through the link provided


Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for PhD, Postdoctoral and Research Students

The research scholarship is open to postgraduate researchers undertaking research in any discipline. The students who are applying in this category should hold a master’s degree as a minimum and must be coming to Switzerland to pursue research or academic studies at PhD or postdoctoral level. The Research scholarships can be awarded for research or study at any Swiss cantonal universities, including the universities of applied sciences and the 2 federal institutes of technology.

Only applicants who were nominated by an academic mentor in any of these higher academic institutions will be subject to consideration.

Swiss Government Scholarships Masters in Art

Swiss Government Scholarships Masters for Artist is an Art scholarship open to art students who wants to pursue a master’s degree in Switzerland. These Art scholarships are offered for study in any Swiss conservatory or university of the arts. The scholarship is offered to only students who have been awarded admission to study in the aforementioned universities. This scholarship is newly added and still limited to a number of countries.

With these newly added opportunities it can be said that the scholarships as a whole provides graduates from virtually all fields of study with the opportunity to pursue Masters, PhD, postdoctoral research in any Public Switzerland university or recognised academic institutions.

Why The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships?

The scholarship is awarded by the Swiss Confederation bid to promote research corporation and international exchange between Switzerland and more than 180 other countries

The Swiss government are in the business of attracting excellent students form over 180 countries of the world, which has enhanced the global presence of the country.

Researchers through the scholarship enjoy free travels and exposure.

The scholarship is awarded to students on the basis of excellence so as to encourage students from developing countries who wouldn’t have been able to achieve their academic dreams without the scholarship.

The scholarship has benefited and continues to benefit the government of Switzerland, in that it has established Swiss universities as research-fit universities and in turn offering the students the opportunity to learn more.

The newly added Master’s scholarship for art students is offered to encourage Masters students from Limited number of countries to achieve their academic dreams as it regards to art.

Host Nation

The scholarship is hosted in Switzerland. The PhD, Postdoctoral Research can be taken in one of the 10 Swiss cantonal University, public teaching and research Institute or the 2 Swiss Federal Institutions of Technology.

These Swiss Government Scholarships Masters in Art scholarships are offered for study in any Swiss conservatory or university of the arts.

switzerland scholarships for international students

Eligibility Study level/Field

The PhD or post-doctoral research scholarship is open to researchers in any discipline

The Art scholarships are open to Master’s art students wishing to obtain an initial master’s degree in a Switzerland University of the Art. This scholarship is only available to international students from a few number of countries only.

Eligible Group

The scholarship is open two students from other 180 countries of the world.

The two links below has the complete list of the eligible countries.

Eligible Countries from A-L

Eligible Countries from M-Z

General Swiss Government Scholarships Eligibility Requirements

Any of these scholarships would be offered to international students whose profile aligns with these requirements as stated below:

  • Candidate must poss a university Bachelors degree on the commencement of scholarship if the the applicant is pursuing a Master’s in Art.
  • Candidate must poss a university Master’s degree on the commencement of scholarship if the the applicant is pursuing a PhD, or Postdoctoral research.
  • Candidate should be able to show their academic prowess and what they have in mind to achieve.
  • Must contact the Academic Institution and/or the professor who is supervising their period of research (researchers only)
  • Academic institutions may require supplementary information or set certain conditions to fathom whether or not you are qualified for the admission
  • Applicants must be under 35 years of age
  • Applicants should be suitably proficient in any language of instruction (French, English, German or Italian) in order to get the full benefit in their studies at the Switzerland Institution.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships Benefits

The scholarship covers tuition fee,  and provide a stipend to the beneficiaries on monthly basis. Further more,  health insurance, housing allowance and airfare payment are provided by the scholarship. These benefits may differ subject to the country of the applicants. Hence it is important that you refer to the specific country page for exact scholarship payments and benefits.

Other benefit as a result of the scholarships includes:

  • Offer of one-year half-fare transportation card (public)
  • Opportunities and offers ranging from Support services, sightseeing tour, and various trips, put together for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship beneficiaries
  • FCS mandatory health insurance for non-EU and non-EFTA grantees only.
  • Non-EU and non-EFTA receive flight allowance
  • There are no allowances for family members
  • Scholarship is available fir the period of study

Swiss Government Scholarship Application Guidelines

The FCS will assesses scholarship applications subject to 3 criteria:

  1. a) Candidate profile
    b) The quality of the applicants research project or the artistic work
    c) tmThe Synergies and its potential for future research cooperation

Unlike some other Switzerland scholarships for international students, applications are handled subject to preliminary selection by relevant national authorities or the Swiss diplomatic representation. The Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS) will now asses the short-listed candidates which subsequently will take the final decision.

It is important that you visit the country specific page four application procedure, eligibility criteria deadlines, and other contact information for your country.

If you have all the eligibility requirements, contact the Swiss diplomatic representation located in your home country. It is the diplomatic representation that will provide you with all the necessary and required information as it regards to the procedure, including application form,  and a list of needed documentation.

Application Closing Date

The application closing date of this scholarship stars from September and ends in December 2019. This is subject to the Swiss Embassy to which the application forms have been submitted.

It is important that you apply as soon as you get this information to avoid missing out or your country’s deadline.

Scholarship Link

It is important that you visit the scholarship official page to select your specific country and see application procedure.

Official Scholarship Website:


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