Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application: PDFs Samples/Guidelines

This article contains everything you need to know ow about motivation letter for scholarship application sample, pdf, and tips for writing killer motivation letter for scholarships, undergraduate, master and PhD degree admission applications.

Are you looking for a way to write a killer motivation letter for scholarship application for any level of study, then you need to read this article. We have painstakingly Written and provided you with the best motivation letter sample in written and pdf format. You will also find a good number of motivation letter sample for masters pdf, and written formats for bachelors degree students who wants to apply for scholars or study program.

It is important that every student learns how to write a Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application. Motivation letter for scholarship Bachelor applications and other levels of study is always quite different from other kinds of letters. It is important that every student who is going to write a motivation letter for scholarship applications to learn how to effectively write this kind of letter.

We have taken the time to prepare a good motivation letter for scholarship sample, which you will find within this content. This article will encompass sample motivation letter for masters degree pdf to help you with a visual example.

Thinking about how to write a scholarship essay?

Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application

To be effective in writing a motivation letter for scholarship application, the applicant needs to be very sensitive, even to the least the details. And also come in acquaintance with the dos and don’ts of writing a scholarship motivation letter.

This article will be focused on guiding you through the most important things you need to know about writing a scholarship motivation letter application. The following topics will be taken care of before the end of this article

  • Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application
  • Motivation Letter for Scholarship Bachelor
  • Motivation Letter for Scholarship Sample
  • Motivation Letter  for Scholarship Bachelor Sample
  • What is a motivation letter for university scholarship?
  • How do I write a motivation letter for a scholarship?
  • How do you start a motivation letter?
  • How do I Write a Good Motivation Letter?

What is a Motivation Letter for University Scholarship?

Generally, a motivation letter for scholarship or university or just about anything is a one-page letter that is used to comprehensively describe why a candidate is perfect for a particular position, be it a scholarship or admission position. It is most time attached to your resume

  • It is only in these four scenarios that you be required to write a motivational letter.
  • If you are applying to get admission in a university or a college, be it an undergraduate, postgraduate, or graduate program.
  • You are applying to get an appointment in an organisation mostly a non-profit organisation.
  • You are applying as a volunteer in an organisation.
  • You are applying for an internship position.
  • There shouldn’t be confusion between a motivational letter and a cover letter, the specific purpose of which is to show or highlight how particular information on your resume aligns with a job opening.
  • You should perceive a cover letter as a short introduction to what is in your resume for a manager who is hiring and a motivational letter as a powerful closing sales pitch for a nonprofit or university.

Motivation Letter for Scholarship Bachelor

A motivation letter for scholarship bachelor has the capacity to either support or ruin your University application. Motivation letter for scholarship bachelor is important for every scholarship application and should explain to the panel of selection what distinguishes you from other scholarship candidates, and whether or not you have the capacity to complete the studies that you required financial aid for.

Most times the scholarship donor does not have particular requirements when it comes to the pattern or form of the motivational letter for scholarship bachelor, and this makes it even harder to contest with other scholarship candidates. However, a good motivation letter for scholarship bachelor should and must include the following:

  • Information about educational achievement
  • Information about professional experience and endeavour
  • Information about your financial situation and how the scholarship will help you complete your studies

Motivation Letter for Scholarship Bachelor or Undergraduate Sample

Below is a sample of a good motivation letter for scholarship, follow it and you will be on your way to writing an influential motivation letter for scholarship as a bachelor student.

motivation letter sample

Motivation Letter Sample

I’m writing this letter to show my interest for the scholarship for my bachelor degree studies.
Most of the time that I have decided to apply for a bachelor’s degree study in the university there is this factor that pulls me back, and it is the affordability of a bachelor’s degree studies. I grew up in a middle-class family and the only financial help I’ve ever had is the one from my parents. They’ve been sponsoring me and my siblings throughout our schooling. They are bent on making sure that we are provided education which was somehow not achievable because of the difficult circumstances.
Thanks to the determination I have and the hard work I’ve put in, I have graduated from High School and I’m one of the best pupils in the class.
Even so, obtaining a bachelor’s degree abroad is out of reach from my family. My father has retired from work, he was not able to work again because of his limb amputation surgery and my mother works as a teller in a branch office in our community. In this pressing circumstances studying abroad without the scholarship will all but remain a dream.
My family and parents are not near the position to fund my bachelor studies, because almost all of our family income can only cover medicine and care for my father and food cost. And I’m currently doing a part-time job which have I have done for several years. However, the little money I have been able to save up during the last two years was only enough to cover the application fee charged by the university. I cannot pay the first installment of the tuition fee, and my admission is still in the pending state, even though I’ve been given admission for a bachelor’s degree studies.
I really hope and wish to get the scholarship, it will offer me the chance to study in a good university and help pave the way for my future career and the fulfillment of my life and Academic goals. It will also give me the real freedom to study without worrying about the future financial burden, and ultimately relieve my parents from the mental stress of not being able to support my academics.This opportunity I perceive to be an extra ordinary opportunity to have an interaction with students and scholars from a spectrum of cultural and professional backgrounds coming from all over the world. This is the type of network that is very important to integrate different ideas and perspective that pertains to diverse global issues.
Finally I would like to point out that I’m a very determined person and I will make the most out of this scholarship opportunity. I strongly believe that a student in a reputable university would do more than only empower my career development, it will also give me the necessary tools to make use of my full potentials.I’m sincerely grateful for your consideration on my scholarship application and I’m looking forward to receiving a favorable reply

Why is a Motivational Letter Important?

You are more like a doer than a talker, you’ve done all the listings as regards everything there is to know about you on your resume, that should be enough,  right? But that’s wrong!

Virtually all the organisations of the world are looking for individuals who are genuinely interested to be there and excited about what they do. Your motivation should be the Intent!

Coming up with a good motivational later can be a game-changer, it provides a boost for your resume and also covers up some lacking skills that are required. We have given a good motivation letter sample to be of help to you.

Why do I need a motivation letter for a CSC scholarship?

Learning to write a motivation letter for scholarship bachelor for people who want to study for a bachelors degree with a scholarship at a Chinese university, and that is where the motivation scholarship for CSC scholarship[ comes in.

The CSC Scholarship Application Motivation Letter can help you persuade professors at Chinese universities to provide you with an offer of admission. A letter of motivation introduces you to a professor who may accept you for work in his lab.

Therefore, it is necessary to write your motivation letter carefully and fill in all the necessary details in your motivation letter to impress the teacher.

As a matter of importance, a motivation letter is considered a recommendation for anyone who wants to apply for a CSC scholarship, as it outlines the kind of educational plans you have, goals, and mission. Before you can draft your motivation, you must first secure admission to the university of your choice. Here’s a guide on how to choose the ideal school for you.

With that being said, continue to read as we have provided some of the best tips and motivation letter for scholarship application sample.

PhD Motivation Letter Application

When attempting to apply for a PhD scholarship or admission, you not only need to write a research proposal, but also a motivation letter. This is a written document that describes why you wish to pursue a PhD and why you are a good fit to study the topic you propose.

But what does this letter need so it can attract the attention of the experts who are reading it, and what tone is appropriate?

To give you some ideas, subsequently, we have included a motivation letter sample pdf for scholarships and degree applications in different fields of study.

Furthermore, it is important that you know that a motivation letter sample that is European- styled focuses on your academic background, rather than an American personal statement that focuses on a personal statement discussing your life experiences.

The motivation letter should be professional, describe your previous research experience and not provide too much personal information.

How do you write a motivation letter for a scholarship?

It is important that we talk about this before we move on to the motivation letter sample pdf in this article.

The structure of a scholarship motivation letter varies by the award. But every good motivation letter sample for Scholarship application should include:

  • It must have an introduction
  • It must have 3 paragraphs
  • It must have a conclusion


An effective motivation letter for scholarship application must have an eye-catching introduction. Which should include your name; your chosen degree program and your level of education.

First paragraph

When starting your first body paragraph it is important that you write comprehensively about your work-related experiences. Write about your internship experiences, whether you were paid during the internship program or not.

Chronologically show how your career has advanced down through the years. It is also important that you show confidence in your own career, and emphasize where you see your career going with your continued education.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph should concentrate and your own personal benefits. Comprehensively list and explain the things you hope to gain from your education. In this paragraph, carefully list all the problems you hope to uncover or solve through your continued education.

Final Paragraph

Your third paragraph which is your final paragraph should coherently talk about your future plans. This plan should be explained in a holistic form for better grasping

Takes these points as hints:

You may talk about extra academic courses you’d want to take after your education. Put down some of the agencies, governmental or non-governmental agencies that you’d want to work with after education.

Furthermore. If you’d want to develop a program or startup your firm, or Venture. Or you’d want to start your own business, make sure you put them down.

Letter Conclusion:

You may talk about extra academic courses you’d want to take after your education. After you might have done Justice to your motivation letter for scholarship application. You need to conclude by emphasizing and reminding the scholarship donor why you are the best candidate to be offered the opportunity.

Scholarships motivation letter tips

The scholarship donor would be the one to specify how long your scholarship motivation letter should be.  And when this is disclosed, you need to use your creative skill to know how to put things together in a concise form. Before we start showing you the sample motivation letter for masters degree pdf format in this article, we will give you the tips for writing a good one first.

How do You Write a Good Motivation Letter?

A scholarship motivation letter should include:

  • The vital things in your resume
  • Your academics
  • All your experience professionally, including plans for the future.

The Scholarship platform would basically require you to write a scholarship motivation letter that will range from 500 to 1000 words, which is basically like your normal custom scholarship essay. It is also considered very important that you split your motivation letter into clear paragraphs to help for easy reading.

Align or constrain your motivation letter to fit the Scholarship

You should align your scholarship motivation letter to come in correspondence with the goal of the scholarship.
You can do this by making sure that what the scholarship donor stands for, corresponds with your future plans. Written your letter in a way that you emphasize those aspects of your life experiences that matches the values of the Scholarship.

Talk about your experiences through your letter

Talking about some of the experiences you’ve had would make the scholarship donor see you as more experienced than others. Also include some of the lessons you’ve learnt through the experiences you’ve had. It will give you an upper hand.

Try to list some of the things you’ve learnt through experience that would help solve some of the world’s problems. Even if you don’t have much knowledge about the issue it is important that you use it to your advantage.
Explain how you want to thrive and solve more problems through education in the nearest future.

Things that you must not include in your motivation letter

  • Make sure you proofread your letter to remove any typos or grammatical error if there is any
  • Remove any form of slang in your letter. And also use advanced phrases so that your scholarship motivation letter wood he considered professional
  • It is important that you point out specific examples that relates to your past, present and the future. Avoid any form of generalization and vague terms
  • Vagueness would make you appear unprofessional or lack of knowledge. You might be considered to lack care by the Scholarship committee. You might even be considered not serious when you’re vague. And that doesn’t speak well of you.

Sample motivation letter for masters degree pdf

Getting, and writing a good motivational letter for a masters degree is an important aspect of building your career path and securing a good job after graduation. While many apply for a masters degree, it is a solid part of your resume that sets you apart from the rest of the applicants. A university or institution takes note of applications from applicants who have written a strong motivation letter for masters degree with their resume. This motivation letter applies to your resume and therefore contains a brief description of your profile for the institution.

To download a sample motivation letter for masters pdf follow the link below:

Sample motivation letter for masters in Engineering PDF

The link below contains a sample motivation letter for masters degree in engineering. You will find this motivation letter sample pdf in word format, and in pdf format.

All you need to do is download the motivation letter for masters sample that best suits you.

Sample motivation letter for masters in Public Administration PDF

Below you will find a link that contains a Sample motivation letter for masters in Public Administration PDF. This is all in a bid to help you get the template you need to write a killer motivation letter for master degree the next time you try.

Below is a motivation letter sample for masters degree pdf in public administration

Sample motivation letter for masters in Public Policy PDF

The Sample motivation letter for masters in Public Policy PDF this section is to give you a glimpse of the things you need to include when writing your next motivation letter for masters degree. Below is a link to download the motivation letter sample pdf.

Sample motivation letter for masters in Public Health PDF

This section contains a link to a well-prepared motivation letter sample for masters in public health in a pdf format.

You can download it through the link below:

Sample motivation letter for masters in Computer Science PDF

Instead of starting your writing from scratch, you can make use of the Sample motivation letter for masters in Computer science PDF format in this article as a compass to write yours.

Below is the motivation letter sample pdf:


You definitely need time and commitment if you must put together an effective motivation letter for a scholarship application. Think and plan, before you start writing.

It is suggested that you use three days to write, edit and review yours later before submitting, this will drastically increase your chances. And we hope you took the time to see the embedded scholarship letter sample.

We hope this article and the motivation letter for scholarship sample we provided was helpful. Do well to leave us a comment.


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