10 Scholarships for People with Glasses in 2023

If you are one of those students that wear glasses then there is an opportunity for you here. Stay informed Group have put together some of the scholarships for people with glasses.

This is a piece of good news for many as people with glasses are always perceived to be nerds and also stigmatized by other students. Now, it might interest you to know that there is no need to be worried anymore.

If you are making use of glasses then this is your opportunity to turn your supposed not-so-good experiences into opportunities and disappoint those who are making fun of you.

We know that people with glasses always face a lot of stigmatization but in some schools wearing glasses is something good and also there are platforms that offer scholarships for this and that is what this article is going to be all about.

Also, you need to do is read this article to that end and follow the link to any of the scholarships for people with glasses discussed in this article.

The aim of these scholarships is to help people with glasses achieve their academic goals by providing financial help for them.

Scholarships for People with Glasses

Why Scholarships for People with Glasses 

We all know that students with eyeglasses in schools because of eye defects are always bullied and most times called different names because of this. They are always discriminated against and avoided socially. With all these ugly experiences it was important that these kinds of people receive a certain amount of love.

In a bid to bring balance, tackle and make up for this ill done toward people with glasses many organizations, and other bodies have taken it upon themselves to provide scholarships for people with glasses.

This will help put a smile on the faces of people like this and help them focus on studying without worrying too much about finance and ultimate build a good educational ecosystem.

Is there a scholarship for wearing glasses?

Yes, there are many scholarships opportunities available for people who wear glasses. You will find such opportunities in this article.

Don’t miss any of these opportunities, just take your time and go through each of the scholarships provided here.

How early should I start applying for scholarships?

If you are interested in scholarships for people with glasses, then it is advisable that you apply as early and often as possible

Some scholarships out there have deadlines as early as one year before you go to university or college.

you do need to be certain about your university of interest before you start applying for scholarships

However, if you missed some of the earliest scholarship applications, don’t worry – you can apply for others at any time.

Is it difficult for those that wear glasses to find a scholarship?

Generally speaking, it is difficult to apply for a scholarship, but the same is true for applying for university and college admission.

Since students can reuse and adapt previous application essays, it becomes much easier after the first six applications.

In order to increase your chances of receiving scholarships, please only apply for each scholarship that you qualify for.

List of Scholarships for People with Glasses

Currently, there are a good number of students who are benefiting from these scholarship opportunities.

With that being said, we will be listing some of the 10 scholarships for people with eyeglasses.

Scholarships for People and students with eyeglasses

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 Anne Lowe Scholarship for the blind.

This is one of the scholarships for people with eyeglasses provided Record Service for the Blind. The program provides scholarships for students who are completely blind or legally blind in the United States.

To receive this scholarship, students must be studying in a college or university with severe visual impairment.

The student must also be an American and must provide the necessary medical documentation. The Anne Lowe Scholarship for Blind Students provides a cash award of US$1,000 to the receiving student. This is also a non-renewable scholarship, so the recipient can only get it once. 

You can get more scholarship information about this scholarship at https://christianrecord.org/member-services/scholarship/application.html, including other application information.

2. Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship.

The Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship is also a scholarship for students who wear glasses. The National Federation of the Blind is responsible for the scholarship program. They provide cash rewards to support blind and partially sighted students.

This scholarship opportunity is open to students who show and promote the teachings of Dr Kenneth Jernigan. He was once the leader of the National Federation of the Blind.

The scholarship is currently worth more than US$10,000 and is one of the largest scholarships for people glasses. 

You can get more information at https://nfb.org/programs-services/scholarships-and-awards/scholarship-program including application access.

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3. Association of Blind Citizens Scholarship.

This is one of the scholarships for people with glasses provided by the Association of Blind Citizens. The scholarship is provided annually for visually impaired students.

Every year, high school graduates from California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire or Rhode Island are qualified to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

This scholarship provides a cash award of US$1,000 to students who wear glasses who are pursuing a college degree. Applicants should be blind, a legal resident of the United States, and have been in a vocational program or attending higher education.

You can find more information about this scholarship for students with glasses at https://www.blindcitizens.org/abc_scholarship.htm

4. Barbara Jackman Zuckert Scholarship for Blind Students.

Every year, George Washington University students receive the Barbara Jackman Zuckert Scholarship for Blind Students.

This is one of the scholarships for people with glasses, it is a scholarship program that is offered yearly – winners of the scholarship are provided $1,500 in cash to help them further their education. 

Candidates are selected based on excellent academic performance, financial needs and disability-related expenses.

Please note that only students who are currently pursuing at least a part-time undergraduate degree will be considered to apply for these scholarships. 

More information about this scholarship and the application form could be found at https://disabilitysupport.gwu.edu/apply-dss-scholarship

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5. Delta Gamma Foundation Scholarship.

The Delta Gamma Foundation Scholarship is one of the scholarships for people with eyeglasses. The scholarship is offered on a yearly basis by the American Foundation for the Blind, and the winners are provided with $1,000 to help them achieve their academic goals. 

The scholarship providers specifically want to help the affected individuals break the stereotypes they face and also feel loved and valued just like normal students. To qualify for this scholarship, you must be studying at an American university.

It is important that you visit https://www.afb.org/about-afb/events-and-awards/afb-scholarships to get more information about this scholarship for students with glasses

6. Fred Scheigert Scholarship Program.

Fred Scheigert Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students with glasses. winners of this scholarship will receive $3,000 as a prize to help them stay in school. 

The scholarship program is sponsored by the Council of Citizens with Low Vision International (CCLVI) and as such open to people with eyeglasses. This award is for full-time college students who rely on glasses due to low vision. Although scholarships are provided for students with visual impairments, students still need to meet other academic requirements. 

You can get more information about this scholarship here at website http://www.cclvi.org 

7. Council of Citizens with Low Vision International (CCLVI) Scholarships

CCLVI is an advocacy organization advocating for the rights of people with impaired vision. This group has tasks – that is to ensure that all visually impaired citizens have the same equal and accessible rights as everyone else. 

This includes various scholarship programs. Every year, CCVLI organizes various grants and scholarships for students who wear glasses.

From the Samuel Genensky PhD scholarship to Fred Scheigert scholarship program and so on. This is one of the scholarships for people with glasses that students in this category should consider applying for.

For more about these scholarships for students with eyeglasses visit https://cclvi.info/

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8. Christian Record Services for the Blind Scholarship.

Christian Record Services for the Blind is a well-known producer of free publications for children and young people who do not have good vision. They also offer several scholarships to young people who are legally blind.

To receive this scholarship, the applicant must be proven to be blind. Also, the applicant must be currently attending a college and aiming to obtain an undergraduate degree. 

The association provides cash awards of up to $2,000 to its annual recipients each year. contact [email protected] to access updated information and application guidelines

9. Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship.

This is one of the scholarships for people with glasses and other students offered by Cappex. The organisers of this scholarship select a college student to award a cash prize of $1,000 as a form of scholarship. 

Although this scholarship is not only for students who wear eyeglasses, students who wear glasses are also eligible to apply for this scholarship opportunity. 

The scholarship is awarded once a month and cannot be renewed. To be considered eligible to apply for this scholarship, students must already be in school or have or plan to attend high school or college within the next year. The scholarship application is always ongoing.

You can find more scholarship information and application guidelines on https://www.cappex.com/how-it-works

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10. National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Scholarship.

The National Federation of the Blind is one of the sponsors of scholarships for students who are legally blind every year. They reward people who wear glasses through several scholarships of their own. 

Most of the scholarships offered by this platform are between US$3,000 and US$12,000 in prizes. 

Although the prizes for these scholarships are not renewable, the scholarship is very buoyant as 30 students receive multiple cash prizes each year. 

This scholarship for people with glasses is only open to students who are from America and Puerto Rican students studying in the United States. Subsequently, foreign students are not eligible. you can visit https://nfb.org/programs-services/scholarships-and-awards/scholarship-program to see more information about this scholarship and application guidelines


People who wear eyeglasses are always secluded by others especially in high schools, colleges and universities. But these scholarships talked about in this article were provided to provide a level playing ground for such students and build a good learning ecosystem in general.

If you are in this category, then you should try applying for these scholarships for people with glasses – you might be lucky to win yourself a scholarship that will take you through your studies.


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