Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020

Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020 is offered by, a popular online platform in the United States of America that helps students search online bookstores for textbooks, thereby saving them time and money. The company also allows parents and their children who are students to get more for the books they no longer use through its textbook buyback price search, and also to save on other textbook purchases. This is not all they do, because they also give scholarship to two high school students who are American citizens. This content will include information about the Direct Textbook Cash Back, Direct Textbook Login, including other important information you may be needing.

Core content focus includes:

  • What is the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program?
  • Direct Textbook Cash Back Program Terms and Conditions
  • Brief Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020 Description
  • Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020 General Eligibility Requirements
  • Direct Textbook Scholarship Benefits
  • Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020 Application Guidelines
  • Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020 Application Closing Date
  • Textbook Scholarship 2020 Scholarship Link
  • Direct Textbook Login

Direct Textbook Scholarship

What is the Direct Textbook Cash Back Program?

Direct Textbook cash back program is a way that Direct TextBook has partnered with the leading bookstores online to help you save even more when you search and purchase or sale books online. The only thing you need to do is to sign up for free Direct Textbook cash back program to be able to join the community and get up to 10% cash back on all of your books.

Direct Textbook Cash Back Program Terms and Conditions

  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Payment requests for cash back savings require a minimum balance of $ 10.00
  • Cash backs are subject to a waiting period of 90 days if the order is returned or canceled.
  • All cash back purchases are not eligible for cash back.
  • You must be logged into the cash back system for your purchase to be eligible.
  • One cash back account per person.
  • Direct Textbook reserve the right to cancel any repayments already made in the event of fraud.
  • All customer rewards must be approved by Direct Textbook and, at their discretion, the money may be withdrawn for any reason.
  • Direct Textbook can close any account that has been inactive for 12 months.

Brief Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020 Description offer a whopping $4500 annually to students, where the first position receives $3000 the second position receives $1000 and the third person receives $500.

Direct Textbook Scholarship platform is giving out more than 100,000 dollars to the winners

Once the contest is closed all essays will be reviewed and the winners will be notified by email no later than June 8.

The process of application for the scholarship is not complex; it is easier than some other essay writing contest, where candidates are directed to submit an essay of 500 words or thereabout to

This Scholarship award is not renewable and no winner is eligible to stand for the scholarship the next year.

This scholarship is meant and opens for students that have not received the scholarship for the first time.

Direct Textbook Scholarship

Host Platform

The is a platform allows parents and their kids who are students to benefit more for their used text books with the direct Textbook buyback price search, and to save when the purchase texbooks.

Eligible Study Level/Field

Direct Textbook Scholarship is open to High School  and Undergraduate Students.

The scholarship is not dependent on any field of study.

Eligible Group

Applicants should be U.S. citizens

General Eligibility Requirements

As most of the applicants are high school students therefore would ask questions based on the kind of skills the students are acquiring so that they would be able to live a more responsible life.

It is clearly stated on the scholarship providers platform that only American students citizens eligible to take part in this essay contest.

How the applicants are required to be enrolled in an American school and maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and above, anything less than this is not qualified to stand for the contest

Take note that candidates shouldn’t be incarcerated previously or currently

Direct Textbook Scholarship Benefits

  • Maximum amount to be offered is $5,000. And an average of $2,500 is offered.
  • A minimum of $1,000 will be offered depending on the availability of funds
  • An average of 3 scholarship positions will be offered to 3 winning students.

Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020 Application Guidelines

The Direct Textbook Scholarship application and other information is available online on the official website.

This is an essay contest. The student must prepare an essay of no more than 500 words that answers the question that they’d be required to.

Students must write an essay on one of the following questions:

  • “What is required to live self responsibly?
  • What skills are you acquiring that will be of help you for you to live self responsibly?”
  • The essay and student’s information must be submitted electronically using the online submission form.

All entries must be submitted by the deadline date. Students are encouraged to apply early, as only the first 5,000 eligible entries will be considered.

After the submission of these essays, a panel of judges will judge the submitted essays and an email would be sent to the winners of this particular scholarship

Direct Textbook Scholarship 2020 Application Closing Date

August 1 annually

Scholarship Link

Contact Information
1525 Chemeketa Street NE
Salem, OR 97301 United States

Phone: 503-779-4056

Direct Textbook Login

In case you are looking for the login link; below is the official login link

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