How to write a scholarship Essay in 2020

It is very important that one learns how to write a scholarship essay. Because as a student you need to write many types of essay. And it is important that you get it right. Scholarship essay is a very important aspect of scholarship application. And learning how to write a good Scholarship essay would increase one chances of being offered the scholarship. This content will provide you with the information regarding how to write a 300 or 500 word scholarship essay or even more. And in case you need a scholarship essay outline and how to start and conclude an essay, then you need to read this article to the end, because the aforementioned information are included in this content.

Core content focus includes:

  • Why is a scholarship essay important?
  • How do you start a scholarship essay?
  • How do you write a 300 or 500 word scholarship essay?
  • Scholarship essay outline
  • How do you conclude a scholarship essay?
  • Should you introduce yourself in a scholarship essay?
  • Why is a scholarship essay important?

Even if right now you don’t have any clue about how to write a scholarship essay, you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is diligently go through these steps and you’ll be on your way in learning how to start a scholarship essay and how to give it the perfect conclusion.

How to write a scholarship essay

Why is scholarship essay important?

Scholarship essay is a very important aspect of scholarship application. And learning how to write a good Scholarship essay would increase one chances of being offered the scholarship. Many scholarship donors have confessed that they have most times considered a some students worthy of their scholarship award after reading the essay the student have written.

How do You Start a Scholarship Essay?

The question How to write a scholarship essay? cannot be fully answered without explaining how to start a scholarship essay. Many students often as the question, how do you start a scholarship essay? The truth is that, starting a scholarship essay is not rocket science, and it is important to note that the beginning of your scholarship essay is the most important part of you essay writing. You have to make sure you do it the right way. Below are few points you have to bear in mind when starting your scholarship essay. Start with an interesting story, experience, or anecdote to motivate your reader. Then combine your openness with the larger topic or question that you will cover in your essay. This is one of the most professional ways to start out a scholarship essay and keep your reader glued to your essay

Analyse and break down the essay question: Read the essay question and read it again then divide it into key topics and subtopics. Circle the topics with a pen and then think about your personal connections and experiences with the topic. This one of the most important scholarship essay outlines.

Use a graphic organizer to think about your essay: This is an import point on How to write a scholarship essay. It is important that write down the key topics that you identified in the text question. Then use a graphical organizer such as a mind map, word website, flowchart, timeline or Venn diagram to organize your ideas. Write down any ideas you can find regarding the key themes used by the organizer.

Start the scholarship essay in your own voice: From the first line, you want readers to know that this is your own scholarship essay. In other words, you should make it clear right from the start that this essay links your unique experiences, perspectives and ambitions with the core values ​​of the scholarship provider.

Make the rest of the introduction just as interesting: Even if you start with a big “hook”, you have to work hard to keep the rest of the presentation solid. You have to tell the reader what you will show in your work and arouse his interest.

How do you conclude a scholarship essay?

Every story requires a good and impressive ending, and your scholarship application essay is no different. This is an important tip among the tips on How to write a scholarship essay. Make sure the members of the committee remember what makes it unique and why it is a good option to consider among other essays submitted. Don’t forget to thank them for their consideration and time just before you conclude or during your conclusion. When concluding your essay you need to repeat your goals to effectively complete your listing after telling your story to scholarship committee. To achieve this goal, use the details of your story to discuss your specific future goals. Committee members should have an idea of ​​who you are and what motivates you at this point. Make sure you convince them that you are passionate enough to achieve all of your goals. Take a literal look at the goals you have achieved and what you want to achieve in the future. If you get caught, don’t be afraid to poetically complete your listing. Remind readers of your personal story and express how a particular scholarship can help you achieve important academic and professional goals to complete your work effectively. This will beautify you scholarship essay conclusion and make your read want to read more.

when following a a good scholarship essay outline just make an attention grabbing statement at the beginning of your essay and repeat it in your conclusion to get the best effect. This method also enables your reader to feel involved. Try to look into the future. You can start with your experience and then simply say how that experience will work for you in the future when writing your conclusion.

The information above is consistent whether you are writing a 300 or 500 word scholarship essay, or even more.

Should you introduce yourself in a scholarship essay?

Do not begin your essay by introducing yourself unless the essay instructions specifically state that you have to include your name in your work. Not only does it look a bit young, you can also disqualify yourself with by it moving forward. Most scholarship committees read blindly.

How do you write a 300 or 500 word scholarship essay?

Trying to program yourself to write a 300 or 500 word scholarship essay can be a little bit close for comfort. But you can do it, and do it well. To do this you need to create a thesis. This is important, because everything in your essay revolves around your thesis; just so you don’t go out of context and elongate your essay unnecessarily.

Then write the Introduction. The written introduction should grab the attention of your reader and prepare for the explanation of the thesis. Then write the body paragraph, and then write your conclusion. With these aforementioned rules you are sure of achieving a 300 or 500 scholarship essay without going out of context.

Scholarship essay outline

Here is a typical scholarship essay outline that you must adhere to, if you are to write a ground breaking scholarship essay.

Introductory Sentence

  1. State your full-name
  2. State the name of the scholarship you are applying for.

Educational Objectives & Goals

  1. State your major & why you selected it
  2. State future goals

Brief Background

  1. Tell about yourself
  2. Give specific examples of your character
  3. Highlight your interests including volunteer work & experience


  1. State why you need this scholarship
  2. State how this scholarship will help you.
  3. Conclusion
  4. Highlight an item or two from your essay.
  5. Thank the judges (optional)

Here are the steps on how to write a scholarship essay

How to write a scholarship essay from start to finish

  1. Grab the Reader

Importance of a good essay introduction cannot be overemphasized, Remember that not only you is submitting a scholarship essay. Therefore, you have to write an engaging introduction for the reader to keep reading.

Include striking words that would make the reader perceive you to be a professional individual who knows why they need a scholarship

Again, make sure you hit the ground running in your first paragraph, this would make your essay standout from other bunch of essays.

Remember: The winner in the essay writing is likely the winner of the Scholarship

  1. Adjust and Use Your old essay

If you are applying for more than one scholarship in a particular year, and both of those scholarships requires essay.  You don’t need to start writing a new essay all the time you want to apply for a scholarship.

You can adjust your old essays and include some other important points to align with the values of the new scholarship.There are numerous scholarships, and scholarship essay topics tends to overlap. It is important that you save yourself the time and energy of writing a whole new scholarship essay. Try to adjust the old ones and make them fit

  1. Always surprise

Don’t always go plain, chances are the answer you will give in a particular essay question would be the same thing another person has given. Therefore you need to think outside the box. Choosing a non-family member to be the person who has had the biggest influence in your life is unconventional and surprising. Because 90% of your competitors will choose their parents

  1. Follow the essay instruction

Following the essay instruction is not something you may do. It is something you must do. A scholarship committee member reading your essay and notices that your essay is not obeying the guidelines would definitely drop your essay.

Remember, your academics is at stake. Do a nice work.

  1. Focus on the Scholarship essay topic

There are 100s of essays sometimes even thousands. No committee member would have the time to read an essay that is not talking about the main point. Giving illustrations are very important, but make sure you give illustrations that illustrates the topic. Don’t illustrate out of context.

  1. Make sure you have a point

Make sure that there is a unified statement behind your essay. Be sure that everything you’re talking about point back to a particular point.

Lets take for example you were asked:  “when in your life do you show courage?” You may start answering this question by spotting a particular situation where you showed courage. And make sure that everything you write after then, points back to similar situations when you can show courage.

  1. Check your essay for spellings

Strife to write a well spelled scholarship essay. Nothing bugs a reader like having to read and also having to fix spellings at the same time. Scholarship committee members have many essays to read. And they are looking for just a little reason to kick one out. Don’t give them reasons to do that.

  1. Correct Crammer and punctuation is good

Having a bunch of essays to read, is tiring. But reading an essay with good grammatical structure encourages the reader. It is important that you structure your grammar. This would increase your chances of being offered the scholarship.

  1. Care about what you’re writing

If you are write your scholarship essay from your heart the reader would know. It is important that you write with your whole self invested in what you are writing.

Try to include your life experiences so that the reader can connect with you even without seeing you. It shows the reader that what you are writing is important to you and you care about it

Note: Don’t write because you just want to write or because you think that is what the reader wants to hear. Write what matters to you and your interest.


It doesn’t take much to write a good scholarship essay, all you have to do is to stick to the answering the question you were given. And also make sure you check your grammar, and spellings, they are very important. And when concluding an essay make sure you don’t start rephrasing everything you’ve written already. Make it very interesting. Don’t write as if you are tired already. You can win a scholarship through your conclusion. It is that important.

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