How to Write an Erasmus Motivation Letter

Erasmus motivation letter is a decisive part of the Erasmus Exchange, and one must learn how to write it the best way. In this article Stay informed Group have put together the steps, with an example on how to write the Erasmus Motivation or cover letter as some people call it.

Erasmus Motivation Letter

What is the motivation letter to obtain an Erasmus scholarship? 

The letter of motivation is a document with a maximum length of one page to which the curriculum vitae is attached. The purpose of this letter is to introduce you, briefly describe your academic background and the reasons why you want to study in Spain.

To make it easier for you to get started, you should be clear about your structure. This is the information that should be included in an Erasmus motivation or cover letter:

  • Contact information
  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information such as email and phone.
  • City and date you wrote the letter.
  • Courtesy of greetings

In the first paragraph:

Explain why and where you would like to participate in the Erasmus program. Don’t forget to mention that you want to benefit from the scholarship as financial support will help you fund this experience.

In the second paragraph:

You should talk about your academic achievements. The best way to present yourself is to talk about your successes and titles won and your training goals. Try to highlight how your stay in Spain has a positive impact on your career and why.

Remember that an Erasmus abroad not only gives you an academic level, but also enriches you on a personal level.

How do I write an Erasmus letter of motivation?

I will give you some advice as many of you have already sent emails asking for help or a sample letter. I think that’s because everyone is fixing everything for next year.

When writing a motivation letter, I recommend the following:

Be concise and Brief

Remember that the person reading your cover letter must read yours and hundreds of others. If you have to read more than you need it will drive you crazy. It’s not a good thing, the truth is that you might not even read it, but just in case you need to make sure it’s well written.

Be polite, but not too polite.

Use formal terms in your Erasmus motivation or cover letter, but don’t write them as if you were writing Jane Eyre. Try to make reading fun.

Make sure your Motivation Letter for Erasmus is well structured.

It is vital to separate each paragraph with a space and not to write “Mazacote paragraphs”, large paragraphs that are very difficult to read. If you’re somewhat brave, you can also write more original, such as “10 reasons I think the Erasmus exchange would be a great opportunity for me,” and present it as another list. Lists that are used frequently in blogs etc. are much easier to read than the normal long text.

Do not use language as the sole reason you want to do the Erasmus exchange.

Above all, try to fix your attention on how it will help you with employment in the future. For example, I am sure that the university you are going to visit has something unique to offer that you can use in the future.

Don’t try to make it too emotional.

You are not writing the Erasmus motivation or cover letter to your mother or a friend. Someone you’ve never met will read it along with hundreds of others, which makes you another piece of paper. You could be the best person in the world. Or you could be the embodiment of Cruella de Vil. So don’t try to make it too personal. Avoid writing about wanting to go to Paris to see your French friend you met there last summer.

The main thing is that you make it clear Erasmus is going to help you in the future. 

Similar to the previous point, clearly you should speak about how you are going to experience a new culture and how this will be an enriching process, etc., but save this for the end. You can talk about, and should emphasize, how the Erasmus exchange will open doors in the working world and give you a unique learning experience. Speak about the opportunity to know more about a completely new education system or if you are working, how you will acquire new skills and even perhaps specialize in these areas.

Write a concluding statement

Write something short and sweet that summarizes everything you have said. This will help make your message clear and make sure it sticks in the reader’s head.

An Example of a good Erasmus Motivation Letter

You can find many examples of cover letters on the Internet, such as the following:

How to Write an Erasmus Motivation Letter

Elsa Román Garcia
C / Buenos aires 28 67584 Lugo
Tlf: 83736190

Rúa Castelao s / n
 27780 Foz. Lugo

Dear Sirs,

I have learned that Foz IES offers its students the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus program. I am aware of the importance of being part of this project and am writing to you with the firm intention to apply for one of the available scholarships.

I am currently in my last year at middle school ……………….. In such a situation I understand that this is an ideal opportunity for me. Firstly, because I was able to benefit from the high level of cooperation between the Italian region in which I want to do internships and very important companies in the industry.

Second, because it would allow me to perfect a language as well as Italian, it would also allow me to get closer and get to know cultures from all over the world, which undoubtedly completes my academic education in an extraordinary way. If I want to take part in the Erasmus program, I am aware of the opportunity I have in front of me and therefore I am convinced that I can make the best of it.

Nonetheless, I consider it a unique opportunity to make a qualitative leap if I finish my higher-level studies with an excellent curriculum that will undoubtedly translate into better prospects for me in my future work.




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