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Understanding how to write a scholarship cover letter is as important as discovering and meeting the scholarship requirements. It is the next thing to put in place after meeting all the scholarship requirements, and you don’t want to do it the wrong way, because it can make or mar your chances of being offered the scholarship you applied for. This content will aid you with the necessary information regarding how to write a cover letter examples for scholarship application, including links containing Cover letter examples PDF, Scholarship Cover Letter Format PDF, Cover letter for scholarship application PDF and Scholarship Program Cover Letter  Sample PDF.

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  • Scholarship Cover Letter Format
  • Scholarship Program Cover Letter  Sample

How to write a scholarship cover letter

Cover Letter for Scholarship

In this article I will show you how to write a scholarship cover letter and also provide you with some of the best samples I’ve come across.

What is a Scholarship cover letter?

During your scholarship application you may not be offered the chance to write an essay or a note that advertises you to your scholarship provider. And scholarship cover letter is the only chance an applicant has to advertise his/herself to the scholarship donor.

It is a well strategic later that provides a scholarship applicant the opportunity to tells the scholarship representative or donor why he or she is the best fit for the scholarship.

This is where students talk about their academic prowess – how he or she has been involved in Community Services.

Therefore, it is important that every scholarship applicant learns how to strategically right a scholarship cover letter, because it can make or mar your chances of being offered the scholarship.

It is your only chance of telling the scholarship provider how you compliment their values and interests

How can I write a cover later for scholarship?

A scholarship cover letter should not be written like an abstract of a thesis or project work. It should be separated in paragraphs, each talking about a particular point or topic.

Some of the most-include critical points in scholarship cover letter are points like: academic history, work experience if any, future (academic) goals, and qualities about you that depicts what the scholarship donor is interested in.

Though you’re not going to write titles for each of these points. But make sure they are included in your paragraphs as you separate them from each other.

Tips for writing a good scholarship application cover letter

  • Put your name, address and date at the top of your leader and follow it up with the name and address of the recipient of the scholarship cover letter.
  • It is important that you use the name of the recipient of your letter. Avoid generic greetings as much as possible. Things like Dear Ma/Sir or to whom it may concern should be avoided.
  • Explain in the best way you can why you are the best person for the scholarship. You need to convince the scholarship donor.
  • Include your academic goals and your involvement in social activities reiterate your qualities and strength in any way possible.
  • Make sure you give appropriate examples through your life experiences to back up any of these points. This validated your claims and makes you appear strong and unique. Be honest about it.
  • Your language should be formal. Avoid errors (grammar and spellings).
  • Make sure you emphasize keywords from the scholarship requirements. It will keep me in context.

Cover later samples for Scholarships

Sample 1.

Frank James
Student, (your department)
(Your College/University)
(Your Address)


(Name of Recipient)
Student affairs
(Name of University) 

RE: Scholarship Application

Dear Mr/Mrs (Name of Recipient):

I am writings to submit  my scholarship application for (Name of University/College)  Financial Aid program (year). Currently, I’m a freshman in (Course of study). And I have included copies of documents that proves my academic achievements.

These days I’m facing an extreme financial difficulties. And I have decided to obtain a part-time job to to pay for my tuition and accommodation fees,  but that won’t be enough to pay for all that is required. Based on my financial situational I request for a student scholarship to help me stay in school as I anticipate an improved financial condition.

Please,  if you have any question regarding any of the documents in this application, feel free to contact me through (your number). And I’ll contact your secretary next week just for follow up sakes.

Thank you for your time and consideration


(Your Name) 
(Student ID Number) 

Sample 2.

(Your Name) 
(Street Number) 
(Cell phone number)


(Recipient’s Name) 
(Street Name and number)

Dear Mr/Mrs (Name of Recipient)

My name is (Your Name),  and I’m a citizen of (your country),  current enrolled at (Name of University). I have included my application form for my undergraduate (graduate) program.

I have taken TOEFL on (date) and SAY (GRE, GMAT)  on (date). Official score report for these text will be sent directly to your institution.

As you know the currency of ( the name of your country) is inconvertible, and I won’t be able to pay for the application fee.

Therefore,  I asked your department, and the department of Undergraduate admission to give full consideration to my application without this fee.

I have noted in my application that I apply for a full financial support from the University to cover my tuition fees and other expenses, due to my financial condition. I totally depend on the generosity of the university to help me achieve my academic goals.

I would ask you to consider me for any scholarship that I qualify for, be it studentship, or any other financial opportunity.

At all times, I’ll keep in touch through emails, fax or phone calls to know the progress of my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration to this application. Hope to hear from you soon.


(Sign here)

(Your Name) 

Cover letter for scholarship application pdf

Cover Letter Examples for Scholarship PDF

This link below contains cover letter examples pdf, for scholarship application and other academic related endeavors.

Scholarship Cover Letter Format PDF

Scholarship Program Cover Letter  Sample PDF

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