12 Scholarship Application Tips From Past Winners

If you’re a student looking for scholarship application tips that would help you be successful in your scholarship application process, then you need to read this article to the end. Stay Informed Group have carefully organised these scholarship application tips that will help students all over the world apply to any scholarship and become successful. You will get information on tips to win a scholarship, by standing out from other applicants; all you need to do is to put into practice whatever it is you will learn from this article.

Scholarship application tips

Scholarship Application Tips

In this article, you will discover the best time to submit your scholarship application and how to meet the individual scholarship eligibility criteria of any scholarship you want to apply for.

Can you lie on the scholarship application?

Lying about something on any of your scholarship application documents can have serious academic consequences and damage your reputation. You will most likely need to repay the scholarships and possibly be suspended or excluded.

This is a serious matter; if you lie, the scholarship platform will find out and it will cost you so many things, including striping you of your admission and possibly making you unable to apply for any academic opportunity again in your lifetime.

What should I write in a scholarship application?

When deciding who should be awarded a scholarship, the scholarship evaluation bodies must take a lot of information into account. In some cases, the decision is based on academic excellence (good grades, language skills, good academic skills and general records) or on economic factors (low income, family difficulties).

In many cases, you will need to include a letter of application for a scholarship that explains why you are applying for that particular scholarship and how it can help you achieve your educational and career goals. It is one of the best tools to successfully fill out your scholarship application and properly submit all other required documents. Here are some tips of the information that must be included in your scholarship application to be awarded the scholarship you are applying for.

You must include the following information:

  • Adapt your cover letter to the context
  • Be formal, use a clear structure, and check to spell
  • Explain why you are a good candidate for the scholarship

Explain why you are a good candidate for the scholarship

This one of the most important Scholarship application tips. The application letter for a scholarship provides the opportunity to describe your key academic and professional strengths, your plans for future professional growth, your reasons for choosing this scholarship and your benefits. Make sure that you cover all of these points using specific examples, if possible.

Be formal, use a clear structure, and check to spell

The cover letter, if you are writing one should be in a formal tone and should have a clear, precise and structured process. Each candidate must also ensure that accidental spelling or grammatical errors are checked and corrected.

To ensure that you send a successful scholarship application cover letter, have someone with an objective eye read it before you send it. This minimizes the risk of spelling or grammatical errors and can also help you remove information that is unclear, redundant, or irrelevant to your needs.

Adapt your cover letter to the context

There are several situations in which you will be asked to attach a cover letter when applying for a scholarship. At the same time, you can apply for admission to an institution or a program. Or you can apply for a scholarship or grant to cover tuition or other costs for a program that you have already been admitted to.

Here are a few scholarship application tips that may be of help to you

scholarship application process

Scholarship application tips – Be on time

Time is an important aspect of Scholarship application tips.

Many scholarship foundations in the world function base on first come first serve. And scholarships like this one would give priority to students who submitted their scholarship application forms earlier than others.

Some Scholarships are very quick and easy to apply for.  But some other scholarships take time. All you need to do is understand the respective deadlines of each scholarship and do not wait until very close to the deadline before you submit your application, act as fast as you can.

If you are interested in any scholarship it is important that you visit the scholarship platform frequently and know when the application process starts and act as fast as possible.

Scholarship application tips – Be diligent

It is better to act diligently than fast. Acting fast means applying for a scholarship immediately you see the opportunity without paying attention to the Rudimentary requirements of that particular scholarship. While acting diligently means, paying attention to these requirements and making them available before submitting your application forms.

Whether one wins or losses and application for a scholarship all depends on the application process if you are not intelligent enough to critically check and provide everything that is required you might lose the scholarship

Make sure you send what is required.

Some scholarship requires applicants to write an essay on certain topics. While other scholarships require the applicant to bring a recommendation letter.

If you submit the wrong thing.

Submitting an essay when you are required to submit a recommendation letter will definitely make you lose the scholarship. And also, do well to proofread all your papers and remove all form of typos before submitting your application.

Be proactive

Many students give up after being rejected in their first Scholarship application.

Winning a scholarship in this area is not very easy therefore you need to be proactive apply for a scholarship every year

Applying for a scholarship every day would increase your chances of getting a scholarship

If you were rejected in the first year, you stand a better chance of winning the scholarship the next year, because you will learn and understand why you were rejected, and make the proper adjustment next time.

Be honest

This is one of the Scholarship application tips because If you lie to the scholarship donor they will definitely find out today or tomorrow. If you exaggerate your grade all in the bid to win the scholarship, the scholarship donor will find out that your grades were exaggerated you will be denied the scholarship and banned from ever applying for that Scholarship.

If the scholarship donor finds out that your grades were exaggerated after awarding you the scholarship, you will be stripped of the scholarship and asked to pay back the scholarship fund awarded to you.

You are more likely to win and be offered a scholarship if you look for scholarships that align with your interests and academic grades. If you apply to scholarships that match your interests, you stand a chance of winning the same scholarship every year if it is a yearly scholarship. Being honest is important in all we do, and also one of the most important tips to win a scholarship.

Be thorough

Many students make the mistake of overlooking smaller scholarships and focus on the very competitive scholarships that offer a bigger financial reward. This is one of the Scholarship application tips smart students have been using to win scholarship money.

If you want to stand a better chance of winning scholarships, you need to be very thorough.

Pay attention to even the small scholarship

Applying to small and low competitive scholarships will increase your chances of winning scholarships.

And if you apply to 10 scholarship that is what $1000 each, you stand a chance of making $10,000 from scholarships. But you’re going for a scholarship that is what $10,000 you may end up not winning the scholarship because it will be very competitive.

Therefore paying attention to even the smallest scholarship is one of the most important tips to win scholarships. Because very scholarship is important. The small scholarship might end up paying your textbook bills, so don’t overlook them.

Be careful

No scholarship platforms would require you to pay for a scholarship application. You have to be careful so that you won’t be scammed in your scholarship search.


In your scholarship application process, you need to be very smart to navigate the process successfully.

Be thorough, be proactive, be diligent, submit your application in time, all of these will make you a pro in Scholarship application, and make you stand a better chance in any Scholarship application no matter how rigorous the process might be. Hope this article was helpful; do well to leave us a comment in the comment section.


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