How to Apply for Student Visa Australia

As an a prospective international student, or already an international student, you need to learn how to apply for students visa in Australia. This content will provide you the vital information you will need regarding the student visa Australia requirements, cost, rules etc. so that you will hardly get rejected when applying for student visa in Australia.

Core focus of this content includes:

  • What are the requirements for student visa in Australia?
  • Student visa Australia cost
  • Does Australian student visa get rejected?
  • Student Visa Australia Rules
  • How to apply for student visa in Australia

student visa Australia

If your stay in Australia is going to take a long time because of the kind of study program you’re going to study, then you definitely need a student visa to be able peacefully stay in Australia through the amount of time you will need to complete your study program.

If you’re going to take a short course that is going to last from 12 to 16 weeks then all you need is a tourist visa that will be enough to keep you in Australia throughout your study but any university or college studies that require you staying longer than that then you definitely need a student visa to be able to stay in Australia.

What are the requirements for student visa in Australia?

Requirements of a Student Visa in Australia includes the following:

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
  • Financial Requirements
  • English Proficiency Requirement
  • Australian Health Requirement
  • Australian Character Requirement
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Cost of Annual Living Amounts

Student visa Australia cost

The most current student visa Australia cost or fees in order to be able to apply for a Student Visa in Australia (Subclass 500) are officially set to $606 AUD (Approx. 373€). This particular student visa Australia cost is always the same and does not vary no matter the length of your studies in Australia.

Does Australian student visa get rejected?

You will receive a checklist of documents that can be submitted online to the Australian High Commission for review. Your student visa application can be denied or rejected if you provide incorrect information or do not submit important documents are required.

Student Visa Australia Rules

Below is a list of the student visa Australia rules for international students who want to apply.

  • Be a certain age (school student), as would be required during the time of application
  • Be enrolled in a course of studying Australia and provide evidence.
  • Make or provided a proof of welfare arrangements if you are less than 18 years.
  • Have adequate health insurance during the time of application
  • Have not held a certain visa as would be required during the time of application
  • Have enough money for your stay in Australia, and provide proof
  • Be a genuine temporary entrant.
  • Meet the character requirement as one of the student visa Australia rules

How to apply for student visa in Australia


How to Apply for Student Visa Australia

Here is a well explained ways on how to apply student visa in Australia

The First Step on How to Apply Student Visa in Australia is to Apply for an Enrollment in a Tertiary Institution in Australia and Get a CoE

Before you can qualify to apply for a student visa in Australia you must be admitted in an Australian school.

After you’ve received an admission letter from a school, accepted the admission in writing and paid the necessary tuition deposit the school will mail you a CoE, which is Confirmation of Enrollment. You will be needing this particular document  to begin your student vsa application.

If you will be taking for several programs, for instance first take a preparatory language and then study at college, you will need a CoE for each program you take.

You would have to create a personal account with the Australian immigration authorities

Nowadays you normally apply online for Australian visas. Before you begin your visa application you have got to create an account at:

They will ask you to submit your name, phone number and e-mail address.

Then you get to generate a password and and also accept their conditions of application.

How to apply student visa in Australia – ensure that you simply have all the required documents in digital format

To apply for a student visa you’ll need the listed documents:

  • Your CoE
  • OSHC health insurance.
  • Passport that preferably should be valid for your whole stay in Australia since it will be a very difficult thing to exchange your passport there when you study on a student visa
  • An evidence of a temporary stay:
  • On your application form you will have to certify that you only plan to stay temporary in Australia.
  • You can support this claim by attaching an indication of employment or a letter from your Institution in your home country or similar documents.
  • Depending on the location you apply from and where you’ll study extra documents will be required.

Some common documents you might need are:

  • Additional id documents such as a birth certificate
  • You must provide an evidence that you can fund your studies, such as a bank statement or Scholarship.
  • You must show evidence that you have what it takes to pass your intended studies, such as certified grade reports and IELTS-test result.
  • You must show that you have been employed before such as an employment contract, pay checks etc.
  • Documentation of criminal offenses if you have ever been convicted.

To get a more complete document list visit and use the Document Checklist tool.

There you fill in your country  and college and obtain a detailed list of required documents.

You also have to select who your sponsor is, choose “None of the above” unless you are sure that you belong to one of the other categories.

If you apply via online route all documents ought to be uploaded in form of digital format. So it’s good if you’ve got access to a scanner when you do the application otherwise you can scan everything beforehand.

All documents ought to be translated to English by an authorized translator. You may decide to pause your application process and continue later if you miss some documents.

How to apply student visa in Australia – Complete the visa application online

A Student visa subclass 500 – You need to apply for this.

The application may be made at the earliest 124 days before your course starts (according to the date on your CoE).

You apply online. Read more and follow the instructions at:
On the first page you fill in you nationality and your CoE code(s).

You should additionally select your Education sector, for example ELICOS for language courses or Higher Education for courses that leads to a university degree.

More information is available on the form.

And after that you’ll be asked to submit or present personal details, family details, answer experiential questions about your previous education and work experience, and submit details about your health and criminal record. You can save the application only as draft and take a break if you wish.

Pay the visa fee and obtain a TRN-number

  • When you have completed the application process you must pay the application fee that is presently is 575 AUD.
  • The easiest is to pay it with a credit card online. Read more about the payment here:
  • When the application process and payment is done you’ll get a receipt with a TRN-number (Transaction Reference Number).
  • Make sure to avoid losing it so you’ll be able to check the status of your application.

Possible health checkup and interview

Depending on where you’ll study and where you reside you would possibly need to do a licensed medical checkup and/or a visa interview.

You will receive this information concerning this once you complete the application process  above if it applies to you.

Don’t do the health checkup before you have completed the application as you will need your TRN-number and you will get instructions on what you need to check.

On this page you can find doctors in your country that are approved by the Australian Immigrations to do this checkup.

Get your visa decision

How long it takes to get you visa call depends on the location you applied from and how occupied and  busy the Australian immigration authorities are.

In our experience so far you always get your call within one or a few of weeks once your application is complete. You can check the status of your application by signing in to the immigration web site (with the account you created in step 2) and if required enter your TNR-number.

Login at:

Normally the Australian authorities would inform you by e-mail once your visa call is ready.

Your visa is electronic therefore if you would like a physical proof of you might need to print the grant letter that you receive on-line once your visa is approved.

Travel to Australia

Once you’ve  received your visa you’ll be able to enter Australia at the earliest 3 months or 90 days before the course commencement date written on your CoE.

If you’ve not booked or reserved accommodation through your institution you ought to inform them of your address in Australia within seven days of coming there.

Usually you have the legal right to remain in Australia for A period of 30 days when your course ends or a period period 60 days if your course lasts longer than a maximum of 10 months.

All these date limits should be written on your visa and if that information differs from what we write here you should always follow the instructions on your visa.

Disclaimer: Stay Informed Group is not to be held responsible if the information on this platform varies from any other platform or the official platform, because the official platform has the right to update this information and change a few things without a prior notice to Stay Informed Group

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