Avoid Scholarship Scams – What You Need to Know

Because of the fact that scholarships has become a very popular sought-after resource for students. Scammers are now using this route to scam students. And it is important that students applying for scholarship be careful to avoid online scholarship scams from platforms or individuals portraying themselves to be scholarship representatives.

Avoid scholarship scams with these tips offered by Stay Informed Group You’ll understand through the steps how to spot scholarships that are not real through how they work and how to quickly avoid them.

How to spot a scholarship scam

Avoid Scholarship Scams

The truth is that there are scholarship scholarship scams and scammers and it is important that you avoid them. Spot and avoid Scholarship Scams with these tips.

Application Fee/Money Upfront

Never! I repeat never pay an organisation an upfront fee which might be clone to be scholarship application fee before receiving the scholarship.

This organisation or the individual might just pocket your money and you will never see them again.

 Loan fees

Loan fees!  This sounds scammy. Organisation who wants to give you loan for your study will never require you to pay the loan fee before offering you a loans.

Loans are meant to be repaid after the students might have graduated.

 Scholarships that are guaranteed

There is nothing like guaranteed online scholarships. This is one of the scholarship scams to avoid.

Scholarships are meant to be contested and final considerations will be done by the platform offering the scholarships if you meet the requirements, then you’ll be offered the scholarship.

There is nothing like a guaranteed online scholarships.

Legitimate provider of a scholarship will never guarantee you that you will win their scholarship. They might just tell you that you stand a chance if you meet their requirements.

Scholarship platforms” sounding or frequently using the word “official,” governmental or stuffs like that mind be using these words to cover up their scam.

How to protect yourself and avoid Scholarship Scams

It is said that prevention is better than cure. I have dedicated a certain amount of this content to expose some ways to spot scholarship scams, but it is also important to learn how to avoid them entirely. This section involves tips that would help you totally avoid online scholarship scams in its entirety.

Always ask yourself this question, is this Petty talk too good to be true?

When something starts sounding too good or too inviting it is important that you do a little more research before jumping into conclusion.

Scholarship platforms don’t try to convince you with sweet talk to apply. They know what they have to offer and they just bring it to your notice and not patting you on the shoulder to apply.

 Never pay money

Never pay any money to companies in the name of service fee, application fee or stuff like that.

Legitimate platforms who are willing to offer scholarships have enough money and do not require applicants to pay any sort of token to process their scholarship.

 Contact Them

If you are about to apply for a scholarship and the scholarship provider is requesting you to pay a certain amount of money to process your scholarship, it is important that you contact them and request their physical address. And make sure you confirm the address before you pay such fee.

Legitimate scholarship platforms will be happy to provide you with their physical address but scammers will not!

 Get Reference

Legitimate scholarship platforms are popular on the web. Though some upcoming scholarship platforms might not be that popular. But you must find something about them on the internet.

Use the scholarship name to search for them on the internet. You must find something about them if they are legitimate. Scholarship search engine will have an information about them, and Google will also provide you with some information about that platform if they are really legit.


Legitimate scholarship platforms will never ask you to pay anything to be offered their scholarship

And no legitimate platform will guarantee you that you’ll get their scholarship. Though they might advise you on how to stand a chance.

To avoid scholarship scams experts advice you use search for scholarships yourself, and not wait for scholarships to come to you. Because 60% of scholarships that comes to you by themselves are not legit.

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