Merit Based Scholarships for Domestic and International Students 2020

Merit Based scholarships are scholarship award that students are given based on their extreme academic success in their previous level of study. This kind of scholarship is open to domestic and/or international student as the case may be. Consequently there are tons of Merit based scholarships for international student including students who are studying in their home country.

Merit based scholarships and financial awards are not limited to the student’s grades, but take into consideration factors such as good leadership roles occupied by the applicant, ACT or SAT scores, including extracurricular activities, school and community involvement.

Unlike a need based scholarship or financial aid, merit based scholarships don’t take into account the financial state of the applicant. Here are some top merit based scholarships available for students to apply for.

Merit Based Scholarships

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Can International Students get Merit Scholarships?

International students are always interested to know whether or not merit based scholarships are only for domestic students. The good news is there are tons of merit based scholarships out there open to domestic and international students.

One of the top countries offering merit based scholarships for international students id the United States of America, there are many grants and financial opportunities for families living in and outside of the United States. As an international student, you are not eligible for funds specifically for US citizens, however, since American universities often prefer international students, the number of merit based scholarships for international students has increased exponentially, also in other countries such as Germany, Australia, Canada etc.

How much is merit based scholarships?

The merit based international scholarship money pool is estimated to be $ 22 billion deep and has many international students swimming in it.

Merit-based scholarships are based on academic performance or proven talent in the fields of athletics, art, music and other special interests. Most platforms offering this kind of scholarship do not take financial needs into account.

Merit-based grants range from $ 1,000 in public schools to full rides at private schools worth up to $ 35,000 a year, though most are just between that. There are websites those list prices at hundreds of schools. The average annual price is $ 5,000.

What is a full merit based scholarships?

Most students dream of receiving a merit based scholarship that fully covers the tuition fees. It is hard to believe that there is anything better. These full merit based scholarships are special because they cover not only tuition fees but also other basic costs such as accommodation and meals, books, travel and other accessories.

Do I Qualify for a Merit Scholarship?

As the name implies, to qualify for merit based scholarship, you must be academically prowess, be involved in community services, must be talented in one sport, as the case may be. There must be something you are good at to get this scholarship; this depends on the interest of the scholarship donor.

Once you have reached the final round, you must meet high standards and academic requirements. To become a finalist in any merit based scholarship program, students have to meet the requirement set by the scholarship donor. Academic prowess is always a must for this kind of scholarship.

List of Merit Based Scholarships for Domestic and International Students

We have taken time to compile a list of some of the merit based scholarships for international students. If you an international students and you wish to apply for a merit based scholarship; do well to check out these opportunities below.

merit based scholarships for international students

Bright Flight Scholarship Merit Based Scholarships

Amount: $1,000-$3,000

Applicant must be a Missouri resident graduating from high school and score in the top 3% of students in the state taking the ACT or SAT.

Application Link

Fulbright Scholar Program

Amount: Varies

The Fulbright Scholar Program embeds Merit based scholarships that offers teaching and research awards to international students in the U.S. at the undergraduate and graduate level. Opportunities are open to people regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, geographic location, etc.

Employees and immediate family members affiliated with the U.S. Department of State are ineligible to apply. See site for details.

Application Link

Florida Stormwater Association Educational Foundation’s Scholarship

Amount: $2,000

The Merit based scholarship awards assistance to qualified students attending FloridaTertiary Institutions including Colleges and universities who have an interest in following stormwater analysis and research, management or finance.

Graduate student applicants in colleges or schools of engineering, natural science, public administration (or closely related fields) are eligible to apply.


Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program

Amount: $1,000

Students worldwide are welcome and eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students, majoring in a science connected field like biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and molecular biology, are encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants must have a 3.0 GPA to be considered.


Richard and Audrey Barnes Nursing Scholarship

Amount: Varies

Applicant should be seeking an undergrad nursing degree and also be a member of an underrepresented minority community or group .


SimpliSafe STEM Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

SimpliSafe scholarship is for college students within the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. The program provides monetary help to Bachelors, Masters, or PhD students enrolled in STEM degree programs.

Applicant should be a United States of America national or legal permanent resident.

Application Link

Graduate Education Merit Based Scholarships

Amount: $5,000

Tons of scholarship awards are available of up to $5,000 each, from which fees are paid. students who are challenged with there vision, who are in their graduate level, are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.


Hawai’i Community Foundation Scholarships

Amount: Varies

Hawaii Community Foundation is providing a wealth of monetary support to qualified students throughout Hawaii.

With over 250 scholarships, Hawaii students will surely obtain a scholarship that applies to them.


American Indian Law School Scholarship

Amount: Varies

The American Indian College Fund will award the second American Indian Law School Scholarship to a first-year student in the 2021-22 Harvard Law School.

The Scholarship covers all required cost of attendance, including tuition for the three-year course of study at Harvard Law School for one Native student.

The eligible applicants must be an American Indian or Alaska Native who are enrolled tribal members, or who are lineal descendants of an enrolled parent or grandparent.


Hatton W. Sumners Scholarships

Amount: Varies

Students ranking within the top third of their current class on an annual basis in the city of Texa and Oklahoma too are advised to send their application for this Merit based Scholarships

The selection committee can review educational performance, civic engagement, and leadership abilities.


Idaho Post-secondary Credit Scholarship

Amount: Varies

Applicant must be a resident of Idaho with 10 or more post-secondary education credits at the time of graduation or graduated from high school with an associates degree.

Must have obtained a corresponding academic scholarship that is clearly merit-based from a business or Industrial, or entities representing business or an industry.


Cap Lathrop Scholarship

Amount: Varies

The Cap Lathrop Scholarship is offered to Alaska Natives with preference given to descendants of Cook Inlet Region, Inc. (CIRI) who are majoring in broadcast, telecommunications, business, engineering, journalism, and other media-related fields. The applicant must be pursuing a 2-year, 4-year, or graduate degree program with a major in broadcast, telecommunications, business, engineering, journalism, and other media-related fields.


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