Fulbright Foreign Student Program 2022-2023

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program will help the larger number of students who desire to study abroad but are restricted by finance-related issues. The Fulbright Scholarships for international students in the USA will continually provide solutions to the financial challenges the accrues from study abroad. The Fulbright postgraduate scholarship is open to virtually all international students in the US.

The Fulbright foreign student program in the USA as it is profoundly called can be taken in the United States of America.

The Fulbright Scholarship for international Students enables graduate students, including young professionals, and artists from over 155 countries of the world to study and conduct research in the USA.

The Fulbright Scholarship for International Students operates in more than 155 countries worldwide. Approximate 4,000 international students receive Fulbright scholarships yearly.

In This content, the Fulbright postgraduate scholarships will be used interchangeably with the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, because the Fulbright Foreign Student Program is generally a postgraduate scholarship program.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Brief Fulbright Foreign Student Program Description

The offering of the Fulbright foreign student program in the USA was aimed at basically enhancing and maintaining international relations through student exchange.

This step has propelled the enhancement of bilateral relations through which the government and citizens of foreign countries work with the United States of America to have joint priorities and narrow the program to meet mutual interests.

Perceiving what political tussles and wars have caused the Fulbright International Scholarship basically has a focus on promoting and engaging international relationships and partnerships.

For the course of the Fulbright Scholarships for international students to be maintained a board which involves a 12 person instituted under the leadership of the US to collaborate with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State, Public Affairs Section of U.S Embassies abroad, the bi-national Fulbright Commissions and Foundations set out to oversee the administration of the program.

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Why the Fulbright Scholarship for International Students

Fulbright Scholarships for International students

The beginning of the Fulbright program was aimed at maintaining international relations mainly through student exchanges.

This plan has led to the promotion of bilateral relations through which the government and citizens of other countries who work with the United States have common priorities and reduce the program to meet mutual needs.

Given the causes of wars and political struggles, the Fulbright Scholarship Program continues to focus on involving and promoting international alliances.

In order for the grant to continue, United States management has established a 12-member board of directors that works with the U.S. Department of State Department of Education and Culture, Department of Public Affairs of, US Embassies Abroad, Fulbright Subcommittees and national foundations were established to oversee the administration of the program.

The Fulbright Scholarship Program, sponsored by the U.S. State Department Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) under political guidelines works with the binational Fulbright Commissions and the public affairs departments of the American embassies abroad.

The National Office for Education and Culture is responsible for preparing a budget application to Congress that decides on the allocation of funds to the associated countries. The number of scholarships for the study program depends on the availability of funds allocated by the federal government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the power to change the number of grants, participating countries, contract terms, etc. For this reason, don’t feel bad if you don’t get enlisted after applying, as many factors can play a role.

Since the program began over 60 years ago, more than 350,000 students have participated in the program. Around 8,000 scholarships are awarded annually.

The Fulbright postgraduate scholarship is currently running in more than 160 countries worldwide.

The Fulbright Scholarships for international students program is administered by binational Fulbright commissions/foundations or US embassies. All inquiries for the international student program are handled by these offices.

Host Platform

The Fulbright Scholarships for international students is hosted and tenable in Universities and Academic Institutions in the US

Eligible Study Level/Field

Fulbright International Scholarship Program encourages all fields, including interdisciplinary fields of study. The Fulbright postgraduate scholarship is open to Mater’s and PhD students.

Eligible Group

This Fulbright Scholarships for international students is available to foreign students from 155 countries around the World. Which includes students from the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, South and Central Asia just to name a few.

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General Eligibility Requirements for the Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship

The specifics of program eligibility and procedures for selection vary widely by country.

Please do well to see the individual country page to find information concerning the Fulbright Program in your own country, and eligibility requirements, including application guidelines.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program Benefits

Generally, the Scholarship funds tuition, a living stipend, airfare, health insurance, etc. The Fulbright International Scholarship program provides funding for the Student’s duration of the study.

the Fulbright postgraduate scholarships provide the necessary funding till the end of studies

Fulbright Foreign Student Program Application Guidelines

All International Student applications are processed by the bi-national Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or United States Embassies.

And internationally students must apply through the Fulbright Commission/Foundation or the United States Embassy in their home countries.

Importantly, there are components of the application when it comes to this program. The components are found under;

  • Study/Research
  • English Teaching Assistant
  • Special Programs

Required documents for the application of Fulbright International Scholarship:

In finalizing your application for the Fulbright International Students Program to become a beneficiary of this Scholarship, there are documents that will be required of you, but under probability. They include:

  • Biographical Data
  • Program Information
  • Statement of Grant Purpose
  • Affiliation Letter
  • Personal Statement
  • Foreign Language Forms
  • Recommendations
  • Transcripts
  • Supplementary Materials
  • Ethical Requirements

Visit the official scholarship website for detailed information and application through the link on at the scholarship link section of this content.

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Application Closing Date

The deadline for submission of application into the Fulbright International Scholarship is October 8th 2022

Conclusion and Frequently asked question about the Fulbright Foreign Student Program in US

How can get an application for the Fulbright Scholarships?

The fulbright postgraduate scholarships only accept online applications.

Do I have to know a foreign language to be eligible for the Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship?

Most teachers teach in English, with a few exceptions in Latin America and Africa.
When applying for a research grant, your foreign language skills must meet the requirements of the project.

Be sure to state how you should use the language in your methodology discussion as activities vary and examiners do not have to make assumptions.

Do I need to have an invitation letter to apply for the Fulbright student program in the US?

It depends on the price. Some countries require an invitation letter, especially for open prices “All disciplines”. Other countries encourage but do not request a letter of invitation, while others always expressly ask that you not contact potential host institutions.

The preference is clearly explained in the price description. If it is not clear, contact the responsible program manager in this country.

I need an invitation letter. How do I get one?

If you are not in contact, your goal is to determine the name of a suitable faculty member for a particular discipline or sub-area within the discipline. Once you have identified the possible hosts, write a description of who you are to this faculty member (an attached curriculum vitae may be helpful) and what you would like to do while in this country.

Remember that you are considering applying for a Fulbright Scholarship and that an invitation letter is required to apply. There can be several messages before sending a letter, but this method often works.

If I am selected for the Fulbright Scholarships, can I take my family with me on my grant?

This depends on the award and the host country. Most awards are not subject to any restrictions on accompanying relatives. However, some prices are subject to restrictions.

Check the price description and/or contact the program staff responsible for this award. Many beneficiaries bring their families with them and report that their stay abroad with their family members has benefited them.

Relatives are not granted any additional financial benefit for the Fulbright Global Scholar Award.

Are there summer awards available?

Each country sets the period for its grants. You must therefore review the timeframe displayed for each program and the specific awards. The grant deadlines for the awarding of prizes largely follow the academic calendar of the host country.

If the universities are in session from May to August, it is possible that a prize will be awarded in the summer. There is good freedom for research grants at the start date, but the proposed schedule must meet the parameters set by the country.

If I already had a Fulbright Scholar, can I get another one?

Fulbright scholarships are preferred for applicants who have not yet received a Fulbright scholarship.

Fulbright scholarship recipients can apply for another Fulbright scholarship two years after the end of the previous scholarship. (For series grants, the two-year period begins at the end of the series grant.) You can find further Fulbright guidelines here.

Can I apply for the Fulbright Scholarships for International student to more than one country?

Only through the Global Scholar Award or multi-country awards can applicants include more than one country (within or outside a region) in their application.

For all other awards, candidates can only apply for one national or regional program per academic year. You can find the latest award offers in the award catalog.

Can I apply to the Fulbright Scholar Program if I am on the Fulbright Specialist Roster?

You can apply for the Fulbright Scholar program if you are on the list of Fulbright specialist Roster.

Fulbright Specialist grant recipients do not have to wait two years before applying for a Fulbright Scholar grant. Similarly, recipients of a Fulbright Scholar grant do not have to wait two years before applying for a Fulbright Specialist Program grant.

How can I make my application for the Fulbright scholarship more successful?

There is no “formula” for a successful grant. Each individual’s application must relate to the applicant, how the grant period is used and what results can reasonably be expected.

What works for one applicant may not work for another applicant. The program manager is a good contact person to discuss how competition demand can be structured. In our application guidelines you will also find tips on how to make your application more competitive.

Who should write my reference letters?

Though it is useful to have someone with a well-known reputation in the field, the best recommendation criterion is one who knows your work and character to a large extent. It is also recommended that you mix internal and external letters to demonstrate the scope of your contacts.

You can also contact a professional reference who knows you well. For teaching or research / teaching grants, the department head or the dean of your school must write a letter. For more information, see the application guidelines and overseas development contacts.

How is my application reviewed and how am I notified?

First, your application will be checked to determine program eligibility and technical integrity. All complete and eligible applications are reviewed by a peer review committee. These committees determine whether the applications are recommended for further review by the host country (review criteria).

These committees are organized by discipline and are made up of American academics and experts with relevant experience.

The recommended applications will be sent to Fulbright colleagues abroad as well as to the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and the State Department for Education and Culture for final decision and confirmation. The beneficiaries will be informed of decisions at a certain point in the spring.

What are the financial benefits of Fulbright awards?

The benefits of fulbright postgraduate scholarships vary by country and type of grant. Fulbright grants are generally estimated to cover travel and subsistence expenses for the concessionaire and its escorts in the country.

Look at the price description in the price catalog and/or contact the program staff who are responsible for the price you are interested in.

Can I apply to the Fulbright Scholar Program to fund MA/PhD research?

The Fulbright Scholars Program does not support research activities to obtain a master’s / doctoral degree. However, you may want to check out the Fulbright Student Program.

I am a retired academic or professional, can I still go on a Fulbright grant?

Yes, the Fulbright Scholarship Program welcomes academics and professionals in all phases of their careers. As requested by all applicants, the project report should reflect the expected benefits of the Fulbright grant for you (professionally and personally), for the United States (how will you share your experience when you return?) And for your host institution.

I applied last year and was unsuccessful. How can I find out why I was not selected to improve my application for the current competition?

The final selection is based on feedback from the US peer review committees, as well as in publications and orders abroad. CIES operates in accordance with the guidelines of the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB).

In accordance with the FFSB Directive, CIES cannot provide applicants with specific reasons for selection or non-selection. If you would like to submit a new request, we recommend that you contact the national or regional CIES manager who can provide general advice on the new request.


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