How to get scholarships for Studying Abroad

Don’t let the misconception that getting scholarships for studying abroad is very difficult discourage you from applying for scholarships to study abroad. The truth is scholarships for studying abroad is easy to find if you know how to get them. This content is meant for domestic and international students who are looking for ways about how they can fund their studies abroad. This is in bid to provide informational help for these students with no money to fund their study abroad plans. You will at the same time learn How studying abroad can help your career and future.

Core focus of this content includes:

  • How do I get scholarships for Studying Abroad?
  • How can I fund my studies abroad?
  • Is it hard to study abroad?
  • How can I study abroad with no money?
  • How studying abroad can help your career?
  • Why studying abroad will benefit your future?
  • How to get scholarships for Studying Abroad

How to get scholarships for Studying Abroad

How do I get scholarships for Studying Abroad?

If there is a wrong way to do something, then there’s equally a right way to do the same thing. And that applies to finding scholarships for studying abroad, which if you don’t know how to apply and get these scholarships you might end up not being awarded any study abroad scholarships

Scholarships and grants may have almost a homogeneous way of application around the globe. But the methods of variation increases when you are applying for a scholarship to study in a country where you are not a citizen.

That is why you need the little bit of expertise and learning.

In bid to solve this problem Stay Informed Group team have put together simple technique and method on how to get scholarship for studying abroad.

We know how eager students are to get international scholarships to study abroad. That is why we’ve put together this well-researched tips to help global students achieve their academic goals.

How can I fund my studies abroad?

After deciding to study abroad, you should check all the available funding options and pick the one that matches your needs and goals.

After choosing to study abroad, you need to review all available funding options and choose the one that suits your needs and goals. There are a good number of ways you can fund your studies abroad. Below are a few ways you can do that with less stress.

  • Merit-based scholarships (fellowships)
  • Specific scholarships.
  • Need-based scholarships (grants)
  • Student loans
  • Student prizes

How can I study abroad with no money?

Do you want to study abroad but no money? Here’s what to do

It is not a new thing to have the desire to study abroad but with no money to aid your ambition. You should from the onset know how much you need to save, and it is important that you choose your destination wisely, because some countries are more expensive than other and some countries offer free education for international students while others don’t.

While looking for how to study abroad with no money, it is important that you search out scholarships, grants, and fellowships; in this way, you find a fully funded scholarship that will take you through your studies abroad.

Some countries offer study and work abroad opportunities for international students. All you need to do is to find out about these opportunities and put your skills to work and get a job to fund your study abroad plan.

How studying abroad can help your career?

Studying abroad can help your career in ways you didn’t expect. One of the most valuable professional benefits of studying abroad will be the ability to communicate across multiple language barriers. You learn to communicate effectively in different contexts and to overcome language barriers among other international students. This will definitely help you in your professional career.

Why studying abroad will benefit your future?

Studying can benefit your future in ways you couldn’t imagine. Studying abroad can help you start your career and become more competitive in the job market. This gives you the opportunity to show current and future employers that you are open, resourceful and ready to adapt to a different environment.

Is it hard to study abroad?

Studying abroad is not really that hard, though it might be for some people, it is all about discovering new things and stepping out of your comfort zone. However, it is difficult if you just want something familiar. So far, I’ve had the best time of my life during my two semesters abroad, but it wasn’t easy. The experience of studying abroad is associated with many difficulties.

How to get scholarships for Studying Abroad

How studying abroad can help your career

Here are Tips on how to get Scholarships for Studying Abroad

Ask For Help

This point cannot be overlooked if you really want to be successful in getting scholarships for studying abroad.

Reach out to people. Ask your academic advisers for advice. Contact the financial aid office. Check the web pages of your prospective school if they have international scholarships for international students.

If possible, go in person and interview some of the representatives of these financial aid offices to know if there are scholarships that are not advertised which are available for students who wants to study abroad.

The steps would definitely make yourself search very easy and in the same vein convince the scholarship representatives about your fanaticism to study abroad.

This will motivate them to help you in any way possible.

Research and Research

This might be one of the most important points on our list of how yo get scholarships for studying abroad.

It is more difficult to find scholarships for studying abroad than it is to apply for them. Therefore, if you can find a scholarship, then our work would have been greatly reduced.

It is as important as it sounds “RESEARCH”. You van find a study abroad scholarship if you don’t look.

Contact the scholarship provider directly

You need to have a little bit of confidence to do this. But it is an important step.

Contacting the scholarship provider directly does so many things, one which is the fact that it brings you into the radar of the scholarship provider.

This also shows that you are not afraid of taking initiatives. And it will put you in a very favorable position when the scholarship provider starts considering applicants. And you are sure of getting a first-hand information about the scholarship and how to go about its application.

Tweak Your Resume

After you’ve put together your documents which are relevant to the scholarships you want to apply for. It is important that you write concisely about any international experience you have, so you will to appear unique. Also list other social involvement. Its a bonus.

These aforementioned points may come in a cover letter which would go hand-in-hand with your resume. In that piece of paper, you have the chance to tell the scholarship donor why you deserve the scholarship.

If you are planning to study in an international university, it is important that you research the general accepted language in that particular University. And also focus on how your study would help develop, and increase global relationship, and also benefit your institution.

Check your References

Your references has little or nothing to do with your biography. It is important that you find references. This may be your professional colleagues or professors. If you want to get a recommendation letter or reference from a professor,  make sure you inform them in time so that they will get themselves ready and remember what to write about you.

Don’t get a recommendation letter from a professor you barely know. Go to someone who you’ve worked with in the past; who knows you and knows what to write about you.

And the Secret!  Only go to those ones you’ve related well with. Not the ones whom your relationship with them fluctuated.

If you have someone who is in the authorities don’t hesitate to go to them. It will not only increase your chances, it clear you of any legal doubt’s, and make you appear qualified in the eye of the scholarship provider.

Make Your Calendar

Staying organised might not sound as an important point tip on how to get scholarships for studying abroad.

But it is important that when you want to apply for more than one scholarship and at the same time applying for institutions to study abroad. Make a calendar of the scholarships you are applying for and their respective deadlines. This would make you more organised and know which one to send its application first.

This definitely would increase your chances of getting scholarship by not submitting late application.


You might have already applied for a certain number of scholarships, but keep applying.

Gathering information and finding scholarships are nothing if you don’t apply for them.

Keep applying!  Apply to even the smallest scholarship. When you apply to small scholarships they will add up, and it will pay for something reasonable, even if it is your textbooks.

When applying for more than one or two Scholarships, it us important that you customise your application as much as possible. Don’t be tempted to submit the same application for two different scholarships.

Remember, scholarships and grants has different requirements and application process. And most times would require you to write a different thing from your previous application.

Take your time. Be serious.

Applying for more than one scholarships might bring you into the temptation of rushing through your application. But if you seriously want to get scholarships for studying abroad then you need to take your time and be serious in your application. You’re not the only one applying for that particular scholarship, so, you need to make sure you do everything possible to be the best.

That is why you need to apply in time so that you wouldn’t be in a rush.  Take your time to research the values of the scholarship provider and present yourself as someone who concurs with the values.

Grades are important. But…

This one of the rudimentary requirements to get study abroad scholarships. But that is not there is.

If you are still in high school and you want to study abroad in your postsecondary studies start building your grades. Because, it will definitely increase your chances of being offered study abroad scholarships.

This is important because the providers of the scholarship would want to know if the student they are offering their scholarship has the zeal to make impact in the academic world.

But if you are already done with your high school’s studies and you are not really good with grades. It is important that you get involved in some community works and humanity services. Most scholarship platforms do not look at grades they offer scholarship to students involved in community works.

The passion should be seen

Most study abroad scholarships donors would require applicants to do a little bit of work in essay writing. This is where students are allowed to tell their stories, not minding your grade or what has brought you to that level all the scholarship donor wants to know is your passion; what motivates you and why you deserve that particular scholarship more than other students

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your scholarship essay because that is the reason the provision is made, so that the scholarship donor would have the chance to know the applicant and access them through the point provided by the students.

I hope this content was helpful. Do well to leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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