10 fully-funded PhD Scholarships in sociology 2023

Are you considering taking any of the available PhD programs in sociology, this article with the list of fully-funded PhD scholarships in Sociology will be of help to you.

While psychology students check the inner workings of the human brain, those majoring in sociology focus more on society.

If those phrases sound broad to you, it is – if you’ve done something, at least one person who is a sociologist has studied or is currently studying it – and a number of research methods are involved to secure their findings. This concept deals with how people respond to laws and so on.

Considering the importance of this field of study Stay Informed Group have put together PhD scholarships in sociology, to be of help in your search for fully funded sociology PhD programs.

fully-funded PhD Scholarships in sociology

What is PhD in Sociology?

The doctoral/PhD program in sociology is a research program that ends with a doctorate in philosophy (PhD). It is the highest university degree that you can earn in a subject.

The program offers a high level of academic competence that is relevant for research, administration and business. With the PhD scholarships below, you can enjoy fully funded sociology PhD programs.

Can I do PhD in sociology?

Yes, you can. A doctorate or PhD in sociology is often the best way to find employment in the academic or political fields of sociology or political science. A doctorate requires thorough study work, research and the writing of a thesis.

Sociologists or political scientists usually specialize in a specific area of the discipline. So you can do your PhD in sociology, and even get fully funded PhD programs in sociology through the scholarships available in this field.

How long does it take to get a PhD in sociology?

Students who are entering with a B.A. typically take about 6 years to complete the PhD program in sociology.

And students who are entering with M.A. in Sociology would typically take about 4 years. Some other factors would affect how long a student would spend during a PhD in sociology.

One of the things that may affect your study is lack of finance, which may end up making a student spend more time in the course, but with fully-funded PhD scholarships in sociology available, you are sure of getting a fully-funded sociology PhD program.

What jobs can I get with a PhD in sociology?

Below are some common job openings to explore when considering how to apply your sociological specialization to the workplace.

  • Guidance Counselor
  • Human Resources (HR) Representative.
  • Management Consultant.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Media Planner.
  • Policy Analyst.
  • Public Relations (PR) Specialist.

What is thought of as “normal” and what’s thought of as “weird”?

A sociologist will be able to answer these inquisitions as well as tell you why people behave the ways they do in certain situations through extreme observations, questionnaires and advanced statistical techniques.

All we were trying to do was to elaborate on the importance of this course called sociology, it is as important as any other course you could think of, and this fact cannot be overruled considering the tons of scholarships available for students who major in the field of sociology.

This article would be concentrating on the duty of unveiling the 10 out of the tons of scholarships available for students in the sociological field study.
Bagging a PhD degree in the field of sociology can be a thorn in the flesh because of its financial extremity.

But the reputation of sociology speaks for itself, and due to its relevance in society and the journey of development, many organisations, universities and even governments around the world have invested some amount of resources in funding scholarships in the field of Sociology, and its related disciplines for PhD students who are majoring in the field of sociology.

Therefore keep your eyes peeled on the information embedded in this content and apply to as many scholarships as possible and increase your chances of being offered a scholarship in the field of sociology.

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PhD Scholarships in Sociology – ASA Minority Scholarships

With the sole aim of supporting the training of sociologists of colour in any secluded area, the American Sociological Association(ASA) gives the Minority sociology scholarships to minority PhD students who are enrolled in a program that leads to a PhD in Sociology degree.

Eligible students must be U.S. citizens or legal residents, have completed one full-time year of academics in graduate studies, exhibit academic excellence, and be seeking a career in sociological research. PhD students who win this sociology scholarship will be granted PhD scholarships worth a staggering amount.

  • Host Platform: Hosted in the united states of America, and open to US citizens who are minority students.
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: The social science scholarships are accessible to social science students that are PhD students
  • Scholarship Benefits: $18,000 stipend will be offered for 12 months.
  • Application Closing Date: January 31

Beth B. Hess Memorial Scholarship

Annually, the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP) dispatches the Beth B. Hess Memorial Sociology Scholarships for Sociology Students pursuing an accredited PhD within the United States.

Eligible students must have begun their studies at a two-year community college or vocational school, applicants should have also a commitment to teaching at a community college, be seeking high-quality research in sociology, and show active and unbiased involvement in community service. Applications must include one letter of recommendation and verification of enrollment.

  • Host Platform: Hosted in the US.
  • Basic Eligibility Requirement: The sociology scholarships in this category is open to local and international students in the USA.
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: These are PhD Scholarships for PhD students in sociology
  • Scholarship Benefits: $15,000 will be offered, including other benefits
  • Application Closing Date: April 1st

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Cheryl Allyn Miller PhD Scholarships Sociology

Sponsored by the Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS), the Cheryl Allyn Miller Sociology Scholarships are presented annually to graduate students or PhD students whose research or social activism has created outstanding effects on the field for women.

Eligible applicants for this PhD scholarship must be currently enrolled in an accredited PhD program in sociology or graduated with a PhD not far more than the last two years, have SWS membership, and be U.S. citizens.

  • Eligible Group: Open to US citizens who would want to study in any local or international institution.
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: open to PhD students in Sociology
  • Scholarship Benefits: Many financial benefits, including some other travel incentives
  • Application Closing Date: April 1st

Alma S. Adams Scholarships

Via the American Legacy for Health Foundation, the Dr Alma S. Adams Scholarships are given each to two students pursuing PhD studies in sociology, social work, education, communications, public health or a related field to raise awareness of tobacco’s harmful impact.

Qualified candidates must be U.S. citizens or long term legal residents, attend an American institution, exhibit financial need, the applicant must have good academic records, and must be financially disadvantaged

  • Host Platform: Hosted in the US
  • Eligible Group: Open to America Students or long-term legal residents
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: Open to PhD students in social work, education, communications, public health or Sociology Students. Undergraduate students in the aforementioned fields are also welcome to apply
  • Scholarship Benefits: $5,000 will be offered, and more benefits will popup as long as this PhD scholarship is concerned
  • Application Closing Date: April 30

PhD Manao Fellowship for International Students

The University of Hawai‘i at Manoa School of Pacific and Asian Studies or Center for Korean Studies is happy to announce PhD scholarships at the University. These international scholarships are available for international students. The purpose of the PhD scholarships is to enable the continuation of research and publication for Sociology students

  • Host Platform: This Scholarship system exists in the US.
  • Eligible Group: Open to international students, who are sociology students
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: PhD Sociology Scholarship is available to pursue PhD programme: these international scholarships can also be awarded in the fields of Korean studies, including literature, history, sociology, anthropology, political science,
  • Scholarship Benefits: $3,750.00 will be offered for twelve months with no additional benefits.
  • Application Closing Dates: February 1st

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MaxPo PhD Scholarships in Sociology for International Students

Sociology students are invited to PhD scholarships for Sociology Students at the Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with irregularities in Market Societies. There is no nationality requirement these international scholarships are available for students of all nationalities.

  • Host Platform: Hosted in MaxPo located on German soil,
  • Eligible Group: Open to international students from all nationalities around the world.
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: PhD degree programme in sociology or your research
  • Scholarship Benefits: Funding, administrative Services, and other benefits, including Job opportunities
  • Application Closing Date: March 15.

200 Full Tuition PhD Scholarships at Ton Duc Thang University in Vietnam,

The Ton Duc Thang University is happy to announce up to two hundred Scholarships for PhD. Studies to take academic study in Vietnam for the autumn and spring semester.

These PhD scholarships for Sociology students cover full tuition fees of PhD degree programs.

  • Host Platform: Can be taken in Vietnam.
  • Eligible Group: Open to international students
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: PhD students in Sociology, and other related fields of study
    Scholarship Benefits: Total Fee tuition of the PhD degree programme: $8700 for the whole programme offered in 4 years
  • Application Closing Date: Before November, Apply

PhD Scholarships for UK and EU Students in Sociology, Leisure and Wellbeing in the UK

The Brunel University in London is pushing out full Funded PhD scholarships in Sociology, Leisure and Wellbeing in the College of Health and in Life Sciences. The PhD scholarships are open for legal students from the UK or other countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), Swiss nationals are also welcome to apply. The social science scholarship isn’t fully international Scholarships, considering its disclosure.

  • Host Platform: Hosted in the UK.
  • Eligible Group: Open to UK citizens, and other students from Switzerland.
  • Level/Field of Study: Can be taken by Ph.D.students in social science.
  • Scholarship Benefits: £16,777 plus Home/EU tuition fees, for not less than 36 months.
  • Application Closing Date: November 12.

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MSc & PhD Global Excellence Scholarship for International Students in the UK

The University of Exeter in the UK is inviting applications for PhD Global Excellence Scholarship within the College of Sociology, Social Science & International Studies. The International Scholarships are available for international students, PhD students in the aforementioned field of study

  • Host Platform: Hosted at the University of Exeter in the UK.
  • Eligible Group: Regarded as international Scholarships, and it’s open to international students
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: Scholarships are available to pursue a Master’s and PhD degree programme.
  • Study Subject: Scholarships are available for the following eligible programmes:
  • Scholarship Benefits: Scholarships are worth £5000
  • Application Closing Date: July 24th

J.W. Saxe Memorial Scholarship
Annually, the J.W.

Saxe Memorial Fund awards one or additional sociology scholarships to students in authorized U.S. universities who are looking for support for an unpaid or low-paying internship in the dimension of public service.

The students must have significant financial needs, demonstrate a clear interest in domestic or international public service, and show strong integrity.

Interested sociology students must submit an application with a resume, two letters of reference from members of the department or public service professionals, and a 1,000-word essay disclosing their career aspirations.

This Fully funded sociology PhD programs are open to students in the US.

  • Host Platform: The international Scholarships.
  • Eligible Group: Open to international students in the US.
  • Eligible Study Level/Field: Open to graduate students, including PhD students. It’s also PhD scholarships, sociology scholarships, for Sociology Students
  • Scholarship Benefits: $20,000 would be offered, and other benefits will follow.
  • Application Closing Date: April 1st


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