What are the types of scholarships? – Answers

What are the types of scholarships? This is a very conventional question between students of different levels.

Therefore, this article will be focused on answering this particular question, by listing and explaining the types of scholarships in the world.

What are the types of scholarships

Scholarships are generalized to be a form of financial aid or award offered to students to pursue their academic dreams. But there are basically many types of scholarships. So, the question is “what are the types of scholarships”?

A type of scholarship would give a glimpse or reflect the interest of the donor.

Merit-based Type of Scholarships:

Merit-based scholarships are scholarships offered to students based on their academic prowess.

These kinds of scholarships are offered depending on whether the applicant meets the academic requirements of the scholarship donor or other requirement needed by the donor.

But basically, a merit-based scholarship usually recognise high CGPAs, high score in test results and good academic achievement.

And one of the most common things about a merit-based scholarship is that they pay the scholarship money into the account of the institution, ratger than pay directly to the students account.

What are the types of scholarships

Need-Based scholarships:

A need-based scholarship basically award scholarships to students based on the result of FAFSA. A need-based scholarship is always regarded as grants other than a scholarship.

In this kind of scholarship, all a student needs is to come from a financially deprived family and the person is qualified for this type of scholarship.

Student-Specific Scholatships:

Student Specific Scholarships are a type of scholarship offered to a particular group of student. The Scholarship donor may decide to offer Scholarships to only female students and all the female students are qualified for the scholarship. In the same vein, the Scholarship donor may decide to offered Scholarships only to male students and all the male students are eligible for the Scholarship.

Therefore students-specific scholarships are scholarships that are offered to a specific category of people as decided by the scholarship donor. And therefore any student that falls in that particular category would be offered the scholarship. In this case, academic prowess and other criteria are not considered.

Career-specific Scholarships:

Career-specific scholarships are type of scholarships offered to students pursuing a particular career. This kind of scholarship is offered based on the career a student is pursuing where other criteria, such as academic commilative GPA are not put into consideration.

This kind of scholarship always reflect the values of the donor. The organisation or school offering this kind of scholarship choses a specific field which they want to develop and offer scholarships in that particular field.

College-specific Scholarships.

College-specific scholarships are types of scholarships offered by individual colleges or universities to their best students.

A college or university may decide to give scholarship to their students. In this case, any students who does not attend that particular institution is not qualified for the scholarship. Though the College may establish some eligibility requirement for that particular scholarship. The basic thing is the fact that the Scholarship is only attainable to students who attended that particular institution

Unusual Type of scholarships

Unusual scholarships are scholarships that are considered to be spontaneous.

These kinds of scholarships are offered by platforms that are not known to be offering scholarships. Scholarships like this one are always orchestrated by evens or festive celebration.

These kinds of scholarships can also be considered as an offbeat scholarship, which can also help fund the student tuition fees and other things that required finance

Community Service Type of Scholarships

Community service scholarships are a type of scholarship offered to students who are invested in giving back to the society.

Any student who has a history of providing help to the society. Or a student who likes getting involved in things that contribute to the development of the society is eligible for scholarships that falls in this category.

Many organisations offers scholarships to students who are involved in Community Services. In this kind of scholarship no other criteria is required.


No matter the type of scholarship you are looking for, it is important that you know that there is always a scholarship out there for you.

Whether or not you are academically pronounced. Just know that there are scholarships that are open to just about anybody.

Therefore, keep seeking don’t give up in your scholarship search.

We hope you find a scholarship that suits you.

Hope this content was helpful. And do well to leave us a comment in the comment section.


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