How to write a Scholarship Thank you Letter – Video, Samples and PDFs

This article has information about How to write a Scholarship Thank you Letter, plus templates and samples, including an embedded video that will help you write an effective one.

Figuring out how to write a scholarship thank you letter should be the next thing a student does after winning a scholarship. Some students have formed the habit of putting so much strength into writing a scholarship application without considering doing the same in writing a scholarship thank you letter after they’ve won the scholarship. This content will help you with the best college and high school scholarship thank you letter sample template, pdf, guidelines and video.

How to write a Scholarship Thank you Letter

Should I write a thank you letter for a scholarship?

If you are a scholarship holder, it is a good idea to write a thank you letter to your donor. While writing a thank you letter is not a requirement, it is a good way to identify the donor and express how much you appreciate the scholarship opportunity. They might even offer you another one in the process; you can’t tell.

How to write a Scholarship Thank you Letter

Writing a scholarship thank you letter after you’ve won a scholarship can go a long way to show the donor of the scholarship how grateful you are. And this would encourage them and can go a long way in winning you another scholarship.

An individual, and/or organization, be it governmental or non-governmental that benevolently offered you a scholarship without you asking for it deserve a big thank you. You can show how grateful you are through your scholarship thank you letter.

Your scholarship thank you letter is a heartfelt gratitude letter, which should include how that particular scholarship has helped you achieve your academic goal.

Why you should write a thank you letter

A scholarship thank you letter would go a long way to encourage the donor of the scholarship. And it will also bring to their conception that their work has been effective. It will encourage them to do more

Paying tuition fees for college is one of the most difficult things in this era. This is because of the escalation of college fees which have skyrocketed in recent times.

Therefore, a platform that accepts to pay your tuition fees to be it merit-based or need-based should be sent a thank you letter, whether you won the scholarship for only one year or throughout your study the donor deserves a thank you.

It doesn’t matter whether it was dependent on your academic prowess or your involvement in social activities, what matters is the fact that the tuition fees were paid by someone who didn’t owe you. Therefore they deserve a thank you letter.

Some of your scholarships thank you letters leave a mark on the heart of the scholarship donor. Most of them would go as long as making you appear on their official website and other pages.

During your scholarship application process, you tend to follow the rules laid out by the scholarship donor so that you’ll be able to win the scholarship. But it is only when you are writing a scholarship thank you letter that you tell the scholarship how the system has helped you, and you will be able to freely write to the scholarship platform without any restrictions or laid down rules or regulations.

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How to write a Financial Aid Thank you Letter

When writing a scholarship or financial aid thank you letter it’s important that you stay real. Emphasize how you’ve been helped through the scholarship. Don’t copy what the other person has written. Pour out your heart and it will be unique.

Do well to follow the tips we have given on how to write a scholarship thank you letter. Don’t see any example here as useless, whether you are writing a high school scholarship thank you letter or a post-secondary School scholarship thank you letter.

Then write and send your Scholarship thank you letter through the email of your donor.

Scholarship Thank you Letter Video Format

Tips and thank you letter guidelines

You can write down the words you’ve heard in the video you just watched as a scholarship thank you later. But before you send it to the scholarship it is important that you follow these tips below on how to write a scholarship thank you letter.

Handwritten notes or typed letters are OK. If you’re choosing a handwritten format it is important that you use letterhead or card.

If you want to use electronic notes then they should be sent as a document file or PDF file.

Make sure you are sincere. Don’t fake anything.

Express your joy in the extremity of it. There’s nothing wrong with that. You are not constrained by any rules right now. You are no more a candidate. You are just a grateful recipient

Remember that you’re not the only one who applied for that particular scholarship. Therefore, reassure them that they made the right choice.

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Areas you need to cover in your Scholarship Thank You Letter.

Always bear these tips in mind when writing a scholarship thank you letter.

Mention your university or college

Explain in detail your school background and how you’ve overcome some challenges to reach your college level or any level you were at when you won the scholarship.

Highlight your academic goals, again.

Express your heartfelt appreciation for the scholarship and how it has helped or how it is going to help you to achieve your goal.

Always mention the scholarship by name so that they will know which particular scholarship you’re talking about.

Scholarship Thank you Letter Sample

Outstanding Scholarship Thank you Letter Sample

Dear Donor ______ ( the scholarship name),

I want to sincerely thank you for the scholarship that was awarded to me ____________ (mention the scholarship name). Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to ____ ( what would have been your condition if you did not win the scholarship? ) ___ I currently specialize in ___ (impute your major) __,  which I use as (impute the profession you are going to practice ),

I also want to be a part of ( organisations, activities or clubs you have joined or will like to join in the future.
Above all, my experience in academics (the laid out objectives here is amazing, great, it can change a life) is and you are a strong factor that has brought me here. Thanks once more for the (create/contribute/donate) to the stock market (name of the stock market). They helped to get closer to my dream future success.

Best regards. 
(Your name, including contact details)

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College Scholarship thank you letter sample

College Scholarship thank you letter sample

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This is an ideal college scholarship thank you letter below.

Full name – the name used for the scholarship application
Residential Address
Name of scholarship donor
Official Address

Dear [scholarship name] donor,
I am honoured to have been one of the recipients of ______________ [Scholarship name here] . Thank you for your extreme support. I’m the first person in my family to have gone to college and it gives me joy to see someone who believes in me

Growing up in a less privileged family with less financial opportunity has not only posed a challenge in obtaining a degree, but it has also shown me how important it is to have one.

I just started my undergraduate degree as a freshman ________________ university / college and I can say that my graduates had made there first-class debut.

At this point, I want to get my degree in ( name your major). ___________________ the ( name the school) offers the best in this particular field and I’m happy to be one of the students.

I have worked as a volunteer in my community (areas, where you’ve, participates), and I’m happy to have helped some people in the little way I could and I’m willing to do more in the future.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to work as (name your current major) where I can offer more help to people, and provide more solutions to our global community.

Without the support from follows like your organisation, I wouldn’t have been able to consider this dream possible let alone achieve them. Thank you for the opportunity.

Best regards
(Your signature)
Your name
Student ID Number

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Free Scholarship Thank You Letter Template

Here is a link to the scholarship thank you letter sample template pdf

Free High School Scholarship Thank You Letter pdf

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