Complete College Prep Checklist for High School Juniors: High School Junior Year

This article contains information about the complete college prep checklist for high school juniors; this is for anyone who is preparing to enter high school junior year.

Stay Informed Group simply want you to say informed and abreast with the information and tips that will help you go through your studies without morass, and this article we have discussed some of the things you need to put in place to be fully prepared for college during your high school junior year.

It is important that you take the information in this article about the College Prep Checklist for high school juniors seriously as this will get you to get fully prepared for a smooth ride through your college from your high school junior year.

The high school junior year is a very important period in every student’s life and you need to be in your best preparation so that you can start crossing the Ts and dotting the Is prior to college application.

Students should prepare themselves and parents should prepare their children so that they can go through this high school junior year smoothly and advance to college with ease as colleges and universities pay attention to the grades, activities, and schedule courses of students during the admission period and students need to be at their best preparation.

Getting prepared with the College Prep Checklist for juniors will help students go through junior year and the summer after it successfully and the information in this article will be of help to advance smoothly

The fact is that there is no one way to prepare for college or an approach that will completely take care of everything you need for your high school, but there are a few things that when they are taken care of or when they are included in your College Prep Checklist you will definitely experience success during your college application.

With that being said, continue reading this article to discover more.

Complete College Prep Checklist for juniors

College Prep Checklist for High School juniors

Below we have discussed extensively some of the things that you need to complete prior to high school junior year, and the things you will need to do during fall, winter, spring and summer.

This is in a bid to make sure we provide you with holistic information about the things that you need to know about getting prepared for your junior year in high school and afterwards.

Read on learn the things you need to know.

College Prep Checklist b efore high school junior year:

  • The first thing you need to do is to get in touch with your guidance counsellor – meet with him or her before you make your next move.
  • Another thing that should be on your college prep checklist for high school juniors is getting involved in extracurricular activities.
  • Another important thing you should do is to start a saving plan for college, if you have already started one then you can add to the existing one.
  • You should conscientiously continue to build your credential by getting involved with positive activities in your community, also, document the awards and recognition you have received during the course of extracurricular activities; your involvement with community services and other activities you were part of that was service-oriented or helped built your community.
  • Another thing you need to do as part of the college prep checklist for high school juniors is to create your resume; this is very important.
  • The next thing you should do is to start getting yourself prepared for the ACT.
  • Also, you need to stay on track with your courses; get your guidance counsellor involved every step of the way so that you will be guided accordingly to take the right classes and prepare yourself for college.
  • Start learning more about the career you are interested in. this is the point where you need to start looking out for those who are doing well in the career you are interested in and “job shadow” one of them to gain more experience.
  • Also, volunteer in your community by looking out for available volunteering opportunities.
  • Finally, start your college search

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Fall College Prep Checklist for High school Juniors:

  • By the start of your second year, you need to start studying for SAT/ACT. This will give you an upper hand during the exams
  • Take the PSAT
  • At this level of your studies, you need to stay on track and maintain good grades and be present in your classes.
  • If you are a parent, you need to make sure that your make your children/wards study for SAT/ACT at this level.
  • At this point, students should start making a list of some of the colleges they would like to attend. This was included as one of the college prep checklists for high school juniors because it is imported.
  • It is important that you update your resume throughout the year – all ways make sure it is updated
  • Document your awards and involvements as this will help you for future use
  • Consider different education options such as Career College, vocational-technical school, military college or two years or four-year colleges.
  • Discuss with experienced people different careers and the majors that would lead you there.
  • College prep checklist for high school juniors should for the fall also include gathering information about prospective colleges via speaking to representatives from different colleges who attend your high school and also, attend college fairs and college nights.
  • Also, start putting together plans for campus visits
  • Part of your college prep checklist for high schools juniors does well to mark important dates on your calendar for future tests like Act, SAT, and AP exams.
  • Also do not relent in your involvement in extracurricular and volunteering activities and also go for leadership roles in those
  • When it comes to going asking for recommendation letters, it is always the 11th-grade teachers that are most likely going to ask; therefore, at this level, you need to maintain a good relationship with your teachers.
  • Read voraciously, and stay informed as much as possible – read extensively.
  • See a lot of videos and get your hands on implementing action items if you are a course member.
  • If you see scholarships opportunities, do well to apply as there are scholarship platforms out there that allow high school juniors to apply

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high school junior year

Winter College Prep Checklist for high school juniors:

  • Continue to participate in extracurricular activities
  • Studying for ACT/SAT is still vital at this level
  • As part of your college prep checklist for high school, juniors take advantage of the winter breaks as it is a good time to volunteer
  • At this point try to organize the college information you have gathered
  • Further, filter your college lists and narrow your options – this is if you have not already started visiting prospective colleges already.
  • Pay attention to the requirements of the merit scholarships offered by these colleges
  • As part of your college prep checklist for high school juniors, continue to discuss possible careers field and the majors that will take you there
  • Shadow career field
  • As a high school junior perform other forms of test preparation such as getting to know about the test requirements of the college you intend to study and register for the test. Such tests may include SAT, ACT or SAT subject tests.
  • Make more researches about available financial aids and other opportunities.
  • Start applying for scholarships – looking for scholarships with less competitiveness and easy requirements and apply to them.
  • Plan to maximise your summer vacation by checking out some of the deadlines for internships opportunities out there
  • If you are a course member, winter vacation is a good time to implement most of the materials

Spring college prep checklist for high school juniors:

  • As a part of your college prep checklist for high school junior, you need to keep getting involved as a good number of schools accepts new members after the winter break
  • As a high school junior your college prep checklist for juniors should include conscious preparation for your senior year classes and schedules – stick to more challenging schedules versus all simple classes/discuss your available options with your school counsellor
  • Explore ways through which you use to obtain credits through pre-university courses, IB courses, CLEP or dual enrolment courses
  • Your college prep checklist for high school juniors should include scholarship search and application, therefore, keeping searching and applying for scholarships that have little competitions but are fully funded.
  • Start contact individuals who will write your recommendation letters – these people may include your event leader, adults who know you outside school, employer or coach.
  • Check the local scholarship at the Guidance Office before the end of the school year
  • Look out for internship and job opportunities and apply to them during the summer.
  • Schedule appointments at the top colleges of your choice, including personal interviews, campus visits and meetings with professors/coaches

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  • During the summer of your high school, junior year do well to visit the 5 top colleges on your list of potential schools
  • Take a job during the summer in a bid to build your experience, and also build a good resume make a resume and save as much money as you can for college
  • Maximize your summer period to be your ability to compete
  • Talk to college students at your prospective college about their experiences at the college you wish to apply to – also talk to other college students who may not necessarily be students of your potential university
  • As a very important aspect of your college prep checklist for high school juniors, do well to organise the information you need for financial aids
  • Start writing college application essays: Ask a teacher to read and discuss these essays with you
  • Also as a high school junior, your college prep checklist should include a continuous seeking of scholarship opportunities and submission of applications – the high school junior summer year is an ideal period for mastering the scholarship process. Doing this in the summer means you can prepare the materials for your senior year!
  • Letters of recommendation: apply for these letters of recommendation at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Do well to develop a strong personal statement for potential scholarship application
  • The college prep checklist for high school juniors should include the possibility of retaking the SAT/ACT to improve their score. Retake them to improve your score if necessary.
  • Complete a personal statement based on the junior year
  • Take note of the FAFSA deadline, admission applications periods and scholarships important dates (including state-based and merit-based scholarships)


The high school junior year is a very important period, and students should be at their best during this period.

The college prep checklist for high school juniors which we have discussed in this article should help you make the right decision and be at the top of the game of college application.

If you are a teacher or a parent, you need to encourage your students and children/wards at this level of education and lend them the help they need to succeed.


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