10 Free GED Classes Online | Including the Affordable Ones

This article will describe articulately the top 10 free GED classes online and why you should study with them. If reliable information is what you seek with regards to the GED classes then this article is the right one for you.,

We have described various Online GED classes, their costs, reliability, and why they are suitable for you.

It is a known fact that not everyone finishes high school and obtains their diploma at a young age. This is because of many factors that can cause a setback. Some of these include the death of one’s parents or sole providers, pregnancy, health issues, natural disasters, lack of funds, etc.

The advent of the GED is to give people a chance to show that they deserve a diploma or its equivalent even if they were not able to get it in high school. It serves the same function as the high school diploma as it helps create better acceptance opportunities for people looking for jobs or post-high school diplomas.

It takes a lot of effort an edition to prepare for the GED test, you have to study hard and practice a lot of the questions. However, it is also important to attend classes that will help prepare you and give you more confidence in yourself.

Here, a GED class preferably free GED classes online come into play especially for people who believe they have a lot to cover before the actual test. There are various GED classes both online and offline, some of which are paid classes from the least affordable to the most affordable and some which are also free.

In this article, we will be helping you discover the Very Best GED classes online which are free and the ones that are also very affordable.

So sit back and enjoy as we take you on this beautiful journey!

Free GED Classes Online

What is GED?

A lot of times we are faced with questions such as this. This is because the word GED is still alien to several people in the world.

What then is GED?

This is an acronym that stands for General Educational Development Test. This is a test that allows a person to qualify for the certification that proves they are equally as prepared as a high school graduate in terms of skills and knowledgeability. It is usually of four categories which will be treated as we proceed.

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Is GED expensive?

Taking a GED test does not cost much and is very much affordable. However, the cost varies in different states and is often dependent on the type.

For many states, the In-person( writing in person) costs within the range of $3.76 to 36 dollars per subject to be taken while the online tests also depending on the states cost between $3.76 to $46. It is, therefore, safe to say that it is sometimes cheaper to write in person.

Also taking some classes which are not free GED classes online can add to the cost.

Is GED Test Difficult?

The GED test would only seem difficult if you are unprepared. No examination is entirely difficult however it is our level of preparation that determines such.

It is, unfortunately, a known fact that the GED exam comes with a lot of pressure due to how time factored it is, but with proper studying and confidence, one should be able to pass. The different categories in the test are timed and a total of about 70 to 150 minutes are apportioned for all subjects.

Is GED equivalent to High School Diploma?

GED is an equivalent of the high school diploma and can be used in place of the latter for necessary applications such as a resume, job application, or even application to a university or college. There are however differences between the two which will also be treated in this article.

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Similarities between GED and High School diploma

  • Both are certification requirements that show that indeed a student has garnered the necessary academic and other skills necessary to propel them further in life.
  • They require a strong level of dedication, hardwork and studying to achieve
  • It involves a test of knowledge in the aquisition of both

Differences between GED and High School Diploma

  • There is often more opportunities for a high school student to garner experiences and prepare than a student who chooses GED
  • The GED gives limited time to prepare as it can be taken in a matter of weeks while the high school diploma gives the student years to prepare and build up their results.
  • Getting a high school diploma incorporates other activities which a student can gain mastery in, unlike the GED which is only focused on academics
  • It is a strict requirement that a person who has to take a GED test must be of 16 years of age and does not possess any high school diploma, unlike the high school diploma which allows the students to be enrolled at a younger age and take their diploma exams during graduation.

How to prepare for GED Test

As mentioned earlier, the GED comes in different categories or a variety of subjects. It mainly covers 5 subject areas as follows mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, and science.

Nonetheless, the test is categorized into four areas which include:

  1. Social studies
  2. Reasoning through language arts
  3. Mathematical Reasoning
  4. Science
Free GED online classes
What is GED?

Despite the pressure associated with GED tests there are tips that would help you better prepare and they include;

  • Discover and enrol in GED classes that can help you prepare. You can discover Free online GED classes which are also efficient or you can go for the paid type
  • Stick diligently to your study schedule and always pratice with GED tests. There are sites where you can practice online such as Free GED Pratice Tests and many others
  • Limit your play time and avoid social media as they can pose a distration
  • Form study groups and collectively reason and help each other
  • Always make research and seek the attention of a teacher or tutor who can help solve difficult problems
  • Always believe in yourself and avoid getting too pressured.

Are there free GED classes online?

The answer is yes!

We will help you discover those free online GED classes in this article and also others that are very much affordable.

The Free GED classes online

There are a good number of free online GED classes available that helps a student prepare for their GED test. These online classes can be held on youtube, webinars, and other mediums that are viable for both the tutors and the students. Some online classes are sponsored by individuals or even states to help people.

These free GED classes online are presented to you in this article with some factors in consideration, this is to help you sort out the ones that best suit you.

Nevertheless, we will be revealing some tips that will help you stayed focused in whatever GED online class you decide to take.

How to be focused during an online GED class

Most people would not engage in online classes because of the level of distractions attached to them. Sometimes we find ourselves paying attention to ads that pop up or unconsciously surfing the net in search of information that is abstract from what we are studying.

With our tips, you would be able to successfully focus on your GED courses online and be productive.

  1. Participate actively in the class; it is a known fact that distrations come to an idle mind, therefore it is necessary for one to be engaged in the class activity, by answering questions and making contributions.
  2. Turn on the camera of your device: we believe that when the teacher’s eyes can easily point out any nuisance in the class, then the need to constitute one would be abated. The consciousness that you are being watched will help you concentrate more
  3. Take active notes: When the mind is preoccupied with creating, there would be less time for distractions.
  4. Rewatch Letures: Rewatching lectures, reading notes taken and attempting some problems would help you stay focused
  5. Studying in a new environment

The free GED classes online

Many criteria that one should consider before enrolling in any Free GED class online are; one’s schedule, how personalized and suitable it is for your tests, affordability, etc.

The classes include:

  • 4 Tests
  • Test Prep Toolkit
  • Union Test prep (Also offers paid content)
  • GED Testing service (The 90 days free trial)
  • My Career tools.com
  • Study.com GED program

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4 Tests Free GED classes online

This is one of the very affordable and highly recommended Free GED classes online. It has a very flexible schedule that makes it easy for students to learn.

Another highly commendable feature of the class is that it allows you to choose the particular subjects that you would one to focus on. This in turn helps the students to discover the subjects where they do not do so well and immerse themselves wholly into improvements.

There are also self-assessment quizzes that aid students in identifying their weak points. Not only are the students entitled to online classes, but they are also provided with vital information that gives them viable advice on reading and comprehension, how to effectively manage their time, and tips on taking the test with aces.

Test Prep Tool Kit

The accessibility of these free GED classes online is also highly commendable. Here, a plethora of GED practice tests up to thousands of GED questions in all is made available.

Even though tests are not so perfect for one who wishes to experience a real exam, it is quite preparatory as it helps one develop quick critical thinking and necessary time management skills.

The availability of the Test Prep Tool Kit is 24 hours a day, this is to show how easy and convenient they can be accessed.

Union Test Prep Free GED online classes and paid content

This is one of the best affordable and preparatory Free GED online classes. Here also a deluge of study materials, study guides, and a vast array of practice tests are made available. The classes are also available in-person or online and are taught in the four GED categories.

Most times the classes are targeted at helping the students perform exceptionally in the GED exams. The topics in all the subjects are broken down and constructed to mimic the actual GED exam.

There is nonetheless paid content and account for this particular class which costs about 9$.

GED Testing Service

This is curated by the very creators of the GED test and so its authenticity is second to none. The very ability of test scores to be assigned to practice tests helps the students to know how fully prepared to take on the actual exam and excel.

The classes make available to applicants a wide variety of information from GED experts and a huge number of practice tests.

A 90-day free trial offered here is where we can hop in as a Free GED online class, otherwise, the classes cost about 59 dollars.

The tests here are also crafted in such a way that their compositions and structures are similar to that of the real tests.

My Career Tools Free GED Online Courses

Not only are their classes free, but they are also good at assigning tutors who would help bring out the best in the students. Lots of materials are made available, including vital tips that could give many an edge over others.

The different subjects in GED are covered and the test questions help prepare the students better.

Study.Com GED program

A free trial is also offered here, even though it also houses paid content. The paid contents and online courses are very much affordable and are worth $3 to 75 dollars per unit.

The students are tested at the end of every class to determine their progress. Also, a variety of large course materials are made available. The tests are also created by experts just like the GED free trial.

Other affordable free GED classes online ( not totally free but very affordable)

  • Kaplan
  • Mometrix University
  • Ugo Prep
  • Essential Education


This online educational class gives allows the students to study at their own pace and leisure within 120 days. The classes are highly interactive and own over a 150-course video with many practice questions and tests just like that of the real test to help one prepare better.

There is the availability of either live or recorded classes for students with a refund policy that is very emulating as it gives back to the enrolled students should they encounter failure.

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Mometrix University

This is also affordable and costs about $29.99 monthly which has an attractive guarantee of refund. A large number of study materials including practise questions, interesting lessons, intriguing instructional videos are part of its benefits. The materials were scripted to be as similar to the real deal as possible.

Ugo Prep

This is one of the GED classes that are affordable. They are not time-consuming and easily fit into a personal schedule. The completion period is about 14days for most students, however, there are no free trials available.

The Ugo prep helps the students to point out their weaker subjects where they do not perform well and help them improve greatly.

Essential Education

Essential Education costs about $19 to 23 dollars monthly and also harbours one f the best flexible study plan. Identifying one’s weaknesses and strengths concerning the subjects for the GED test and working tirelessly to improve them, is one commendable thing about essential education.

A variety of resources are made available for the students such as webinars and propelling live coaching seminars. It has the unique feature of being mobile-friendly, meaning that the classes and tests can be accessed using a mobile phone.

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as we have taken time to talk about the free and some of the affordable GED online, all you need to do is visit the official webpage of the platform that offers these classes as we have provided the links to the official platforms.

We do hope you found this article helpful and we also hope that your questions have been answered.


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