11 Free Doctorate Degree In Theology Online

Have you been looking for a free doctorate degree in Theology online? If yes is the answer to that question then you will find what you are looking for in this article.

Stay Informed Group have put together this article to provide reliable information about the available free doctorate degrees in theology online.

These degrees are offered by accredited academic institutions to help students around the world be able to reach their goals without having to study physically on campus and spending lots of money.

We have also provided links to the free doctorate degrees in Theology online in this article that will take you to the official platforms where these courses can be taken as soon as possible. All you need to do is follow the link to the doctoral degree you want in theology and sign up for it, after which you will start learning.

You and I will believe that there has been a lot of changes with respect to how theology is studied.

Could you believe that a few years ago theology was something that people were not really proud to study in the open?

As time went on, when science alone could not answer all the historical questions, theology now became a very important study as people have now discovered that it has historical references and not cunningly devised fables.

To that respect, scientists who did not believe God existed have now found out that there are historical pieces of evidence in theology that will help them put two and two together to understand more about life.

That helped to bring the study of theology to the limelight as the study has helped to understand more about God and how his existence relates to scientific principles.

This article talks about how to get a free doctoral degree in theology online.

If you take any of these courses, you will definitely learn more about God, increase your knowledge and confidence in that respect.

As we have said earlier theology is now an important study, from being a study field that nobody cared about to become one of the most important studies in the 21st century. 

Many accredited institutions out there are now offering theology courses for prospective pastors, church leaders and those who want to increase their knowledge about God.

Before the end of this article, you will discover how to get a free doctorate degree in theology online and do yourself a favour by signing up for any of these courses.

free doctorate degree in Theology online

How can I study free doctorate degree in Theology online?

A doctorate degree is considered to be the zenith of academic studies. At this level you are seen as academic and respected for your academic sagacity – that is why it is expensive to sponsor this level of studies.

Irrespective of the Field of study, a doctorate degree is not cheap but with the help of some free online study programs offered by academic institutions, it is possible to attain this height.

However, some online schools may require you to pay a little amount of money if you want to receive a printable certificate.

When it comes to studying theology, there are also free platforms out there that offer free doctorate degrees in theology online and with your smartphone and a good internet connection you can take these courses and receive a printable certificate after completion of the course.

 Free doctorate degree in theology online requirements

Every study program has requirements irrespective of the mode of offering these programs.

Online and offline programs have their requirements with respect to the level of study and the kind of program you want to take.

A free doctorate degree in Theology online is considered to be an ecclesiastical degree and not intended in any way to be compared with the secular academic doctoral professional programs.

Generally, doctoral degree programs out there require that one may have completed Other degrees like getting a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, but it’s not the same in some cases.

When it comes to doctorate degree 8n theology, the way this program is taken differentiates it from the honorary D.D, program.

This is the oldest and most recognised ministry degree at the senior level.

The requirement for a free doctorate degree in theology online includes but is not limited to the following:

To enrol you should have completed a first degree or a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in an accredited institution this degree can be secular or ecclesiastical equivalent

As these courses are taking online you must have a working email and a good internet connection

He must have reached an age where is over that you understand what you want to study

You should be able to provide documents that are verifiable to prove that you have some ministerial experiences like being a senior pastor or you have been in the prison ministry or you are an elder in the church, deacon, been in the prison ministry, a Bible teacher, or a chaplain.

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List of Accredited Free Doctorate Degree in Theology Online

Studying theology at the doctorate degree level is not a child’s play, that is why not all the academic institutions out there offer these degrees.

And those that offer them are accredited and certified by responsible bodies to issue out these courses and certifications.

We have listed some of these schools and colleges, we have also provided links that will help you take these courses and receive certifications after completion.

free doctorate degree in Theology online

ISDET’s Doctor of Biblical Studies

This is one of the online doctoral degrees in theology offered by ISDET is for those who wish to choose a biblical/theological doctorate program after completing the MBS. This project has the lightest workload among all PhD projects.

The purpose is to position the doctoral level in the Bible and theology. To obtain this doctorate, you need to obtain an MBS from any seminary or any secular master’s degree.

During the program pram at the doctoral level, students will study general apologetics, essential apologetics, canon, biblical background, Bible, ethics, history, theology and practical life.

The program does not charge any tuition fees. All textbooks required for the program are available for free via web-based downloads.

No tuition fees are charged. There are no hidden fees. However, everyone in developed countries needs to pay a small entrance fee (registration fee). This will be lower than the tuition they might have to pay for credit course hours from another institution.

All students regardless of their country of origin must pay a small graduation fee. The money is used for final exams, printing and packaging of diplomas, and transcripts.

IICSE University’s Doctor of Theology (DTh) program

 IICSE University is a tuition-free online university for distance learning. The school is a good school to consider if you are looking to get a free doctorate degree in theology online. 

The things in this school are free even books and lecture materials are provided to all students with no charges.

In order to keep the university sustainable, IICSE requires that students pay 45 USD/EUR as a one-time application fee and an examination fee of 50 USD/EUR which students will have to pay during each exam to cover the cost of examination processing.

In this school. The program of Doctor of Theology program encompasses three-year studies and each year contains two semesters. Every semester, students should study no less than 5 courses.

The university runs on the general age, stage, qualifications, experience principles allowing students to make progress through development in education and qualifications at an appropriate speed with respect to their abilities.

 If you have met the required academic standards, you should also meet the educational requirements of the university as a whole and specific departments.

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ISDET’s Doctor of Christian Theology program

This free doctoral degree in theology online is suitable for people who wish to choose very thorough research and concentration in Christian theology. This program is considered among those that have the largest workload among all our doctoral degree programs in the school.

This course program is suitable for those who are interested in making biblical theology a major part of their ministry.

To be considered for this program, you are to have obtained a master’s degree in theology from an accredited seminary school.

Those who have earned a secular master’s degree plus theological knowledge can also apply, as long as they realize that they will have to take additional courses to make up for their shortcomings in theology.

The free doctoral degree in theology online is expected to last not more than two years. You can extend it for several years by paying an annual extension fee.

The program does not charge any tuition fees. All textbooks required for the program are available for free via web-based downloads.

No tuition fees are charged. There are no hidden fees. However, students who are coming from developed countries need to pay a small entrance fee (registration fee). This will be lower than the tuition they would have paid for credit hours if they were studying in another institution.

All students (regardless of their country of origin) must pay a small graduation fee. The money is used for final exams, printing and packaging of diplomas and diplomas.

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North Central Theological Seminary’s Doctor of Divinity program

This is a free doctorate degree in theology online that students can complete through scholarships. In order to complete this program, the university provides different forms of scholarships A full scholarship can take care of up to 80% of the student’s tuition, depending on their performance on the online bible assessment test.

The degree program is expected to take up to 14 to 24 months. The student should also have completed a master’s degree program before applying.

For unsupervised learning, after students have read the PDF text published for the course, doctoral students need to submit an essay of not less than 12-page.

The twelve-page essay that is to be submitted by the students must have a one-page introduction, nine pages of critical thinking about the subject, and two pages of conclusions.

After completing the essay part of the test, students need to create a set of 25 multiple-choice questions and provide answers to these questions in the form of questions and answers.

The completed test should be submitted for scoring online.

The Supervised learning method of this free doctorate degree in theology online is completely different. If students fail to complete the test on time, they will be fined $35.

ISDET’s Doctor of Christian Apologetics program

This program is suitable for those who wish to choose very thorough research and concentration in Christian apologetics. The workload of this program is very large. If apologetics is a core factor in your ministry then this free doctorate degree in theology online is the right program for you. If you are taking this program then you will be done within 3 years.

No tuition fees are charged. You will not pay this program, but you are expected to pay a registration fee if you are coming from a developed country.

After the completion of this program, all students are expected to pay a small amount that is used as a graduation fee and that is where expenses that concern their gradation are made from, like printing, and packaging of diplomas and transcripts.

St. Christ University of Theology & Seminary’s Doctorates in theology.

This university is one of the schools out there that is committed to offering free doctorate degrees in theology open for students who want to focus on religious ministry development, evangelism, Old Testament, New Testament and pastoral theology, 

The graduate program offered by St. Christ University of Theology & Seminary (SCUTS) is a fast-tracking, non-academic religious master and doctoral degree program that is career-focused and designed strategically to match your field of interest to help you achieve your career goals.

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The Esoteric Interfaith Church’s Doctor of Theology program

Also known as Th.D., which is equal to a doctoral degree in the religious field. It is suitable for lovers of words, lore, alphabets, ancient scriptures, symbols, languages.

The university requires a 4000-word essay/thesis on any spiritual subject that you find interest. Your paper may be sent to the school offering this free doctorate degree in theology via email or via snail mail. Don’t worry about how you can go about writing this essay, Just find what you think you can write without stress and everything will flow out of you.

You should also write at least one page of spiritual history, telling the religious and spiritual stories of your life from childhood to the present.

St. Christ University of Theology & Seminary’s Doctorates in Divinity.

This university also offers another free doctorate degree in Theology online. This free online program focuses on biblical language, pastoral leadership, theology and apologetics. You will also learn a lot about pastoral and church leadership and history.

Northwestern Christian University Doctorate by dissertation

Northwestern Christian University offers a free doctorate degree in theology online. This means that students can register for free and can review the entire course online for free. Those seeking a 90-day PhD and now register and be open to paying the recommended minimum donation upon graduation.

Compared with traditional university tuition, this represents a huge saving. You will receive an officially stamped and signed degree from Northwestern Christian University and an accredited NCU transcript.

Masters’ Online Doctor of divinity

This is a competency-based senior church doctorate, open to senior clergy who are qualified. Prospective students are accepted into the program based on real achievement. The process of completing this free doctorate degree in Theology online program includes demonstrating known and currently completed work, as well as verifying the biblical competence of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the whole of theology as a study.

Trinity Graduate School of Theology’s Doctor of theology program

The Trinity Graduate School of Theology is one of the schools that offer free doctorate degrees in theology online and other tuition-free graduate distance bible courses in Christian ministry and apologetics.

ThD is a theological diploma course that is advanced. This degree allows in-depth study of topics related to theology and the bible. This course is suitable for people who already have a good theological background.

It is expected that students will complete the course within 2 years and also need to have a master’s degree in any subject, but theology is best.

If your master’s degree is not in theology, the school will have to subject the student(s) to additional course materials (if needed) to solve theological deficiencies.

FAQ on the Free Doctorate Degree in Theology Online

here are some of the questions people ask about this particle topic which has been discussed in this article.

If you have read to this point you may have probably gotten what you need, but the questions and answers below can help you with more insight.

Can I get a theology degree for free?

Yes, you can earn a Theology degree for free whether taught online or with traditional teaching methods.

We listed some of the best free theology courses in this article for those pursuing a PhD in the program.

With hundreds of schools offering free doctorate degree in theology online, a simple Google search will find what you’re looking for.

How long will Th.D. in theology take?

The Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) will take somewhere between 2-4 years, depending on the school and location.

Understand that Th.D. and PhD are completely different. A PhD in Theology is the zenith anyone can get to theology.

Failing many courses while taking the programme means you will spend more years at school, so this can take some people more than 4 years.

How Much Does a Doctor of Theology Make?

Graduates with a doctorate in theology can earn an average annual salary of $85,000 in the United States.

Teaching assistants earn about 13,000 to $32,000 per year, while senior pastors can earn $100,000 or more per year.



  1. Hi, I’m a church leader of St. Michael’s Apostolic Faith Mission Of South Africa, the is based in Mthatha Eastern Cape and in the Western Cape Province in Cape Town. I’m interested to be listed in the free honorary doctorate of divinity. How to apply for this opportunity?

    1. We have discussed the courses sequentially. If you are interested, then you need to visit the official website of the degree you are interested in to see how to apply. We have also included the links to the official platform of each degree.

  2. Dear idet’s doctor of Christian apogetics program, I ready t ok enroll, my name is Attorney Robert j Lee, I’m a pastor and founder of Lee ministry, I have my minister license. I will pay the registration fee, I have a bachelor degree in criminal justice, regards Robert j Lee.

    1. Thanks, Attorney Robert j Lee for reaching out, all you need to do is follow the official link of any of the degrees you are interested in and apply to the platform that offers it.

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