9 Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses

Stay informed group has put together this article to provide information about the free Bible degree correspondence courses available on the internet so that you can make use of it to increase your knowledge of the scriptures and be able to build confidence as a Christian.

The beautiful thing about these correspondence courses is that you can study them at the comfort of your home without having to go to any Bible school or appear physically on campus.

As a Christian one of the things that you should get familiarised with is the Bible as it is the foundation of Christianity and all the doctrines practised in the Christian worldview can be found in the Holy Book.

Just as you study science and Arts in school the Bible also needs to be studied as it contains information that will help you in almost everything you do in life as it has historical laws and principles that will help you navigate life physically and spiritually.

The Bible at some point appears to be mysterious or contains mystical analogies that may not be easy to comprehend, that is why you need the free Bible degree correspondence courses to expand your knowledge of the Bible and to be able to understand some of these mysteries enshrined in the Bible.

Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses

What are Bible Correspondence Course?

We will define a correspondence course with respect to what we’re talking about in this article which is free Bible degree correspondence courses online.

Any distance learning program that is offered through an online learning platform or printed materials that are sent through fax or e-mail can be said to be a correspondence course.

Therefore, the first thing that should come to your mind when you hear about a correspondence course is that it is a distance learning program or any program offered via the internet where students do not appear physically on campus.

That it is called a correspondence course and offered through an online learning route does not mean that it is of less value to those offered to those who study on campus.

You can even acquire a degree online such as Bible degrees or certifications in other fields of study at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels of study.

With that being said, the Bible degree courses in this article are offered through a correspondence education route. These courses are offered by accredited Bible schools and other forms of theology and seminary colleges of higher learning.

Most Bible schools use correspondence education to offer courses to students out there who are interested in the ministry or who wants to know more about Christianity.

This makes offering these free corresponding Bible correspondence courses online flexible, faster, cheaper and easier to complete.

Why are Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses Important?

These correspondence courses are important as you need them if you want to occupy any leadership position in the church as a pastor or you want to lead a fellowship or be a leader of any form of Christian gathering.

For those who may not have the opportunity to go to a Bible school or seminary School the free Bible correspondence courses online discussed in this article will help you understand the Bible and build your confidence as a Christian.

However, you should not study the Bible just because you want to become a pastor or because you want to lead a fellowship or become a leader of a church.

You should study the Bible to gain more knowledge about your faith and also be able to satisfy your curiosity.

With that being said you should know that the free Bible degree correspondence courses can be taken by anyone for whatever reasons.

All you need to do is read this article to the end and make sure you try to take some of these courses.

You don’t necessarily have to make out a specific time for it – these correspondence courses can be taken at the comfort of your home or office.

Why Choose Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses?

Before now that technology has helped to make a lot of things easier including the mode of studying people depended on coming to campus to take courses.

But recently online education had made things easier and due to the fact that it is flexible and allows students to learn at their own pace busy people like it more than coming on campus.

This is why you should consider free Bible degree correspondence courses online because it allows you to learn at the comfort of your home just by having your laptop or smartphone and clicking a few buttons.

Bible schools and seminary schools have adopted a correspondence education route to offer free Bible school degree programs to students so that they will be able to learn more about their faith and the ministry of Jesus Christ.

As a Christian do not only depend on Sunday church services to learn about the word of God.

You can start taking correspondence courses online and go on to acquire Bible degrees in theology to help increase your Christian portfolio and knowledge about your Christian faith.

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Are there Universities that Offer Online Bible Courses?

The answer to this question is YES – there are universities out there that offer online Bible courses that are accredited and offer certifications after completion of the program.

But be sure that these universities may not necessarily offer these courses free of charge and you need to meet the admission requirement of the institution to be admitted into the program.

These requirements may vary with respect to your mode of study; online or offline.

In this article, we have talked about free correspondence Bible degrees, but the schools listed below offer Bible degree programs and courses through the online learning method and you will offer you certifications after completion, but they may not necessarily be free of charge.

These universities include secular universities that also offer degrees in other fields of study where bible study is one of them.

Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses

Most of the Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses are all self-paced and can be taken anywhere even on the road. All you need is an internet connection and an internet compliant device.

These bible courses are not listed in any order. All you need to do is check the courses and start anyone you think you need.

  • Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation
  • Introduction to the New Testament: Gospel and Acts
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature
  • Christian Ethics
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Reformation and Modern Church History
  • Biblical Theology
Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses

Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation

If understanding the Bible and building your faith is what you what, you have to start from scratch. If you are just starting to learn, then you need to do this in every field of study. 

Therefore, these foundational courses are designed to give students an understanding of the New Testament letters from Romans to Revelation. 

All the epistles are discussed, the book of Revelation’s apocalypse is well explained, and the focus is on the theology of evangelism. This course is paramount for faith growth and one of the best free Bible degree correspondence courses provided by Denver Theological Seminary. It is taught online and in English with a self-paced time of 27 hours.

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Introduction to the New Testament: Gospel and Acts

The new testament is a vital part of the scriptures and foundational teaching that every Christian must know. It is one of the free Bible degree correspondence courses offered by the Denver Theological Seminary. It helps the student know all four Gospels and Acts. 

It also continues to teach students a harmonious study of the life of Jesus Christ, with emphasis on his doctrine, the theology of evangelism, and church establishment in the book of Acts. 

The course is online, free, and taught in English only through audio format, completed within 22 hours of student self-paced.

Introduction to Theology

The introduction to theology course is offered by the Dallas Theological Institute. The school teaches free biblical theology courses to students who are interested and introduces an in-depth understanding of theological concepts to students. 

Theology cannot be separated from studying the Bible. This course continues to study the authority, inspiration, and canon of the Bible. 

The Introduction to Theology course includes 60 lectures, all of which are free, online, and available through iTunes.

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Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature

This is a very valuable free Bible degree correspondence course by Yale University. This course teaches about the history that surrounds early Christianity and the people involve in it.  

The documents of the movements of early Christianity were analyzed with respect to historical references with an emphasis on the New Testament and other important Christian documents. 

This is one of the best free bible degree correspondence courses and aims to give students a deeper understanding of the New Testament, including introduction, history, and literature. The course is entirely online and filly free for anyone interested in improving their understanding of the Bible.

Christian Ethics

This bible course is offered by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is one of the best free Bible degree correspondence courses that discuss basic introductions to pastoral ministry and social ethics. 

In this course, you will encounter a good number of sensitive words, such as hedonism, interventionism, utilitarianism, consequentialism, agapism, etc. 

The bible course can be taken online and taught in English. The course is offered in audio format in English. It can be completed in 16 hours.

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Old Testament Survey

The Old Testament Survey is one of the free Bible degree correspondence courses that you can take online at Gordon Cornwell Seminary. The course is based on a survey and focused on guiding students to read every book in the Old Testament. 

The Bible’s Old Testament contains tons of years of history, prophets talking about the coming of the Messiah, and many evens based on prophecy. 

Through this online survey offered as a course, you will be able to memorise the names of the prophets of the old and other significant figures who played vital roles in the birthing of the New Testament, and the connections between them. Courses are taught in audio format and completed within 17 hours.

Reformation and Modern Church History

Everything made by man has a history, be it design, structure, or any form of design, there is an origin, and a beginning, to it and so does the Christian church.

This bible course goes deep into the history of the modern church and discusses a lot of other basic factors that contributed to the establishment of the modern church

It also continues to tell the background of the Reformation in the late Middle Ages and every important person who contributed to the modern church creation

This is a very sensitive course, and it was provided by Dr Ryan Reeves via YouTube and can be accessed by anyone with a Smartphone and internet connection.

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Biblical Theology

This is a course offered by Westminster Theological Seminary, which teaches biblical theology courses at the seminary level. This is one of the best free Bible degree correspondence courses and designed to explain the “Latter Days”, the means and where it appears, the people that use it in the bible, and the meanings in a different context. 

Other stories have also been explained, such as some miracles of Christ, the vision of the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, and how it resembles the visions of people in the Old Testament. 

The course is for free and only available in the English language. You can get this course at a video or audio.

Final Words on Free Bible Degree Correspondence Courses

If you are a new Christian and you want to know about the scriptures and the mysteries embedded in them all you need to do is start any of the bible correspondence courses we have discussed above.

We know that some bible stories can be confusing but with the help of all these courses, you will be able to navigate through them and even be able to teach others about what you have learnt in the process.

One of the most beautiful things about these courses is the fact that you need to use the whole time in the world taking them. You can complete them within a few hours – you can take them to the comfort of your home, office or even while walking on the road.

We hope this article was helpful. You can leave us a comment on the comment box and we will be glad to reply to you with the information you need.


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