10 Top Free Online Ministry Degrees and Seminary Degrees

Are you looking for free online ministry degrees that you can take at the comfort of your home and receive a certificate of completion? Then I’m convinced that the free online seminary degrees listed in this article will be of help in providing you with this opportunity, to receive a ministry associate, bachelor, masters, or doctorate degree.

A few years ago when technology has not advanced as it has in recent years it was difficult to obtain online degrees which means that one must come physically on campus to be able to take courses; but with the advent of technology, things have really changed to the extent that even at the comfort of your home you can study a full course and receive a printable degree certificate online via the internet.

People are utilising this means to update themselves, acquire new skills and ultimately making their resume more robust for prospective job opportunities and promotion in the current workplace.

With that being said you can understand that it is impossible to acquire any kind of degree online these days including free online ministry degrees.

These free ministerial online degrees are available at different levels and just enough for you to have the flexibility to select anyone that may be of interest to you.

Top Free Online Ministry Degrees and Seminary Degrees

How can I get Free Online Ministry Degrees & Seminary Degrees

Somebody said, “if you get anything for free that means somebody has paid for it somewhere or somehow”.

You may be asking how possible is it to get these free online ministry degrees and seminary degrees and whether they are accredited.

You don’t need to bother yourself with these kinds of questions, these free online ministry degrees are top-notch and they are accredited.

They are offered by tuition-free Bible colleges and seminary schools to individuals who are interested in studying online.

All you need to do to be eligible to take on these degree programs is to be a Christian and also meet the academic requirements of the Bible college or seminary school where you wish to take on this degree program.

What is the quality of a ministry degree obtained via an online tuition-free bible school or seminary?

Some sceptics may ask if it is possible to get an accredited online degree which is as valuable as a degree obtained while studying physically on campus.

The free online ministry degrees and seminary degrees In this article are nothing less than the ones obtainable offline on campus.

These degrees are offered by reputable theological schools including accredited seminary schools that are certified to offer these degrees.

The quality of this degree is nothing less than the ones offered to students who studied offline. 

A paramount difference here is the mode of learning and taking courses, where one is taken via the internet and the other is taking offline on campus.

At the end of the day, the person who studied online and the person who studied offline receives the same degree with the same quality. A negligible difference there is the fact that online student studies freely and has more flexibility in studying and also they enjoy the convenience of studying at home and also they pay fewer fees than those who come physically on campus.

Stay Informed Group (SIG) is in the business of bridging the gap between students and the information they need to be successful, that is why we have taken the time to research a good number of tuition-free online Bible Colleges that you may not necessarily have known about.

The free online ministry degrees and seminary degrees are offered by the aforementioned institutions, and we have picked them to make them accessible to you.

We understand that free online ministry degrees that are of quality are very scarce out there on the internet we have taken time to get the ones listed in this article so that you can access them easily and study with ease.

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Why the online Ministry Degrees and Seminary Degrees?

If you want to do well as a pastor or as a teacher in church you need to have an in-depth understanding of the Bible.

Thus, it is important that you utilise this opportunity to take any of the free online ministry degrees offered by seminary and Bible schools.

The main reason that these online ministry degrees are offered is to help prospective pastors and those who want to go increase their understanding of the scriptures acquire more ministerial knowledge.

Therefore as a pastor or head of a church, it might interest you to know that if you want to be perceived as a reputable leader of the church you need to equip yourself with any degrees listed here.

The free online ministry degrees and seminary degrees are not just for pastors, anyone can take on the degree program so long as you are a Christian and you are interested in advancing your understanding of the Bible and theological concepts.

List of the free online ministry degrees

  • Doctor of Religious Education
  • Doctor of Christian Apologetics
  • Doctor of Biblical Studies
  • Doctor of Christian Theology
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Master of Christian Divinity
  • Master of Biblical Archeology
  • Bachelor of Christian Ministry
  • Bachelor of Religious Education

We have spent a huge part of this article talking about general things you should know about tuition-free online ministry and seminary degrees

Subsequently were going to be listing some of the available free ministerial degree programs and you can take from the comfort of your home.

Below is a list of the tuition-free online ministry degrees and seminary degrees offered by bible schools and seminaries:

Top Free Online Ministry Degrees and Seminary Degrees

Doctor of Religious Education

This is similar to the Doctor of Christian Theology program, this is high up on the list of free online ministry degrees.

It is a degree program for those who aim to conduct in-depth research and concentration in Christian education. 

This program known as the Doctor of Religious Education is also okay for those who wish to make biblical education and training an integral part of their ministerial work

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Doctor of Christian Apologetics

To enter this ministerial program, you should have acquired a master’s degree in the same program of study. 

The Doctor of Apologetics is an important study in the Christian faith and one of the free online ministry degrees offered by seminaries and bible schools. The program is suitable for those who wish to make apologetics their ministry speciality.

 If you have a doctorate in this field, you are fully qualified to engage in missionary work and impart your knowledge to others.

Doctor of Biblical Studies

Is it your desire to get a doctoral degree in Bible Studies? Then this doctor of the biblical program is for you. 

The PhD in Biblical Studies aims to equip students with knowledge of the study of the Bible and theology.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must have an MBS (Master of Biblical Studies) from a seminary or any master’s degree.

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Doctor of Christian Theology

If you have earned a master’s degree in theology from any recognized seminary, you can take a doctoral program in Christian theology and receive a ThD certificate after completing the program. 

When considering the best free online Ministry Degrees, then Doctor of Christian Theology is one of them – a designed for those who want to specialize in Christian theology or who aim to make biblical theology an integral part of their ministry.

Bachelor of Theology

This is one of the free online seminary and ministry degrees that introduces students to the foundations of theology, the Bible, apologetics, and general worldviews. 

If you want to study the basic doctrines of the Bible and theology, then this is an ideal program for you because it engages students in explanatory teaching of the Bible and awards successful participants a bachelor’s degree in theology. 

The free online seminary degree is also important for those who want to engage in theological research, including writing, and teaching.

Master of Christian Divinity

One of the free online ministry degrees is the Master of Theology (MDiv) – the degree is offered by the International Seminary for distance education in theology. 

This master’s degree program is a free online seminary degree that is capable of providing in-depth knowledge of fields relating to the ministry. This is suitable for students who want to be in the ministry full time. 

To be eligible to enter the program, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in theology – if you have a bachelor’s degree in the secular field, you can still apply.

Master of Biblical Archeology

The Bible has a lot to do with archaeology as they are usually studied together because they are important to biblical studies, Christian apologetics and understanding of the Bible historically in centuries before now. 

If you obtain a degree from this free online seminary program you will have a deep understanding of the Bible as a pastor or a preacher and be able to explain it simply to others. After successful completion, you will also get a degree in master degree in biblical archaeology.

Bachelor of Christian Ministry

To be qualified to take on this program, interested applicants must have completed high school education or received sufficient high school education in some countries/regions (possibly 12 years in high school). 

 In this program, students will learn apologetics, theology, and basic biblical studies that are essential for Christian ministry. Successful participants will receive a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry.

Bachelor of Religious Education

This program is designed for students who wish to become a pastor or spiritual education/training ministries (such as children’s gospel or evangelism ministry).

This is one of the free online ministry degrees offered by seminaries and bible schools. The program aims to provide students with a basic understanding of theology, the Bible, apologetics and worldviews, as well as the art of formal spiritual communication. 

The Bachelor of Religious Education is recognized as one of the best free online seminaries for Christian leaders, and it is also a basic degree for those who want to receive higher education in the field of Christian education.


The top free online ministry degrees and seminary degrees that we have listed and discussed above are the ones available. All you need to do is to follow the links we have provided so you can apply for anyone them as soon as possible.

These degrees will help you know more about the bible and with that kind of knowledge you can always teach and preach the word with ease.


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