How to Learn Digital Marketing at Home for Free

If you want to venture into the digital marketing industry and learn how to do free digital online marketing at home, there’s no better time than now. According to research, the digital economy is growing three times faster than US GDP. In the United States, digital economy employees earn an average of $114,275 annually, which is more than 72% of the country’s workforce.

This is the best time to learn digital marketing online from the comfort of your own home free of charge, as 9 to 5 jobs disappear significantly, and digital online marketing is the only way to keep up with the cash flow.

How to learn digital Marketing

How long does it take to learn digital marketing online at home?

It can take months for the results of your digital marketing efforts to appear. You should stick to a digital marketing strategy for about six to twelve months before you get meaningful results.

Is digital marketing a tough job?

Working in the digital marketing industry is difficult. It is very competitive with more graduates who want to enter the industry than vacancies. He is also extremely demanding and in order to build a successful and lucrative career, he must be willing to work seriously and take risks.

Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing is a career that grows and evolves quickly. With the availability of new communication channels, the need for qualified employees to answer inquiries also increases. The most suitable type for a career in digital marketing is someone with certain personality qualities.

Tips to Learn Digital Marketing for free Online at Home

We’ve put together our top tips for emerging digital marketers who want to start their digital marketing careers today.

Eagerness to learn

The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly and is incredibly competitive. It is easy for companies to tell the difference between candidates who want to learn and those who are on the move. This industry requires passion and the desire to be successful.

Stay Informed

You should stay abreast of industry news by following the best digital marketing and social media influencer websites. With major players like Google, Facebook, and Twitter regularly changing their algorithms and paid advertising platforms, you’ll be surprised if you don’t follow the latest changes.


Surround yourself with more talented people than you. The people you meet are your ongoing support network when you are having trouble, helping you open doors to opportunities that you may not have known otherwise.

Attend industry meetings and conferences in your area to network with other digital marketers and improve your skills through extensive workshops and presentations.

Person projects

Test your own ideas and treat the opinions of industry leaders not just like a gospel. In the digital marketing industry, it’s not always black and white, with many gray areas between best practices and what can really work for a company.

Every digital marketer needs to have personal plans to test theories, try their luck in different disciplines (SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, etc.) and be able to take responsibility for the success or failure of a project.

Learn the terminology

Digital marketers should be familiar with acronyms such as PPC, SEM, and SEO. These are all very different terms, with a misunderstanding as a clear sign that you have beginner skills and need more training. The ability to analyze digital marketing campaigns and understand what worked or not depends on your ability to understand the technical language of the industry.

Build your personal brand

Can you imagine yourself as a hotspot for digital marketing but don’t have a visible online presence? If you want to show an employer that you can improve the visibility of your company, you must first demonstrate that you can create your own personal brand.

A strong online presence could be the deciding factor between two candidates who applied for the same job.

T Marketing Manager

A term commonly used by Moz’s Rand Fishkin, it refers to a basic understanding of multiple marketing disciplines, but a specialization in one or two specific skills.

It’s not uncommon for companies to find candidates with a wide range of digital marketing skills as valuable assets because of the significant overlap between the different channels. You can also be better equipped to choose a more specific focus path that you can specialize in.

Get nerdy

Digital marketing can often be perceived as very glamorous, but to be honest, it’s often more technical and data-driven than we’d like to admit. Instead of developing websites from scratch, you will share your marketing strategy with a team of developers or designers who are responsible for integrating your recommendations.

A basic understanding of HTML and graphic design would help you stand out from candidates with less technical knowledge.

Metrics are king

If you want to differentiate yourself in an interview, talk about the advertising ROI of a campaign that you ran yourself. It’s easy to talk about an exciting creative concept that you helped develop, but the fact is, money speaks.

You really need to understand how each marketing channel works and what the main lessons were.


If you really want to stand out from your industry peers, a certified digital marketing course is worth it. One of the problems of the digital marketing industry is that there are no entry barriers, which means that anyone who understands the terminology of the industry well can get a position in a company.

As this industry evolves, recruiters become more intelligent, which differentiates a candidate who can speak. However, this can be a costly mistake for the company.

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