10 Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng 

Are you a student or a parent looking for the best boarding schools in Gauteng that is affordable, then you need to look at our list of the Pretoria boarding schools in Gauteng and their fees as prepared for Stay Informed Group(SIG).

The boarding schools in Pretoria Gauteng, South Africa, and other boarding schools provide education for students who live on the premises and are not like a day school where students come and go. The word “boarding” is used in the sense of “accommodation, including room and board,” i.e. accommodation and meals.

Since they have existed for many centuries and are now spreading in many countries, their role and ethics vary considerably. The boarding schools in Pretoria, Gauteng, and other South African parts have been seen to offer quality education charging fees is very considerable.

In the boarding schools in Gauteng, there is less distraction. Students can concentrate better on their studies because television, video games, telephone, and other distractions are limited. These young academics tend to do better because they live in an environment conducive to learning.

Best Boarding Schools In Gauteng

As mentioned above, we will list all information about the best 10 boarding schools in the province of Pretoria and Gauteng as a whole in South Africa. We will also help you contact each boarding school directly by providing their phone numbers and official websites to visit these boarding schools and know their fees, whether or not you are in Gauteng.

The reason to also include Boarding Schools in Gauteng Fees is to make it easier for you to know which schools are within your financial muscle, or that of your parents so as to not choose a boarding school that is way beyond what your household can afford.

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About Gauteng

Gauteng, which means “land of gold” in the Soto-Tswana language, is one of nine provinces in South Africa.

This is a very beautiful province, and also the smallest in South Africa, in terms of land area. However, its population a large and contributes to more than a quarter of the total population.

Gauteng is without a doubt the most ornately decorated urban area in South Africa and houses some of the best boarding schools in the country. The province is home to some of the country’s most prestigious cities, including the country’s largest cities, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midland, and more.

Gauteng is the most populous of South Africa’s nine provinces, with an estimated population of around 15 million households.

The province includes diverse population groups, with blacks making up about 80%, followed by whites at about 15%. Other groups include people of colour, and the rest are made up of Asians.

When it comes to the economical aspect, Gauteng is undoubtedly the economic hub of South Africa and contributes to all economic sectors including technology, transport, telecommunications, manufacturing and finance.

The province has the second-highest life expectancy in South Africa. The life expectancy for men is between 63-65 years and the average life expectancy for women is between 65-69 years.

What Is A Boarding School?

A boarding school is a school where students attend school and live with peers, possibly teachers or administrators referred to as boarder masters during the school year.

You can choose to be can be a term boarder or a weekly border. Most boarding schools also have house/hostel prefects and headmasters or mistresses. In general, each standard is a person who is the boarder master, depending on the boarding school’s size.

Gauteng boarding schools offer excellent training and the opportunity to achieve good academic results and be good athletes.

The weekly boarding students are allowed to stay in the hostels from Monday to Friday and usually return home at the weekend. In contrast, term boarding students stay in the hostel all through the term and only return home during the holidays.

Are boarding schools in Gauteng worth it?

If there is something more affirmative than a yes, that is what we would have used. However, let us stick with a YES!

I guess you get it now.

Depending on the institution, boarding school may be more valuable than day school.

In Gauteng, there are several boarding schools, several of which have stood the test of time and proved to be the best.

So yes! The best boarding schools in Gauteng are worth it. You should not be reluctant in paying the boarding schools fees for your child as they deserve it.

The best boarding schools on this list include schools located in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, etc.

Importance of Studying In Boarding Schools in Gauteng

The boarding school teaches self-sufficiency. Student development is unique to the boarding school experience. While managing peer relationships, academic needs, and personal responsibility, students prepare for a smooth transition into adulthood. Today, many business leaders were boarding school students who studied in schools located in Gauteng or any other boarding school.

There are many benefits to all students attending boarding schools in Gauteng in Pretoria or any other part of Gauteng in South Africa, regardless of whether the school offers specific guidance or not. With teachers and in-house teachers who live near the students, they can study outside the classroom.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is another advantage that boarding school students share. Most students attending boarding schools in Gauteng participate in more sports, arts, and other extracurricular activities than those enrolled as day students.

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List of boarding schools in Gauteng

  • Nigel High School
  • Pretoria High School For Girls
  • Krugersdorp High School
  • Blue Hills College
  • Prestige College
  • General Smuts High School
  • St Martin’s School
  • Cornerstone College Sec. School
  • Roedean School (Sa)
  • St Alban’s College

Now we will show you in this section the best 10 boarding schools in Gauteng, South Africa. You can visit these schools and check out their fees, and apply if you want to study in any of the boarding schools in Gauteng Pretoria, anywhere in South Africa, or your wards.

Nigel High School

In Nigel high school in Gauteng, hostel fees are mandatory and must be paid on entry to the boarding school. Special food preferences are not taken into account. The hostel is closed on weekends and during school holidays.

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that transportation is provided for the transportation of children to and from the boarding school. The school is not responsible for the loss or damage to children’s personal property.

Parents / legal guardians are responsible for all costs arising from damage to hostel facilities by their children.

Nigel High School

Phone: 011 814 8185

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Pretoria High School For Girls

The school was founded with the sincere hope that girls of different races and denominations could meet in this community of letters that brought about Erasmus and Shakespeare to the world.

Here is one of the boarding schools in Pretoria Gauteng, with beliefs under the ideals of Christian duty, to acquire the healthy physique, the trained spirit, and the disciplined character, which must adapt to everyone to live with dignity this state of life which God must be pleased.

Pretoria High School For Girls

Physical Address 

  • 949 Park Street Arcadia 0083 
  • Postal Address Private Bag X2 Hatfield 0028 
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Telephone: +27 (0)12 430 7341 or +27 (0)87 803 0570 

Krugersdorp High School

With its 115-year history, the Krugersdorp High School aims to develop whole individuals and therefore encourage students to participate in as many cultural, sporting and academic activities as possible. Time management becomes a skill that will benefit young men and women in school and their future careers.

Over the years, Krugersdorp High School has become the first high school choice for many renowned universities. It is also a known factor that a large number of Krugersdorp High School students perform excellently when they go to university.

Boarding Schools In Gauteng 

Phone: 0119541009

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Blue Hills College

Boarding Schools In Gauteng cannot be exhausted without mentioning Blue Hills College. When students leave Blue Hills School, they must show the right attitude and character after being introduced to the greatest teacher of all time, Jesus Christ.

Respect their bodies and take good care of themselves after teaching them that their bodies are the temples of God. Be productive in everything they do. Serve the community and strive to be better and better people.

Blue Hills College

Prestige College

This is one of Gauteng’s boarding schools that houses 200 girls and 160 boys on a safe and isolated campus, far from any city distractions. The facilities are completely self-sufficient in terms of water and electricity and independent of the local community.

Full-time tutors who act as parents are available around the clock. The students have monitored study times and have enough time for sports and relaxation. The school exists under strong Christian principles and therefore participates in other community activities. Students become independent, value-based pillars in society.

The school’s task is to develop the general qualities and self-discipline of the students to secure their place in society as productive and responsible citizens.

The school’s basic goals are to develop firm discipline, self-control, self-esteem, and responsibility in the student. The students take responsibility for their own lives, their actions, and the resulting consequences.

Boarding Schools In Gauteng 

Phone: 0127118600

General Smuts High School

Throughout its 61-year history, Smuts General High School has endeavoured to support whole students who are willing and able to positively and constructively contribute to the world.

In the past, General Smuts has produced many leaders in all national and international societies, and this tradition of excellence is still an integral part of Smutsi life.

Boarding schools for 69 boys and 86 girls are available. The administration is very aware of its responsibility and will endeavour to serve the children’s physical, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual well-being.

Boarding Schools In Gauteng 

Phone: 0164214130

St Martin’s School

The St. Martin School originated from the founding of the St. Agnes School for Domestic Workers in 1908. A few years later, in 1911, the St. Peter Priory and College were added to enable secondary education for youth and South African men.

It quickly became known as “Black Eton,” where academic success was espoused. The list of alumni from the school is impressive. People like Oliver Tambo, Hugh Masekela, Fikile Bam, and many others hold key positions in government and large international companies.

St Martin's School

Phone: +27 11 435 0735/6/7

Cornerstone College Sec. School

Cornerstone College is one of the boarding independent secondary schools (grade R-12) and an inn in Silverton, Pretoria Gauteng, South Africa. Cornerstone College has created a safe and disciplined Christian environment where the best possible education is offered at the lowest possible cost.

The other main goal of the school is to invest in the future of South Africa, to develop young people and to offer them a solid educational base.

There are a total of 1060 students, including 250 students in the hostel. The base of the logo represents the foundation or cornerstone provided for student development and a sign of academic excellence.

The leaf growing out of the base stands for new life and new growth. The administration believes in educating the whole person in an atmosphere of excellence and integrity for the glory of God.

Cornerstone College Sec. School

Phone: 0128048350

Roedean School (Sa)

This state-of-the-art facility is named after the Headmistress, Ms Mary Williams, because she is a woman who has done a lot for Roedean for many years and who will be justified in her inheritance and hard work at school by generations to come.

Roedean has successfully combined modern technology with Sir Herbert Baker’s original style to create an attractive and functional installation.

When designing the boarding school, the latest eco-architecture systems available in South Africa are used. For the first time in the country, an advanced energy insulation material has been integrated into the building.

Phone: 0116473200

Boarding Schools In Gauteng 

St Alban’s College

Each of the houses has a caretaker and a caretaker assistant responsible for the daily operation of the houses. Also, staff are assigned to each home to act as tutors who provide support and assistance.

There is a management team in each house, consisting of a property manager and a deputy property manager supported by a perfect management team. Pensions and children’s homes have their common areas, which are the central meeting point every day. St. Alban is an Anglican church school that fights for Christian values.

This includes people of different beliefs, compassion, courage and commitment to what is right. This is one of the boarding schools in Gauteng with favourable fees.

boarding schools in gauteng

Phone: 0123481221

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Boarding Schools in Gauteng

Whether you are studying or want to study in one of the best boarding schools in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Midrand, etc. These are some of the best frequently asked questions that will be of help to you.

What are the Types of Boarding Schools in Gauteng?

The boarding schools in Gauteng are of three types. These schools usually offer options. Also, students can choose daily, weekly or termly boarding schools according to their preferences. However, there is no difference in the treatment of daily, weekly and term boarding students. Also, it must be noted that boarding fees are likely to vary widely.

What is the cheapest boarding school in Gauteng?

The cheapest but good quality boarding schools in Gauteng charge around R6,000 to R7,000 paid in 11 monthly instalments for weekly and termly boarding students.

What are the Gauteng Boarding School Fees?

On average, the annual tuition fees for boarding schools in Gauteng range from R40 000 to R300 000. However, it all depends on the school itself. That said, this article will help you navigate the reviews on the list of the best and most affordable boarding schools in Gauteng. And, hopefully, you don’t have to go through the stress of finding the cheapest boarding school in Gauteng.


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