25 Best Boarding Schools In Nigeria and their Fees

This article describes extensively the best boarding schools in Nigeria with high learning commendation and their tuition fees.

Providing quality education for your child or ward is one major way of equipping them with tools to survive during adulthood.

The formal education acquired in learning institutions has gone a long way in imparting knowledge and morals to young children. Despite the dilapidating standard of education in Nigeria, there are certain schools that have managed to maintain their standards above others. This article will describe extensively the best boarding schools in Nigeria and why they are termed so.

best boarding schools in nigeria

What are boarding schools?

Boarding schools can be regarded as institutions where children are mandated to live within the premises of the institution while receiving formal education.

The children enrolled in such institutions are regarded as boarders. These boarders are only allowed to return to their parents at the end of the academic session or weekly with respect to the school principal.

5 reasons to go to boarding schools ?

The child or ward will learn to be responsible for themselves. This is because the schools are governed by disciplinary codes which are properly enforced. The students also learn to cater for themselves in the absence of their parents. They are usually well organized and often learn to be independent.

They are usually smart. This is because the entrance exams are available to children who perform exceptionally well. There is ample time for children to study without distractions.

Their libraries and sports facilities are usually well equipped, and the children learn how to coexist with other children and often make lifetime friends.

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The 25 Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria and their Fees.

The fees of various boarding schools differ greatly owing to certain factors which include, the number of scholarships awarded to students, the average size of financial aid packages being given, availability of infrastructure and well-equipped facilities etc.

These boarding schools are either privately owned or government-owned. With the former counterparts more expensive than the latter.

The average cost of private boarding school could cost an average of N 1,500,000 yearly and the government schools 800,000 naira yearly. The schools with the highest tuition fees which are regarded as expensive are mostly privately owned and have an undisputed high standard.

This article would also enlighten you about these schools.

The best boarding schools in Nigeria which are expensive

  • Lekki British International School
  • British International School, Lagos
  • Dowen College
  • Chrisland College
  • Atlantic Hall Secondary school.
  • Hillcrest School
  • Loyola Jesuit College
  • Green Springs School
  • Whiteplains British School
  • Day Waterman College

Below is a list of the boarding schools in Nigeria considered to be the most expensive and only attended by kids from very rich and financially buoyant homes.

best boarding schools in nigeria that are expensive

1. Lekki British International School

This is one of the top and prestigious private secondary schools in Nigeria. It has an international standard of studying and houses well-equipped laboratories, internet-connected computers and air-conditioned learning rooms for students.

It costs about 4,300,000 million naira per session and is situated in Lagos.

2. British International School, Lagos

This very school came into existence in the year 2000 and has grown considerably over the years to become one of the top schools in Nigeria.

Well equipped with outstanding music suites, multi-purpose halls, science laboratories etc. It provides students with better tools to learn. The cost per academic year stands at 4,480,000 per year which covers all school services including the uniforms etc.

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3. Dowen College

Dowen College was established in the year 1997 and is considered to be amongst the top best boarding schools in Nigeria. Also situated in Lekki, Lagos it provides commendable boarding houses and necessary provisions for day students.

Students are required to pay 2,000,000 naira per year while the day school students pay 1,250,000 naira per year which covers the feeding, textbooks and housewares.

Quality education in a very good academic environment is what can be achieved here with the various equipped laboratories, computer centres, adequate laboratories and cultural facilities for the students.

4. Chrisland College

This school is also located in Lagos and is regarded as one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria though often regarded as one designed for high-borns. Their fee stands for about 2,000,000 per year.

It also houses one of the most equipped modern laboratories and classrooms.

5. Atlantic Hall Secondary school.

In 1989, the Atlantic Hall Secondary School was founded in Epe, Nigeria by the Educational Trust Council(ETC). It is situated very close to the Atlantic ocean.

The facilities are well equipped and house a medical centre, laboratories, sports facilities that aid education. The fee ranges up to 2,270,000 million naira yearly.

6. Hillcrest School

Founded in the year 1942 as a school for Christian missionary children. It is a core Christian School with an American pattern of education.

Divided into three major categories which include: elementary, middle and secondary school. This well-equipped school is situated in Jos with an added advantage of the graduates being able to gain admission into North American universities.

Their fee which may not seem affordable to many sits at 2,650,000 million nairas yearly.

7. Loyola Jesuit College

With a fee sitting at N2,800,000 annually, Loyola Jesuit is also one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria situated in Abuja. It was established in 1996 and is regarded as a classical school, which is because of its high standard.

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8. Green Springs School

The Green Springs School was established in the year 1985 in Anthony, Lagos state. It is definitely one of the most prestigious boarding schools in Lagos, and one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. It houses one of the best academic structures and is attended by the elites in the society.

The fee for boarding school students is N3,185,200 annually which usually covers tuition, textbooks, and school uniforms.

9. Whiteplains British School

One major advantage of studying in this school is that students who graduate from here stand the chance of getting a university education abroad easily. This springs from the strong level of affiliation it has with  British Universities.

The fee is N3.6 million per annum. Schools like this are not considered among the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria, due to the high tuition fee. It is often regarded as a school for the wealthy. The school also adopts the British Education style.

10. Day Waterman College

N3.7 million per annum

Day water man college boarding school is an institution with an exciting and conducive learning environment for secondary school students within the age range of 11 – 16 years . It is currently situated in Ogun State, Nigeria.

The school houses standard pieces of equipment and facilities that have been made available to create the best atmosphere for studying.

The fee is N3.7 million yearly.

Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria in Lagos State

You cannot completely mention all the best boarding schools in Nigeria without having schools topping your list. Lagos state has some of the most prestigious schools in Nigerian across all levels of study.

Below is a list of the best Nigerian boardings schools in Lagos:

  • White Dove School (WDS)
  • ST Gregory College (SGC)
  • Holy Child College
  • Rainbow College
  • Emerald Schools
  • Ostra Private Schools (OPS)
  • Apata Memorial School (AMS)
Best Boarding Schools in Nigeria in  Lagos State

11. White Dove School (WDS)

This school was founded in the year 2004 and is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. It is also one of the best boarding schools in Lagos, comprised of a nursery, primary and secondary school.

The nursery school offers the British Early Years Foundation Curriculum in addition to the Nigerian Curriculum which gives young children an edge over their counterparts.

12. ST Gregory College (SGC)

St Gregory’s College is one of the oldest boarding schools in Lagos, Nigeria. It is situated in Ikoyi. and was founded in the year1928 but has met rapid growth since its inception. It is also a very popular school in the state.

This school is highly recommended due to its commendable contributions in training students to become excellent in their endeavours and to become leaders of their own generations. They are prepared to simply become masters of their own fate.

SGC is one of the 9 Catholic Mission boarding schools in Nigeria and it is primarily a boys’ only school with highly standard boarding facilities.

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13. Holy Child College

This school was started by the society of the Holy Child Jesus on the 9th of April in the year 1945 and is run by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos. Holy Child College is a Catholic secondary school for just girls.

This is a top school that ranks excellently as one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria. The school is situated in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State.

It is equipped with state of the art boarding facilities with the educational system here based on the Universal Basic Education system (UBE) and is not dependent on any particular country system.

14. Rainbow College

This boarding school is also situated in Lagos. It is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria renowned and well known for having high educational standards and also affordable school fees. 

The school was formed in 1996 as an all-boys private school. However, the school it was merged subsequently with Pampers Private School to become bigger and has developed accordingly to an outstanding institution.

15. Emerald Schools

Founded in 1995, Emerald Schools began operations as a nursery and primary school in Gbagada. It is one of the most highly rated boarding schools in Lagos, Nigeria.

However, following the growth, the secondary school of Emerald was started in 2005 and is currently situated in Ogunrun-Ori village in Lagos.

16. Ostra Private Schools (OPS)

Ostra Private Schools is one of the top boarding schools in Nigeria and is known for its high academic standard. Their curriculum has been tailored to meet the academic demand of the 21st century.

The school has a commendable o ICT centre with interactive boards and over 25 laptops and computers which are available to the students for the purpose of learning.

OPS admit pupils from the creche level (tender)to the high school level.

17. Apata Memorial School (AMS)

Apata Memorial School is another top-notch boarding school in Lagos and one of the well-reputed boarding schools in Nigeria.

Equipped with adequate boarding facilities and learning pieces of equipment, AMS is not on the list of cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria but offers quite affordable opportunities.

It is a co-educational Boarding school. The school has quality hostel facilities built in a that it can accommodate both male and female students. The boarding facilities are well secured with good security personnel and the students are well cared for.

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Best boarding Schools in Abuja

  • Baptist High School
  • Loyola Jesuit College (LJC)
  • Glisten International Academy
  • The Regent School
  • Funtaj International School
  • International Community School, Abuja
  • Holy Rosary girls’ College, Abuja
  • The Bells Comprehensive Secondary Schools, Ota

Abuja is the Capital Territory of the sovereign state, Nigeria and of course one of the biggest cities in the country in terms of infrastructure. The city also has some of the best boarding schools in the country. Below is a list of these schools:

Best boarding Schools in Abuja

18. Baptist High School

Baptist High School is one of the best boarding schools in the capital city of Nigeria Abuja. It is a coeducational boarding school and a private Christian institution offering comprehensive education in a serene and safe learning environment. This school competes fiercely with the best boarding schools in Nigeria.

  • Contact number:
  • 0818 409 6896
  • 0815 735 7174
  • 0806 683 9515

19. Loyola Jesuit College (LJC)

This is a College run by the Society of Jesuit in Abuja. It is situated on a beautiful 28.5-hectare site in a very serene village in the state known as Gidan Mangoro.

The school is one of the best schools in Nigeria and provides a conducive environment for intensive learning.

20. Glisten International Academy

The Glisten International Academy received accreditation and was recognized by the Department of Policy and Implementation in the year 2007 and has since become one of the best boarding schools in the capital.

It is well equipped with facilities that are required and adequate for learning.

21. The Regent School

The Regent Secondary School was established in 2007. The school runs especially with an adapted version of the National Curriculum for England and Wales in Years (7) and (8), CIE Checkpoint in Year (9) and CIE IGCSE in Year (10) and (11).

Initially, the primary and secondary schools were situated in the pioneer campus for the first couple of years after the secondary school was established. However, the high school students were mandated to move to a new purpose-built campus in September 2009, specially erected for them.

The school is one of the best boarding schools in Nigeria and amongst the top boarding schools in the country.

22. Funtaj International School

Funtaj International School is a coeducational school – the school is top-notch and one of the best Boarding schools in Abuja. This school is highly regarded as one of the top boarding schools in Nigeria with adequate day and boarding facilities.

FIRS is known for its special and essential motivational way of teaching as the school believes motivation is one of the most important teaching tools that could help shape and helps students’ attitudes about educational activities.

It is not one of the cheapest boarding schools in Nigeria but offers very quality education and values.

23. International Community School, Abuja

This school is situated in Utako and is one of the best boarding schools in Abuja and one of the top-rated schools in the country.

It school was established 23 years ago with eight students and three teachers at that time of inception. However, over the years, the school has grown considerably.

In 2013, the school was relocated to its permanent site.

24. Holy Rosary girls’ College, Abuja

Holy Rosary Girls’ College is one of the biggest girl’s secondary boarding schools in Abuja with well-equipped learning and boarding facilities. The school possesses a qualified team of staff offering qualitative education to the children with highly commendable teaching methods.

Offers good learning environments and considerable tuition fees.

25 The Bells Comprehensive Secondary Schools, Ota

The Bells Comprehensive secondary school is a school considered to be one of the best in Nigeria. The academic institution was established in 1991.  The Bells Comprehensive Secondary Schools is organised in a way that one of the campuses is open for boys, and another one for girls, and one for the day students. The campuses are spread across sixty-five (65) acres of undulating landscape on Idiroko Road in Ota, Ogun State.


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