NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate 

This article is going to give exhaustive, precise and valuable information you necessarily want to know about the NYU Stern ED acceptance rate. 

The New York University Leonard N Stern School of Business,  is the business school of New York University, a private research University in New York. 

Getting the best in everything is what we all yearn for, to get the best education, healthcare, mortgage, tax and so on. 

On the education aspect, we aspire to get the best, and how can one get the best education? Getting the best education is mostly dependent on the prestige of the institution attended. 

NYU Stern is one of the prestigious Universities to attend, a business school located in a vicinity that is affiliated with the U.S Stock Exchange, New York. 

The detailed information that will be Unrolled to you in this article, will serve and be of great importance. For sure, we want to know the NYU Stern ED acceptance rate, and likely what an aspirant’s chances are. 

Let us search for most of the important information and question one might ask. 

NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate

New York Stern University  

The New York University Stern School of Business is a private research University in New York City, New York. It offers a Bachelor of Science in Business at the undergraduate level and a Master of Business Administration degree at the postgraduate level. 

Established in 1900, the New York University Stern happens to be one earliest business schools in the world. Located in New York, this institution offers chances to international students, and going by records, NYU Stern admitted the most international students than any University or College in the U.S for the third year in a row. 

Back in 2018, NYU Stern was ranked first among U.S Schools for Career in Finance on Wall Street, accounting for 3% of hires among investment banks. 

With a swollen number of international students at NYU Stern, you get to experience the diverse culture, opinion, and integrity of people emerging from different parts of the world.

At NYU Stern you get the amazing experience to explore New York City, going to an exhibition, concerts, and business-oriented seminars, which New York City brings to the table. There is also a variety of opportunities to grow your career as you get to meet the business elites to mentor you on business developing strategy. 

NYU Stern School of Business has different programs installed, such as the full-time MBA program, part-time MBA, Tech MBA, Fashion and Luxury MBA’s, Dual Degree, EMBA either in New York City or Washington D.C and lastly the Trium Global EMBA. NYU Stern’s priority is to provide a collective program and an exquisite education for students to nurture their future business careers. 

The NYU Stern School of Business also initiated the LAUNCH Curriculum, which is an introductory teaching method for full-time MBA students.

This experience transforms the MBA students’ perspective on business, and inculcate a perception that turns challenges into opportunities. In the first year, the LAUNCH Curriculum requirements are vast, but in the second year, it is more flexible. 

A statistic and data analysis course, and financial accounting and reporting courses are all required core classes in the first year. NYU Stern School of Business grants students the choice to select five classes from the eight-core classes 

  • Firms, Marketing 
  • Marketing 
  • Business Analysis 
  • Strategy 
  • Operations Management 
  • Global Economy 
  • Leadership in Organization 
  • Foundation of Finance 

On listing these eight core classes, the requirement is five core classes in this degree plan, and the students must show excellent performances in courses from their undergraduate degree.

The study abroad semester exchange program is an amazing experience made available by NYU Stern, with 53 exchange partners scattered in 29 countries.

NYU Stern School of Business allows students to travel around the world via the DBI program to over 10 designated locations worldwide. Students can travel to places like Singapore, Milan, Sydney, London, Shanghai etc. 

How can I get into NYU Stern School of Business? 

The NYU Stern School of Business has an acceptance rate of 29% which makes it NYU Stern less competitive when you compare it to other MBA programs. 

An average GMAT Score of 723 and an average GPA of 3.6 is the score and grade of newly admitted students at NYU Stern. Currently, there is no minimum required GMAT or GPA score and grade when applying at NYU Stern, but achieving the above-mentioned score and grade best improves your chances. 

By statistics, 97% of students enlisted had prior work experience when their application was submitted. The average amount of work experience is 5.2 years, but there is still no minimum level for work experience.

The NYU Stern School of Business has four application deadlines, so if you intend to apply to NYU Stern, you should be aware of the set mid-month in October, November, January and March. The deadlines are arranged in this manner so the applicant will be very much aware of dates; also it is important to know the NYU Stern ED acceptance rate. 

Applicants are required to choose only one program from a variety of programs provided to them and are advised not to compromise their application. 

All students applying at NYU Stern must possess a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited tertiary institution, show proficiency in English. This is to test if the applicant’s native language is English or if an applicant acquired their degree in a University where English is used. 

An interview invitation starts a notification process of getting admitted into NYU Stern. Once the interview is completed, an applicant’s fate is determined by waitlist offer, acceptance or denial. Although it might take up to three weeks to get feedback from Stern. 

NYU Stern School of Business has no preference on GMAT, GRE, EA, LSAT, and DAT exams all they require is just the validity of your score to be authentic, then you can submit your application.

All applicants are required to include their transcript from all undergraduate and graduate tertiary institutions they attended, and upload the transcript in their application.

For the international students, it is mandatory to complete the international students supplement with their application.

There are two important sections attached to this supplemental document, which consist of your visa status and permanent foreign address. Although this does not hinder your admission status but is considered a vital point. 

NYU Stern School of Business has admission policies that involve a non-refundable application fee of $250. For the U.S military members, veterans, there are benefits installed for them, which is the availability of fee waivers

NYU Stern Acceptance  Rate

The NYU Stern acceptance rate is considered average when compared to other top Business Schools in the U.S, with its record of admitting more international students than any other tertiary institution. 

By statistics, the median combined value for verbal and math SAT scores for the new freshmen at NYU Stern’s undergraduate level was 1492 in 2019. In the same year,  NYU Stern’s ED acceptance rate decreased to 7.6%. All intending applicants of NYU Stern had to undergo a series of proper academic scrutiny to consider their admission chances.

There are some essentials that give applicants an edge over their counterparts, which includes standardized test scores, academic record, achievement out academics, essay and recommendations. 

NYU Stern ED (early decision)  Acceptance Rate

The number of applicants for the class of 2023 was 84,481 and NYU Stern only offered admission to 16% of the applicant. While back in 2013, NYU Stern ED acceptance rate was

35%, so this shows how competitive the ED acceptance rate gets in a few years. The NYU  class of 2023 has shown to be the most selective class to be admitted so far, with 1480 as the highest median SAT score. 

A lot of people around the world wants the best in attending a business school, and when there is one in existence, that offers more admission to international students and it is located in a city known for its ties with commerce.

It is as a result of this, that over 23,000 out of the 84,481 are from other parts of the world. A large number of applicants at NYU Stern were from India, China and South Korea. 

These huge numbers of international applicants indicate that NYU Stern School of Business has outclassed the likes of George Washington University and Boston University respectively. 

How Does Early Decision Work at NYU? 

If you are definitely certain that NYU Stern School of Business is the right choice for you, then you may want to make swift decisive moves to get there, and one of those moves is, the NYU Stern ED acceptance rate which we have discussed and the Early Decision. 

Assuming you applied for Early Decision admission and luckily you are admitted as a freshman of Early Decision, it is expected of you to enrol at NYU Stern. Whatever applications you submitted to other schools are all expected to be withdrawn. 

The information above only has two exceptions. 

  1. In a situation you are awarded a financial aid package, which does not meet your financial requirements, in such cases, you may request to be released from the agreement.
  2. If you are by any chance admitted to a school program or campus of NYU Stern that was not your initial choice of preference, it is clearly required of you not to enrol. But it is expected of you to accept or decline your admission offer via the deadline for the notification plan, under which your application was made. Accepting an admission offer under the Early Decision notification plan, even if you are admitted to a second choice program, shows your commitment to the binding agreement. You are also expected to withdraw all applications to other schools and not submit new ones.  

By withdrawing from the binding agreement, it implies declining your admission offer on subsequent trials for academic years to come. 

Undergraduate Major Represented in Stern MBA Program

The undergraduate majors represented in Stern’s MBA programs are 

  • Business/Economic (43%) 
  • Social Science/Humanitarian/Arts/Other (34%) 
  • Engineering/Math/Science  (23%). 

Undergraduate Universities from Stern’s MBA Class

These are the undergraduate Universities most represented in Stern’s MBA class

  • New York University 
  • Cornell University 
  • Boston College 
  • Boston University 
  • George Town University 
  • Emory University 
  • Rutgers University 
  • Columbia University (New York City) 
  • Fordham University 
  • The University of Pennsylvania 

Luckily, if your University or College is listed above, it simply indicates that NYU Stern School of Business has accepted a large number of applicants from your school.

So people you share the same educational background with, are students of one of the prestigious business schools in the world. This significantly means, at some point, students of the above mentioned tertiary institution have considered applying to NYU Stern. 

Business schools have also rated students who graduated from this institution to be elegant and successful. So if you’re a student of these schools, you literally stand a better chance to be a student at NYU Stern or any other preferred business school of your choice.  


Judging from its location in a city affiliated with commerce, NYU Stern School of Business has a better experience and opportunity for both domestic and international students. The Stern community houses people of different nationalities and diversifies the learning atmosphere, intellect and opinion in the Stern community.

The NYU Stern School of Business is not just about getting your degree in MBA Programs and stuff, but it nurtures your profession and career to become one of the business elites of the world.

We hope that the article was able to provide you with the information you need concerning The NYU Stern ED Acceptance Rate, do well to read again if there are things you need to understand in a clearer way.


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