15 Best Bachelor of Science Degrees to Study for Success

Are you looking for the Best Bachelor of Science Degrees study for success, then this article has the information need.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) is awarded to domestic or international students who have completed a recognised undergraduate degree, usually in a field related to science and technology.

However, not all undergraduate study programs have to be particularly related to science and technology. Some colleges treat certain programs like Bachelor of Arts or BA, while others may treat the same program as Bachelor of Science or BSc.

Therefore, if you want to be offered a Bachelor of Science degree, what are the best programs of study? Read on to discover which BSc degrees you can study for a successful career.

Best Bachelor of Science Degrees
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What is a Bachelor of Science degree?

Bachelor of Science degrees typically focuses on technically oriented courses. The program in general is designed to expose students to as many courses as possible relevant to their chosen major in order to equip the students with the required experience.

Bachelor of Science degrees can be grouped into several different fields, such as technology, health sciences, social sciences, computer programming, and more.

Though some of these courses will also be offered as a BA, studying them as a BSc may put you on a different career path due to the differences between the two-degree types. This brings us to our next question

Is a Bachelor of Science Degree Worth it?

Earning a bachelor’s degree has several benefits. These include increased job prospects, higher potential earnings, and enriching life experiences.

A bachelor’s degree can also help you start a new career or advance in your current career if you’ve been working for a while. Earning a bachelor’s degree may be the first step toward a higher degree, such as a master’s or doctorate.

What is the difference between BA and BSc?

You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, however, these degrees are not necessarily the same. The difference between the two usually boils down to the methodology and expected focus of the procedure.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree are generally encouraged to take additional credits in courses outside their chosen major in order to benefit from a broader education. Mostly, bachelor’s degree students take classes in a variety of liberal arts fields.

On the other hand, BSc students are more focused on a specific subject. BSc students typically spend less time and credits in courses not directly related to their chosen course but pay closer attention to the technical and practical elements of their major.

Returning to the example of majoring in psychology, as a bachelor’s student, you might complete your degree and end up in a career such as counselling, but with a bachelor’s of science degree in psychology, you’re more likely to end up in a position of research.

What can you do with a Bachelor of Science degree?

Since a BSc can refer to many different disciplines, there are many things you can do as a BSc career.

A BSc or a Bachelor of Science degree will equip you with the necessary skills you need to work in fields such as science or technology, business or education. Graduates who have a Bachelor of Science degree have gone on to work in engineering, chemistry, finance, biology, computer programming and many more.

Of course, some careers may require you to acquire further education in that particular field or related fields, such as obtaining a master’s degree in that field or a doctorate, but for those who want a career more focused on science, technology and research, a Bachelor of Science is usually a good starting point.

Jobs available with a bachelor’s degree

Many available job positions require at least a bachelor’s degree, so having a four-year degree can make you more competitive in more positions.

Below we have listed jobs that typically require a Bachelor of Science degree and are expected to grow rapidly over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics.

  • Substance Abuse, Behavioural Disorders and Mental Health Counsellors
  • Project Management Specialist
  • Software developers
  • Market research analysts and marketing specialists
  • Health Services Manager
  • Registered nurse
  • Financial Manager

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements

To enroll, a Bachelor of Science degree program typically requires:

Past grades or GPA

Some undergraduate degree programs may require you to achieve a certain GPA in high school—such as a 2.5 or 3.0—although not all programs do. Applications for a program should state what grades they require for admission.

GED or High School Diploma

Most bachelor of science degree programs require you to complete a high school education. If you haven’t already, you can consider other programs, such as an associate’s degree or certificate that may not require you to have such qulifications.

Standardized test scores, such as the SAT or ACT

Although some academic institutions have waived this requirement, many schools still require test scores. Students in high school normally need to take standardized tests in their junior or senior years before the time they will begin to apply for college.

Letters of recommendation

These can be from high school teachers who can speak to your great qualities and know you well. If you have been out of school for some time, a past or current manager, the leader of your place of worship, athletic coach or volunteer coordinator can provide references.

Personal Essay

Universities or Colleges may require a personal essay to understand your personal story in a better way and the reason for your interest in a particular program of study.

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10 Best Bachelor of Science Degrees

If you prefer a Bachelor of Science to a BA, then you may be one of those wondering which particular degrees you can get that will become a marketable career. Below is a list of some of the most sort after BSc degrees you can obtain and secure yourself a profitable career.

Bachelor of Science Degrees in Petroleum Engineer

If the highest paying Bachelor of Science Degrees is what you are looking for, look no further than the petroleum engineering field. While it may sound like a daunting career, all you need to get started as a professional petroleum engineer is a four-year degree, although there are positions in this fields of study that may require an already existing work experience.

After you have completed your degree and get hired, you’ll work with engineers coming from different places specializing in oil and gas extraction to come up with dynamic ways to capture the energy that actually runs the world.

Your exact duties and responsibilities will range from different activities epending on the type of petroleum engineering you have been contracted to work on. There are a number of different types of engineers in the petroleum industry including reservoir engineers, completion engineers, drilling engineers, and production engineers. It’s easy to see why petroleum engineering is one of the best bachelor of science degrees to study for success in the United States.

 Bachelor of Science in Computer science

 A degree in Computer science focuses on aspects such as programming and web development. When studying for a BS in Computer Science, students should expect to be taught to code in different programming languages, also learn how to they can be able to debug and solve problems, and also specialize in specific areas such as software engineering, security and analytics.

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Bachelor of Science Degrees in Finance

If studying the stock market is something you are interested in or you like to know more about how financial institutions work, then a Bachelor of Science in Finance is the right thing to go for.

While studying for this program, you can take courses covering topics such as financial planning, accounting, investment banking, and insurance.

People who graduate from this degree typically go into positions that help businesses make more profit and become valuable in general, such as financial analysts or financial managers.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Information technology, also known as IT, is one of the most popular Bachelor of Science Degrees of study for students who want to pursue high-demand careers. In an information technology degree, students will study different disciplines related to information systems and computing, such as networks, databases and project management.

With so many companies depending on IT systems to do their business today, there are many different career and opportunities available for people with this degree.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Anyone considering becoming a registered nurse may have their lucky star to thank, as the position has the highest projected growth rate of any occupation in the United States, according to Business Insider. In fact, the site states that from 2015 to 2024, there will be an estimated 439,300 new positions for registered nurses.

But it’s not all good news. Once nursing graduates begin tentatively entering the profession, they may face strenuous, unsociable hours and physically demanding tasks. Still, for those who persevere in completing their studies and persevering through the demands of the job, this is one of the Bachelor of Science Degrees that have considerable financial rewards to be gained.

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Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business Administration

A bachelor’s of Science degree in business administration is the right degree that will help equip students for the business world. While studying this program, students can expect to learn the fundamentals of business, including, operations, finance, business ethics management, and human resources. Since studying business means that you will be exposed to a different aspect of management as it is a field that is a very broad field, students studying this degree can also decide to concentrate in more specialised areas such as accounting or entrepreneurship or international management.

Bachelor in Biology

A degree in Biology is one of the Bachelor of Science Degrees. If you’ve ever wanted to do research in the lab and study cells and organisms, a bachelor’s degree in biology may be the best route for you.

In a biology degree, you can study different topics such as ecology and evolution, genetics, microbiology and molecular biology, to name a few.

Students often choose to specialize in this major because it is such a broad field. After earning a bachelor’s degree in biology, students can go on to work in scientific research, education, laboratory work, and more.

Bachelor of Science Degrees in Operations Research

Operations research is one of the best Bachelor of Science Degrees to study for success; it is also one of the fastest growing. According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), recruitment position available for operations research analysts are expected to grow 25% over the next eight years.

Operations research specialists are one of the professionals that are sought after by companies looking to improve their business processes to increase efficiency and save money, this degree is most relevant in the transportation and logistics field.

As an Operations Research student, will be taught topics such as inventory planning, supply chain management, accounting and data analytics.

After graduation, students may become quality assurance analysts, production planners, supply chain planners, distribution managers and more.

Bachelor of Science Degrees in Psychology

Students in the field of Psychology are taught human behaviour and typically work in a bid to assess, diagnose, treat mental conditions, etc., as this one of the best Bachelor of Science Degrees to study for success.

This is one of the BSc programs where  students can expect to be taught a range of topics such as social and clinical psychology, neurological research, behavioural research, and developmental psychology.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology will enable students to become specialists in human behaviour and also go on to higher education and find work that suits them in laboratories, technical positions or other research positions.

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Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Undergraduate students who want to study for degree that will take them into a subfield of the healthcare industry should consider a degree in pharmacy.

While you may need an advanced to become a licensed pharmacist, there are many other related positions for those with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree.

In fact, pharmaceutical industry has  some of the bachelors degrees that are highest paid. Some of these include pharmaceutical consultants., pharmaceutical sales representatives and pharmacy technicians, and In addition to a lucrative salary, a pharmacy degree is a safe bet when it comes to job security; demand for healthcare professionals continues to grow steadily

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Are you a kind of person who is interested in complex architecture, machinery and building machines and other things from scratch? Then you might be interested in a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

This one of the best Bachelor of Science degree where you will study complex subjects such as mechanical design, thermodynamics, and technical drawing. Mechanical engineering graduates work for different types of companies – in verities of positions that allows them to work in a team focused on building new structures or assemblies.

Bachelor in Chemistry

The BSc in Chemistry is one of the Bachelor of Science degrees that aids students to explore the use of organic and inorganic compounds.

This is one of the degrees where students expect to be taught topics topics such as calculus, physics, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and more.

When it comes to careers, many students who earn a chemistry degree go on to work in research positions in the education sector, laboratories or companies that work for consumer projects.

Bachelors in Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the best Bachelor of Science Degrees that covers many different disciplines, so degrees in this field are has a far-reaching effect and you will learn more than just obtaining a degree in more mathematical topics that are specific such as calculus or statistics.

In this degree of study, students can take courses related to many different mathematical topics, such as, differential equations, modern geometry, linear algebra, probability, and more.

When it come to making a career out of this degree, graduates with a degree in mathematics can work as professors, economists, actuaries, financial analysts, etc.

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Bachelor’s in Electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering is quite different from Mechanical engineering, as it involves working with electrical systems rather than working with machinery or build or assembling things. I

This is a type of degree, students will learn how to use electronic testing, control systems, electrical circuits, electrodynamics, and more. After yiu complete a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, students can work in fields that re very exciting such as manufacturing, transportation networks, renewable energy, etc.

Bachelor of Science Degrees in Aeronautics & Astronautics

One of the more obscure degrees on this list of the best bachelor of science degrees that pay highest is the undergraduate degree in Aeronautics & Astronautics.

The primary purpose of this undergraduate degree is to equip students for careers in aerospace engineering, but graduates may also decide to pursue careers in teaching, research or consulting.

For example, degree programs include basic topics in mathematics and engineering as well as more specialized courses in applied aerodynamics, autonomy, and spacecraft design. Although the aerospace field is relatively small, it is still considered one of the best Bachelor of Science degree majors to study for success due to its steady growth and impressive ROI.


The best Bachelor of Science degrees to study for success is divided into many different categories, thus, if you are interested to undertake specific research and acquiring technical skills when studying for your undergraduate degree, this can offer you what you need than when you go for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

BSc and BA degrees are not a kind are study programs that stop in the classroom – if you are working or you have a time constraint and lack the flexibility to come to the campus physically, then you can decide to study online at any of the accredited online schools or online learning platforms.


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