Top-Rated Free Tuition Medical Schools that Charges No Tuition

Free med schools? Are there free tuition medical schools that charges no tuition where I can study medicine for free? Is studying medicine for free possible?

Are there tuition-free universities where medicine is offered for free? How can I study medicine for free?

Owing to the importance, prudence, and rating of the medical profession, it’s common to think that it deserves more tuition fees than other professions. However, most students cannot pay the tuition of medical schools.

University tuition fees are usually a significant issue for countless future students across the world.  Over the years, this concern has become a huge concern for students who wish to study medicine.

However, most countries in confluence with their respective universities have begun avenues for prospective students to study medicine for free. One of the ways to do that is to apply to free medical schools that charges no tuition.

Does that exist?


In this guide, we have outlined the top 15 free med schools you can apply to and no longer worry about paying tuition.

I’m sure that’s what you want to find out.

If that be the case, allow me to lead you through this course and have your questions answered. 

Free Tuition Medical Schools that Charges No Tuition

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Are there Free Medical Schools that Charges No Tuition?

Yes, you can study medicine for free but there is a condition to make that become a reality.

This feat is possible mostly in tuition-free education countries such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, and certain Scandinavian countries.

What that means is that if you want o go to a free med school, you should be looking forward to studying in the countries mentioned above.

Are Free Med Schools Open to International Students?

Yes, the list of free medical schools we have listed here welcomes students from all over the world. Al you have to do is to have their requirements and be eligible to apply.

Keep in mind that some of these schools will require an application only for citizens of a particular country who can study medicine for free, others are open to all international students.

Are Free Medical Schools that Charges No Tuition Easy to Get into?

Well, not literally. That most of the free medical colleges allow you to study medicine for free does not mean they accept any interested candidate.

Sadly, though incredible, these Universities have low acceptance rates. Free med schools like the New York University School of Medicine have just a 1% acceptance rate.

That means out of every 100 applicants, only one makes it into the NYU school of medicine. And that sounds pretty difficult.

However, when you liken these schools where you can study medicine for free with US or Canadian medical schools, it’s much easier to get into.

How Can I Study In Free Tuition Medical Schools?

As we’ve pointed out, getting into these tuition-free universities is pretty difficult but very possible. But first, you have to be eligible. 

In being eligible, you do not only have to have the right criteria but also have the right scores in the necessary tests. To get accepted into these free med schools in the world, here’s what you should have;

  • A Good GPA
  • A MCAT score
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Must have shadowing experience. 

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Top 15 Free Medical Schools in the World that Charges No Tuition

Here are some of the free med schools in the world;

#1. Umea University Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 1965
  • Location: Umea, Sweden
  • Number of Medical Students: 3,000

First on our list of free tuition medical schools that charges no tuition is Umea University.  Umea University is an iconic public research institution that’s among the oldest universities in Sweden.

It’s among the globally recognized universities with a student population of 32,000. Among its major faculties, its School of Medicine has a standing for its academics, research, and clinical focus.  Also, some of its major courses are across the fields of medicine, dentistry, infection, and clinical research.

Another great feature of this university is its linkage to 7 research centres. Also, its scheduled to expose students to clinical routines from the onset is a great plus. 

#2. Heidelberg University School of Medicine

  • Founded: 1400
  • Location: Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Number of Medical Students: Not Specified

As a public research university, Heidelberg University is a free tuition school as stated by the German rule of law.

The Heidelberg University School of Medicine operates using the Harvard Medical School curriculum.  Also, it holds a partnership with the LMU University of Munich.

Although it is one of the free tuition medical schools in the country, the medical program is top-rated and internationally recognized. Its official medical centre is the University Hospital of Heidelberg.

Another reason why they are one of the best free med schools is that you can take your course in French or English.

#3. Lübeck University Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 1964
  • Location: Lübeck, Germany
  • Number of Medical Students: 5,000

The University of Lübeck is a research university with a firm focus on delivering education in medicine and natural sciences. 

Currently, it is the No. 1 for Medicine in Germany and undoubtedly one of the free medical schools that charge no tuition.

It’s an outstanding university with one of the best complex science-based medical instruction and adequate clinical orientation.

You have to take the medical course in German and therefore this requires all students to know the language.

#4. University of Munster Faculty of Health Science

  • Founded: 1780
  • Location: Munster, Germany
  • Number of Medical Students: 3000

The University of Munster is one of the biggest public free med schools in Germany with a student population surpassing over 45,000.

It is one of the free medical schools that offers in-depth training in research and clinical medicine. As a medical college of repute, it has connections with the elite University Hospital of Munster.

However, its major language of instruction is German.  Asides from it being a tuition-free medical school, it also offers a lot of scholarships.

#5. Wurzburg University Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 1402
  • Location: Wurzburg, Germany.
  • Number of Medical Students: 3000

The next free medical school on our list is the Wurzburg University Faculty of Medicine.  On the flip side, many know it as the Julius Maximilian University of Wurzburg.

The Wurzburg University’s faculty of medicine delivers an unmatchable learning background in medicine, dentistry, and biomedicine. 

A peculiar feature of this med school is that it offers contemporary medicine alongside state-of-the-art research. Furthermore, this med school has links with the University Hospital as well as other teaching hospitals.

Also, the major research focus is on infection and inflammation, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, cancer studies, and regenerative medicine.

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#6. New York University School of Medicine

  • Founded: Early 1900
  • Location: Manhattan in New York
  • Number of Medical Students: 700 MD students, 400 pursuing joint degrees and Ph.D. programs.

NYU medical school does not charge tuition. They are not just tuition-free but are also one of the most prestigious schools of medicine in the USA. 

Its primary center of operation is the NYU Langone Medical Center. NYU medical programs include the traditional MD program, Ph.D. programs, and joint degree Master’s programs which some offer in concurrence with the MD program.

This joint program is an outstanding feature of the university.  Some medical courses include; bioethics, health policy, and general management. 

Due to its large student population, it’s one of the biggest medical schools in New York. However, it is a highly selective institution for an MD program accepting just 1% of the applications.

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#7. Washington University School of Medicine

  • Founded: 1891
  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Number of Medical Students: 1400

The Washington University School of Medicine is one of the free tuition medical schools that charges no tuition. This tuition-free medical school has a reputation for having a lot of courses and programs.

In addition to the traditional Doctor of Medicine/MD program, the university offers other programs such as MD/joint programs and MD/Ph.D. 

Another element that makes it a unique med school is that they are the only university that offers specific programs in Audiology and Speech Therapy and Doctor of Audiology (Au.D) program. 

Also, the Washington university school of medicine works in conjunction with many hospitals in the city. Some of which are the St. Louis Children’s Hospital and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

#8. Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

  • Founded: 1843
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Number of Medical Students: 32 

This is one of the free private medical schools in the world that charges no tuition. When you think of the top 25 medical schools in the USA, you’re sure to count this med school.

Actually, it is the first medical school in the US to offer an MD/Ph.D. double degree. Also, this med school is known for its cutting-edge research establishments.

Furthermore, they have the biggest biomedical research center in the country.  CWRU has a yearly standard class size of 32 students which accounts for the small student population. 

#9. University of Bergen Norway Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 1946
  • Location: Bergen, Norway
  • Number of Medical Students: 2000 

As with many Norwegian public universities, there are no tuition charges for this medical school. The University of Bergen Faculty of Medicine is one of the free tuition medical schools that’s also free for international students.

Just like many schools, the University of Bergen faculty of medicine has numerous departments. Some of which are biomedicine, clinical medicine, dentistry, public health, and international health studies. 

However, it’s ideal if you know that all the courses taught in medical school are taught in Norwegian. Therefore, you need to know the Norwegian language to make it through the institution.

#10. Free University of Berlin Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 2003
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Number of Medical Students: 3200

The Free University of Berlin is a prestigious research university that accommodates one of the medical schools that charges no tuition. Over the years, the university has demonstrated a track record in fields such as humanities, social and natural sciences.

Its school of medicine was founded as a consolidation between the Free University and the Medical Faculty of Humboldt University. Today, over 7000 undergraduate students are registered in different types of courses at the medical faculty.

Also, they are highly rated for guaranteeing the highest standards of clinical practice and research.

This free medical school offers programs such as Medicine and dentistry, pre-med, nursing, epidemiology, international health, and molecular medicine. 

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#11. Leipzig University Faculty of Medicine

  • Founded: 1409
  • Location: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany.
  • Number of Medical Students: Not Specified

Next on our list of free tuition medical schools that charges no tuition is the Leipzig University Faculty of Medicine.

As a public research university in Germany, tuition is free. Of its main faculties in the Faculty of Medicine. This institution runs in conjunction with the official University Hospital of Leipzig. 

Its other sub-departments focus on providing education and research opportunities in various clinical fields.

Coupled with its high standards of academia and research, this med school ranks among the top 300 universities in the world.

#12. University of Oslo School of Medicine

  • Founded: 1811
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Number of Medical Students: Not Specified

Another free med school is the University of Oslo. It is the biggest university in Norway with a student population of over 28,000.

Its faculty of medicine consists of the Institute of Basic medical sciences, the Institute of Clinical Medicine, and the Institute of Health and Society. 

Their major research focuses on the fields of mental disorders, cancer biomedicine, and immune regulation.

#13. King Saud University College of Medicine

  • Founded: 1967
  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Number of Medical Students: 4000 undergraduate, 1000 postgraduate

King Saud University holds a first-place standing in courses such as humanities, natural, social sciences as well as Medicine. 

This free med school has an affiliation with the King Abdul-Azziz University Hospital. 

Although it has a few decades of prominence, this free medical school has grown into an international institution and has further been ranked among the top 100 medical schools in the world.

However, the majority of courses taught at King Saud University are in Arabic. Only a few are taught in English.

#14. Poznan University of Medical Sciences

  • Founded: 1950
  • Location: Poznan, Poland
  • Number of Medical Students: Not Specified

The Poznan University of Medical Sciences is an elite Polish public university. One of its major faculties is the 2 Faculties of Medicine.

Faculty 1 is responsible for the provision and administration of the 6 years official MD program taught in Polish.  While Faculty of Medicine 2 provides education through dentistry, postgraduate courses as well as medicine which are all taught in English.

Once you’re admitted, medical students will undergo the essential basic science and medical knowledge while completing clinical rotations at university-affiliated hospitals. 

It’s one of the free tuition medical schools that charges no tuition but yet provides practical learning opportunities.

Students get to study in facilities such as simulation labs and outpatient clinics as well. 

#15. Medical University of Vienna

  • Founded: 1365
  • Location: Vienna, Austria.
  • Number of Medical Students: Not Specified

The last on our list of medical schools with free tuition is the Medical University of Vienna.  It’s the largest medical organization in Austria.

Also, it’s well regarded due to its affiliation with the Vienna General Hospital, one of the largest hospitals and medical centres in Europe.

You can count on high tech research prowess to study in this free med school.

However, keep in mind that admission to this medical school is highly competitive.

Also, you need to complete a special Austrian medical school admissions test known as the MedAT.

Other Free Medical Schools Where You Can Study Medicine for Free include;

  • Cornell’s Medical School
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine


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