WHO Internship Program 2023

If you’re a prospective intern looking at interning with WHO, start by sending in your application for the World Health Organization Internship program.

Does interning with WHO include my line of profession?

Must I be a student to intern with WHO?

Does the World Health Organization Internship Program pay her interns?

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for the WHO internship program?

Do I qualify to apply?

Well, just before I answer that question, just know that this guide answers all that question and more.

The WHO internship is an opportunity for many students to get hands-on experience in their line of profession.

Although not all fields of study are eligible to send in their WHO internship application, this internship favours health students more.

This is one of the most applied internships in the world as it allows students to travel the world while getting the best out of their education.

This guide is an all-inclusive guide that enlightens you on how to apply for this internship program, what documents you need to get ready and the possibility of WHO choosing you.

If you read to the end, all your doubts will be cleared and your questions answered.

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World Health Organization Internship

Overview of the WHO Internship Program

Financial Coverage: Funded

Internship Duration: 6 to 24 Weeks

Open For: Graduate & Postgraduate students

Sponsor Organization: World Health Organization

Internship Host Country: WHO member countries

Application Deadline: Varies

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About WHO Internship Program

Interning with WHO is one of the dreams of many students.

This platform seeks to establish a network of potential health workers across the world with the potential and skills to impact the health sector positively. 

During the internship program with WHO, all interns will have the opportunity to be trained physically by professionals.

Also, they work with health-related gadgets in order to become a competitive workforce.

The major aim of WHO via its internships is to train people who are able to work within a complex health department and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Also, the World Health Organization’s internship program teaches its intern students the best way to deal with stakeholders in global health environments to achieve WHO-mandated global health goals. 

Furthermore, this program offers potential candidates a chance to contribute to resolving global health issues under the leadership of a leading health organization. 

Since its foundation, the World Health Organization has been working to improve international health systems and organize responses to any potential dangers. 

This program is a path to teach the younger generation that.

What do I Stand to Gain for the WHO Internship Program?

Aside from the fact that you get hands-on experience of what it feels like to work in an actual work environment, the WHO internship program has a lot more to offer its candidates.

There are so many benefits you get from the World Health Organisation internship.

Some of the financial benefits of the World Health Organization internship program includes;

#1. No Registration Fee.

Unlike most internship opportunities where the applicants are required to pay to get into the program, WHO operates on no registration fee.

You do not have to pay a nickel for a registration form or any charge to get into the program.

WHO internship program is solely based on merit.

Therefore, other than waiting to be paid a fee to get accepted, focus on getting the eligibility for becoming a WHO intern right.

#2. Interns Can Get Stipends 

Depending on the WHO extension you’re interning with, you have a high chance of getting a stipend on a regular basis.

This is not the money you get paid for your services.

Actually, the stipends are for your general upkeep and travel cost if applicable.

#3. You Get Paid on WHO Internship Program

One of the big attractions for many applicants is the money interns get from interning with WHO.

All interns get paid when they work with the World Health Organization.

#4. Students Get Hands-on Experience Interning with WHO

The World Health Organisation is a big company that has a lot to offer its workers, interns inclusive.

Students working with WHO will be able to enhance their knowledge, experience, skills, and abilities as well as gain exposure to varied capacity-building opportunities.

#5. An Internship Program with WHO comes with Insurance.

This is an outstanding benefit of working with WHO as an intern.

All interns get Medical and Accident Insurance from the company.

This insurance covers all bill expenses when the intern is sick or has an accident.

This coverage lasts as long as you’re interning with WHO.

#6. It Adds to Your Résumé

Imagine how this phrase looks and sounds in your résumé; “Interned with WHO”.

I bet most employers would like to meet you in person.

The WHO internship is an incredible opportunity to add to your CV/resume.

It’s not just going to be a phrase of no effect since the internship prepares you well for the post.

#7. Interning with WHO Gives you Access to The Latest Medical Tools.

Being a WHO intern exposes you to the latest medical tools and equipment.

This invariably is a huge plus to interns from underdeveloped countries where such is a far reach.

#8. Opportunity to Work With Experts 

What better way to end this section.

Interning with WHO via their internship program affords students the opportunity to work under the guidance of international experts in this field. 

They provide students with a diverse range of health opportunities in order to further the extent of human knowledge. 

And that you can only get Interning with WHO.

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What are the Eligibility Criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO) Internship Program 2023?

Just like Tesla Internship and UNICEF Internship, to work with WHO as an intern, you have to pass their eligibility criteria before sending in your application.

Some of these criteria restrict some persons from applying.

Therefore, it’s ideal that you go through these sections carefully.

Tick off the boxes that qualify you.

If you qualify or are eligible, send in your application for the WHO internship program.

The criteria for application include;

  • All applicants must be a citizen of the WHO member countries.
  • Also, you must at least be 20 years or older at the time or date of application.
  • Furthermore, all applicants must be a full-time student in an undergraduate or graduate program.
  • Not just a full-time student, but you must have completed at least 3 years of full-time studies at the university or institution.
  • Going further, all applicants must have a first degree either in public health, medical, social, or technical work of WHO.
  • Also, do not apply if you are related to a WHO staff member.
  • Language-wise, all prospective WHO interns must be fluent in one of the languages of an office of assignment.
  • All applicants seeking to send in their application for the WHO internship program must not have participated in any previous WHO internship.
  • Lastly, you must have a valid passport both international and local.
WHO Internship Program

How Do I Apply for the World Health Organization (WHO) Internship Program?

This is usually where many interns get it twisted. 

The “How”

If you are qualified to apply for the WHO internship the next step is to decipher the best possible way to get the recruiting team to meet you. 

Not to worry.

Below is a systematic guide on how to apply for the WHO internship program effortlessly.

Before we do that, you should know that all WHO internship applications are done online.

All prospective candidates must apply online via the WHO Careers portal.

To apply, here’s what to do;

  • Go to the jobs page on the website.
  • Search for the relevant opportunities. 
  • Click on the “Internship” link to proceed.
  • Once you have the application form drop down, fill in your current academic qualifications
  • Next is to include all your personal details, such as name, address, birth date, country, religion, etc.
  • Fill out a legal Declaration of Interest form in order to be eligible for financial assistance.
  • Ensure you complete all the required fields and forms for each section on the application form
  • Then submit

Once you have submitted, you will receive a confirmation email.

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When is the Application Deadline for Sending in the Form for the WHO Internship Program?

Because WHO is an international organization, it does not have a specific deadline for its application.

Therefore, you can say they accept interns all year round.

Because WHO internship deadlines vary, we strongly advise that you constantly check the dates according to the available vacancy.

You can do that at the WHO official website.

Frequently Asked Questions About the World Health Organization Internship Program

Is the WHO Internship Program Currently Ongoing?

Internship with WHO is always ongoing.

At the point of writing this article, WHO is accepting interns into the World Health Organization.

All applicants should apply online via the link we provided above.

Who Can Apply for the WHO Internship?

Generally, only students and recent graduates who want to gain career-focused experience can intern with WHO.

Interning with WHO is not open to mid-career professionals.

You must be a student or a recent graduate to apply and be accepted to work on WHO projects.


The WHO internship program is an international program.

It is an excellent opportunity for every motivated, especially health student who wishes to boost their career development.

Before you apply, ensure you are eligible according to the WHO internship specifications we have listed above.

Good luck!!!


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