Flutterwave Internship Program in Nigeria

If you are a technologically inclined Nigerian youth and you want to be a part of the Flutterwave internship program in Nigeria, you will get all the information you need about the program in this article.

Before you apply for this opportunity you need to carefully go through the eligibility requirements, including what to expect during the course of this internship program.

All the aforementioned criteria have been explained in this article and you also have access to the official platform of the Flutterwave internship program to get more information and application details.

Flutterwave Internship Program in Nigeria

What is the Flutterwave Internship Program?

Flutterwave is expanding its vision to be the gateway that connects Africa to the global economy. Technical heroes are at the heart of this dynamic, working with every team in the organization to ensure they support distributors in all of the end-to-end operations that enable their distributors to be successful using their products. 

With the support of distributors and developers, technical heroes would work closely with the engineering team, operations team, finance team, sales team, and customer success to manage the risks, improve our products, and make their users happy.

The internship would be divided into remote and on-site positions and they would provide onboarding support 24/7 to provide their customers with a great Flutterwave experience.

If you’re constantly curious and have mastered a variety of programming languages, enjoy writing about new technical discoveries, learn quickly, and like to know why as to the occurrence of things, then you may be eligible to take part in the Flutterwave internship program.

What is the Flutterwave Internship Program in Nigeria?

This internship program gives you the opportunity to put your classroom learning into practice, gain hands-on experience and develop lifelong skills. 

A combination of hands-on on-the-job learning, formal training activities, and personal mentoring gives you numerous opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills. Additionally, our internship programs include social activities to ensure you get the right support and the full experience.

Young Nigerians are currently invited to apply for the Flutterwave internship program. In Nigeria, all applications must be submitted on time and only those who are eligible will be considered for this program.

Who is eligible for this internship program?

If you are a young Nigerian interested in innovation and technology then the Flutterwave Nigerian Internship Program is for you.

By reading this article, you will understand the other eligibility criteria you will need before you can take this opportunity.

To find other internship opportunities see our internship opportunities page.

Flutterwave Internship Program in Nigeria

What do you get from the Flutterwave internship program in Nigeria?

You will gain practical experience in a variety of disciplines, such as Flutterwave design techniques and Flutterwave culture of rapid engineering, sales and marketing, finance and operations, and you will make a difference by shaping the future of a dynamic and changing world. Payments.

Free lunch along with the coolest staff who want you to be successful

Eligibility for the Flutterwave internship program

  • Applicants must be based in Lagos or be willing to reside in Lagos during the internship.
  • Ability to commit to Flutterwave for at least 10 weeks and up to 12 weeks.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the program.

Selection criteria for the Flutterwave internship

  • Analytical skills: being intentional, thinking.
  • Good communication: listen and be curious.
  • Team player – take everyone with you, show commitment.
  • Innovative – Think outside the box with a strong desire to build and create

Where is the location of the internship program?

The Flutterwave internship program for Nigerians will be taking in Lagos which is one of the most popular and tech-inclined states in the country you must be in Lagos or be willing to move to Lagos and stay there throughout the period of The internship program as all the period of the program’s participants are expected to stay in the city

If you have read all the guidelines and eligibility requirements and you think you are qualified to be a part of this opportunity then follow the link below to apply

Application deadline: January

Visit the program website for details

Application Link

Internship Web Page



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