Free Online Internships with Free Certificates 2023

Do you know you can earn free certificates as an intern by doing online or virtual internships?  Yes, it’s absolutely possible to do your internships online and have a certificate to validate your training claim.

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, the need and use of online classes and internships have been intensified. You don’t have to work in the physical environment of your dream company in the name of internships.

As it stands, you can do your internships online in any of the companies of choice as long as they are recruiting interns. In this guide, we have specifically listed free online internships with free certificates once you complete your internship.

And to help you streamline your search, we have also made available the list of world-class companies that are open to virtual internships.

Regardless of the country of residence, you can be part of any virtual internship both as an undergraduate, graduate or master’s student. 

Free Online Internships with Free Certificates

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What You Should Know about Virtual Internships 

Just before you click on internship links to apply for free online programs, here is what you need to know about virtual internships especially those that come with free certificates;

  • There is no country restriction as to who can apply unless it is specified.
  • Also, online internships are open to undergraduates, graduates and postgraduate students.
  • Furthermore, there is no age criteria to apply for the free international online internships.
  • Usually, online internships do not have deadlines for application. But we do recommend you apply as soon as you can.

Who can Apply for Virtual Internships?

There are absolutely no restrictions on who can apply for online internships. Virtual internships are open to both undergraduates, graduates, master students or anyone who wants to. And yes, even non-students can apply as long as they meet the application requirements.

List of Companies that offer Free Online Internships with Certificates

As earlier stated, you can do your internships online and get certificates to endorse your training. Most companies only accept physical internships where you have to work in the company.

However, some other companies have slots for physical and virtual internships as well. Some of the companies that offer free online or virtual internships with free certificates are;

  • BCG
  • KPMG
  • Deloitte
  • Microsoft
  • Goodmans
  • Accenture
  • Data @ Anz
  • John Holland
  • Minter Ellison
  • Pinsent Masons
  • McGrath Nicol
  • White & Chase
  • Jb Morgan Chase
  • NSW government
  • Monash University
  • Baker Mmenckmze
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Asian Development Bank 

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Free Online Internships with Free Certificates 2023

Here is a list of some available internships you can do online;

#1. Varieties of internships

Mode: Online

Duration: Internship specific

Training hours: Internship specific

Offered by: InsideSherpa/The Forage

Certification: Yes

#2. Learn and Implement 45 Concepts Covering 7 Technologies + 1 Projects

Mode: Online 

Duration: 1-10days or based on student preference

Training hours: 3 hrs per day

Offered by: Kaashiv infotech 

Certification: 3 Certificates will be given

#3. Learn and Implement 70 to 400 Concepts Covering 9 Technologies + 2 Projects

Mode: Online

Duration: 6days to 6Months or based on student preference 

Training hours: 3 hrs per day

Offered by; Kaashiv infotech 

Certification: 3 Certificates will be given

#4. Different Internships in All Fields

Mode: Online

Duration: Internship specific

Training hours: Internship specific

Offered by: InsideSherpa/The Forage

Certification: Yes

Other Available Free Online Internships with Free Certificates include;

  • MinterEllison Virtual Internship
  • KPMG Data Analytics Virtual Internship
  • Grant Thornton Audit Virtual Experience 
  • Monash University Juris Doctor Experience
  • Deloitte Tech Consulting Virtual Internship
  • Corrs Chambers Westgarth Virtual Internship
  • McGrathNicol Restructuring Virtual Experience      
  • McGrathNicol Technology Virtual Experience     
  • H2 Ventures Venture Capital Virtual Internship
  • BCG Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience program
  • BCG Digital Transformation Virtual Experience Program      
  • Y Combinator – Learn how to work at a YC startup
  • JPMorgan Chase Software Engineering Virtual Internship
  • King & Wood Mallesons Corporate Law Virtual Experience Program
  • Sydney School of Entrepreneurship – Virtual Startup Internship Program      
  • Sydney Romantics Design, Streetwear & Branding Virtual Internship      
  • Arnold Bloch Leibler M&A Challenge Virtual Internship      
  • White & Case – The future of law is global – Virtual Experience Program      

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What are the Benefits of the Free Online Virtual Internships?

Besides meeting new people and working in a classified work environment, many other benefits come with virtual internships.

Some of these benefits include;

  • Free Certification which adds to your CVs/Resume.
  • Registration is totally free unlike physical internships where you have to pay for registration.
  • Virtual internships are flexible, it gives you time for other things.
  • Online internships are self-paced programs that you can schedule according to your time.
  • Unlike physical internships, most free online internships take just 5 to 6 hours to complete.
  • Finally, students get hands-on experience in their course of work.
  • Itt helps students to get working knowledge.

How do I Apply for Free Online Internships with Certificates?

First, you need to know that whatever you do, the application process is totally online. 

Once that is registered here’s what to do;

  • Make a choice of the company and internship program you want to undergo.
  • Sign up with your details. Your name should appear as you would want it in a certificate.
  • Then await, response. Usually, you will get mail welcoming you or otherwise.

What can I Do with my Online Internship Certificate?

Most people wonder what they will do with a virtual certificate.

The good news is that virtual certificates or certificates gotten from virtual training is as valid as the one you get from any physical training.

On the completion of any of the free internships, you can add the certificates you get into your profile or CV. 

How Long Does a Virtual Internship Take?

Without mincing words, you can complete online internships in just 4 to 5 hours. And you get your free certificate immediately. Of course, that’s if you complete the task assigned to you.

What do I Need to Run Free Online Internships with Certificates?

Basically, all you need is determination, a laptop and an internet connection to attend the online internship programs.

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Online internships are on and running, if you do not see the internship opportunity that suits your need, here’s what we recommend.

First, visit the website of the companies we listed above, visit there and check out available online internships, click and you’re ready to earn some free certificates.

Good luck!!!


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