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If you are a student prospective intern looking for an open internship application program, you might want to consider working with UNICEF.

UNICEF? Yes, UNICEF. Am I eligible to apply for the UNICEF internship program?

UNICEF Internship Program

Does UNICEF pay her interns?

What do I stand to gain from being a UNICEF Intern? How do I know my country is eligible to apply for a UNICEF internship? What are the odds I have to face as an intern with UNICEF?

If those are the questions on your mind, trust me you’re not alone. Basically, we understand that getting an internship position is usually hard for most students.

Most do not even know where to look for internships. Some students do not even know they can do their internship outside their base country. We bring you one of such international internships: UNICEF internship.

In this guide, we have categorically made available all you need to know about this internship program.

We bring you details on how to apply, the eligibility criteria, the documents you should get ready as well as the benefits you stand to gain. This and many more you will understand if you let me guide you through this article.

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Overview of the UNICEF Internship

  • Organization: UNICEF
  • Internship Coverage: Funded
  • Program Duration: 6 to 26 Weeks
  • Host Country: Multiple Countries
  • Who Can Apply: Undergraduate, Graduate, PhD Students or Recent Graduates
  • Application Deadline: Varies with location

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What You Need to Know About UNICEF Internship Program

UNICEF is one of the few UN agencies to change its internship policy from unpaid to paid internships. 

Applicants have a variety of intern positions in multiple areas within the mandate of UNICEF. Some get work in operations, program and policy, and external relations.

The UNICEF Internship Program provides career opportunities to students and recent graduates anywhere in the world. From this internship, interns gain direct practical experience with a world-class organization. 

Following its mission, the program goes beyond bringing change to children and young people across the globe.

Also, this UNICEF internship program emphasizes the interns’ behavioural development. 

They work according to the UNICEF’s core values. 

This gives the interns a wide range of practical experience while preparing them for the challenges of the real world.

What do UNICEF Interns Do?

By design, internships prepare you for your skills in an actual work environment. UNICEF internships provide some of the most attractive compensation and benefits. This helps the interns to develop both personally and professionally. 

In line with the UNICEF goals which are Children’s health, immunization, disease prevention, mothers’ health and education.

Also, this includes improving sanitation and providing emergency relief. UNICEF interns are trained in the field. For UNICEF interns, interns support the U.S. Fund in a variety of areas.

Such areas include;

  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Administration.
  • Communications 
  • General research 

Some of these roles may require you to travel from one state to another or even from one country to another.

UNICEF interns enjoy a promising and handy internship experience.

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What do I Stand to Gain as a UNICEF Intern?

Just like most global internships, the UNICEF internship program has a lot stacked up for successful applicants.

As a UNICEF Intern, you stand a chance to gain huge financial benefits as well as hands-on experience in your field of expertise.

Some of the financial Benefits of the UNICEF Internship program includes;

#1. Regular Monthly Stipend

All UNICEF interns get the opportunity to get paid for their services whether big or small.

Although we cannot equate this to salary as with Tesla Internship it’s just enough to sustain you while you’re on internship.

#2. Access to Travel 

Working with UNICEF as an intern gives you a blank chance to travel or tour around the world. 

In addition to that, you get a free Visa UNICEF. Although if you’re to use this lifeline you wouldn’t be getting the regular monthly stipend.

Depending on the funding project, all additional expenses will be paid in lump sums. Many students often choose this option because it’s more promising and fun.

#3. Learn and Grow

Application for the UNICEF internship is an opportunity for scholars to grow in their field of expertise. Through UNICEF, the interns will learn top-notch working techniques relevant to their fields.

Other benefits of being a UNICEF Intern includes;

  • Interns get contributions towards living expenses paid by unicef or a partner institution.
  • Also, candidates get a one-time lump sum, as a contribution towards travel and visa costs.
  • Participants will get the opportunity to gain new skills and compete in a case competition.
  • Also, candidates will be able to develop a professional network.
  • Furthermore, you get an inside look into helping small and medium businesses thrive.
  • You will get to learn more about career opportunities.
  • Interns get to work in their Global Business Organization.
  • Also, work is in a fun and inclusive environment.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for the UNICEF Internship Program?

Before starting your UNICEF internship application, you have to be eligible to stand a chance of getting accepted.

The eligibility criteria is a measure to get only the best applicants.

Here are the criteria to apply for the UNICEF internship program;

  • All applicants must be an undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. student as at the time of application.
  • Also, applicants must be proficient in either English, French, or Spanish Language.
  • Furthermore, you must have an excellent academic performance in recent university/education records.
  • You will not be accepted or considered if you have immediate relatives working with UNICEF.
  • Age-wise, you must be at least 18 years.
  • Must be fluent in the working language of the office you are applying to.
  • Also, you must have no other relatives in your reporting line of authority.

If you meet the above criteria, you’re eligible. Up next is to ready the documents to send in your UNICEF application for internship.

What documents do I  need to apply for?

Not to worry, here is the list;

  • CV
  • A profile for online recruitment
  • Personal Statement/Cover letter.

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How Do I Apply for the UNICEF Internship Program?

All UNICEF internship applications are done online. You get to get the form on the company’s website, fill and submit it online.

To apply, here’s a tip to guide you systematically;

#1. Search for Suitable Available Positions

Not all positions are available for every intern wishing to undergo the UNICEF internship.

Therefore, before clicking on any position, ensure you search for suitable positions on the careers section of the website.

#2. Ensure your Application speaks well of you.

What many do not know is that your internship application is what says all about you to the UNICEF recruitment committee.

You have to present yourself well. Ensure that you submit an application that illustrates your skills, strengths, and suitability for the job.

Be sure to provide your details correctly, especially your contact information. If you please the recruitment committee, your contact information is what will help the organization to contact you.

Now here’s how to go about your UNICEF internship program application;

  • Go to the UNICEF Vacancies Page 
  • Select the Contact Type “Internship” 
  • Pick the Position Level “Internship 
  • Then, fill out the form.
  • Submit.

Are you ready to apply?

Follow the link

What’s the Application Charge for UNICEF Internship Program Application?

There is No Application Fee Charged by UNICEF.  All you have to do is go to the website and apply by filling the application form.

What’s the Application Deadline for UNICEF Internship?

For UNICEF, internships are open all year round. Therefore, there are different varying application deadline dates.

All through the year, positions become available at various times. So keep tabs on the company’s website to know when an internship position is available.

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Frequently Asked Questions About UNICEF Internship Program

Must I be a Student to Apply for UNICEF Internship?

Yes, you must be a student.

One of the UNICEF internship application criteria is that you must be an Undergraduates, Masters and PhD Degree Student. 

However, exceptions are made to students who just graduated two years back. These people also stand a chance.

Is there a Nationality Barrier to Applying for UNICEF Internship?

Absolutely not. Any student from any country can start their career with UNICEF. Regardless of your nationality, you stand a chance to intern at UNICEF. Because it is a United Nations agency, UNICEF is open to over 190 countries.

However, their headquarters is in New York.

Is UNICEF a Paid Internship Program?

Yes, UNICEF pays all the interns that work with them. This is one of the benefits of being a UNICEF Intern.

Successful candidates receive a monthly stipend as well as Travel Costs. UNICEF covers all the expenses. From our research, the amount ranges from US$ 1,000.00 to US$ 1,300.00 per month.

Does UNICEF offer Remote Internships?

Yes, there are Remote Internships available for UNICEF interns.

How Long Does the UNICEF Internship Last?

Basically, the duration of this internship lasts between 6 and 26 weeks. 

However, there may be extensions or reductions depending on how well the candidates perform.

Is UNICEF Internship Currently Ongoing?

Yes. At the time of writing this article, the UNICEF Internship program application is currently open. However, because their application for interns is always open, you will need to visit the website regularly to validate UNICEF’s current state of application for internships.


Following the systematic steps we have listed above, sending in your UNICEF internship application wouldn’t be a task anymore.

Remember, you have to be a student or a recent graduate to standing a chance.

We wish you immense luck!!!


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