15 Best Schools For Pre Med 2022 

Are you having difficulty finding the best schools for pre med undergrad programs?

Are you one of those wondering if a pre med program is worth your time and resources?

What is a pre med school?

Who can take a pre med course?

Most prospective students who want to become doctors have these questions running through their minds.

And here at stayinformedgroup, we find fulfillment in seeing that you get the right information you seek about any academic venture.

Regarding pre med schools, this article answers all the questions that plague your mind in that area.

Taking a course in the medical field is very demanding.

This is so because the medical field has a lot of career opportunities attached to its stream.

Many do not know which profession in the medical field is worth it, hence the need for pre med school.

In pre med schools, you get to know if the path for you is being a medical doctor, physician, nurse, radiographer etc.

To achieve success in this venture, you first need to apply and be trained in any of the best pre med schools.

Below, you will find the list that will help your choice.

Welcome, scholar!!!

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Best Schools For Pre Med

What is a Pre med School?

Just like the name suggests, pre-med schools are schools that give the basic foundation for studies in the medical field.

Basically, it’s an educational track preceding and preparing students for a professional study in medicine.

Why Should I Attend a Pre-med School?

Attending a pre-med school prepares you for a medical profession. 

It’s the bedrock to becoming a doctor.

What Goes on in Pre Med Schools?

Because pre med schools are prep grounds that’s why you have to go to the best. 

Basically, what you do in pre-med schools is to prepare yourself for the task ahead in the medical field.

To achieve this feat, here are some activities that go on in such colleges;

  • Research
  • Volunteer activities
  • Pre-med coursework
  • Clinical experience and practice.
  • Medical school application process.

All activities carried out here aim at preparing you for entry into a first professional degree or graduate school program.

Who Can Go To Any Of The Best Schools for Pre Med Undergrad?

Pre-med schools are open to students who have the intention of studying any medical related discipline in the university.

So, if you’re within that category, here is a list that will guide you to choose the best school for such a program.

What are the Requirements to apply for Pre Med Schools?

Applying to the pre-med schools will require you to fulfill certain criteria.

Here are the general requirements to apply for pre med schools;

  • Get a good MCAT
  • Maintain a High GPA
  • Strive to build a good resume
  • Engage in constructive activities
  • Your High School Studies Should Focus More on Science and Math

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15 Best Schools For Pre Med Undergrad 

Based on our research, we have come up with a list of pre-med schools all around the world.

We based our compilation on previous students’ reviews, history and track record of each school as well as the cost of tuition.

Before you make a choice, we recommend you visit the school website, find out if you fit the criteria and have all it takes to apply.

If the cap fits, why not?

Go for it!!!

Medical scholarships for minorities

#1. Harvard

With a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,788 students, Harvard remains one of the best schools in the world.

Pre med programs in Harvard is one of the top-rated because of their peer program.

All students who apply for this program get a pre-med tutor from sophomore through to the senior year. 

You can count on the fact that your clinical and research experience will skyrocket by the numerous teaching hospitals that are affiliated with and located near Harvard University.

#2. Johns Hopkins University

From its inception till date, Johns Hopkins is medical research and pre med school.

Students at Johns Hopkins have the opportunity to gain a variety of clinical and research experience through various hospitals the university is affiliated with.

If you need a pre med school with affiliation to teaching hospitals, links to IMA and an excellent advising program, then Johns Hopkins University won’t disappoint.

#3. Stanford University

Up next on our list for best schools for pre med undergrad programs is Stanford University.

Stanford University is not just the best when it comes to pre-med courses, they are one of the best business schools in the world.

Also, at Stanford, you get special advisors that guide you in your quest towards gaining medical field experience.

In addition to that, there are internship opportunities available for you as a pre med student.

#4. University of Pennsylvania

UPenn is a great school for pre med undergrad.

Many know it as a home to Perelman School of Medicine, which is ranked among the best medical schools in the US.

Here at UPenn, pre med students will do lots of research.

The good news about applying to UPenn is that 76% of pre med students who apply get accepted. 

#5. Columbia University

Aside from being the best school for pre med programs, Columbia University is also one of the best engineering schools in the world.

The medical school in Columbia university ranks 6th on the list of medical schools and 31st when it comes to primary care. 

Here at Columbia University, all pre med students get an advisor. 

Also, they have access to various hospitals and clinics that allow you to research and have clinical experience.

#6. Duke University

Duke University is one of the best schools for pre med programs.

Basically, they have a robust program for pre-med students. 

Also at Duke, you get into their advising program specifically for pre-med students. 

Besides that, you have access to programs for health-centered studies, and research experiences.

The good news is that you have a 70% to 80% chance of getting admission.

#7. University of Washington

Are you in need of a public university with an outstanding pre-med school, advisors and career coaches?

Then, the University of Washington is the best fit for you.

The University of Washington boasts of the best when it comes to primary care and research. 

Also, you can volunteer, research, choose classes, and job shadow if you want to.

But sad news is, chances of getting accepted into UW is low.

#8. UNC Chapel Hill

UNC is one of the best schools for pre med undergrad programs worldwide.

Besides its good reputation, they are good medical research making it one of the best for pre-med programs.

I’m addition to that, they offer an exclusive program known as Medical Education Development (MED) Summer Program.

If what you need is a pre-med school with outstanding specialization tracks then UNC-Chapel Hill is it.

#9. Cornell University

At Cornell, 76% of pre-med students get into med school with a GPA of not less than 3.4. 

What does this mean?

Simply put, Cornell prepares you well to face the medical profession heads on.

Being a pre-med student at Cornell, comes with an opportunity to explore their Health Careers Program. 

This makes it one of the best schools for pre med undergrad.

#10. Northwestern University

When it comes to medical research, Northwestern University is one of your best picks.

During your pre-med program, you will have access to various clinical and research opportunities.

Northwestern pre med students get tons of resources at their disposal. 

And yes, you will have an advisor throughout the course of your program.

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#11. The University of Winnipeg

This University is one of the schools that offers the best pre med program.

Basically, it’s ideal for students who want to become medical doctors.

However, they have a high acceptance rate and high-cost tuition.

#12. King’s University

If you would want to study in a faith-based environment then King’s University is your perfect pick.

At King’s University, you will learn the basics of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. 

The scary part of this pre med program is the cost.

But you can pass that by securing scholarships.

#13. Bishop University

A pre med program is two things at Bishop University.

You can complete all the necessary prerequisites to apply to med school while pursuing a liberal arts education.

But you can rest assured that you will be equipped for medical school.

Also keep in mind that you will select a primary major which could be Biology, Chemistry, Business, Biochemistry, Liberal Arts, or Psychology. 

#14. The University of Regina

The University of Regina is one of the best pre med schools for undergrad. 

After a successful pre med program at Regina, you can gain admission straight into the University of Saskatchewan for an MD Degree. 

#15. Luther College

Luther College is a private college for pre med programs.

They offer the best health science programs in Canada. 

Luther College is a federated college within the University of Regina system.

Besides pre med programs, Luther College offers degree programs in social sciences and humanities, and sciences. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Pre Med Schools

Are the Best Schools For Pre Med Selective?

Well, yes they are.

Because all medical related courses are highly competitive, the schools are highly selective.

Most will only accept well-performing students. 

It’s nothing to be scared of, all you have to do is prepare well before applying.

What’s the Best Way to Apply to the Best Schools for Pre Med Undergrad?

The fact is there is no particular way to do it.

But there is certainly a trick to it.

Because the schools are highly selective, you have to chase all of them at a stretch.


Here’s what to do;

  • Apply to at most 12 schools or 8 schools minimum. 
  • Ensure that 25% of these schools are safety schools. 

If you don’t fall on the moon, definitely you will land on the stars.

What is the Best Major for Pre Med?

Some of the basic majors you have to take in preparation for pre med school are;

  • Biochemistry 
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

How Long Does a Pre Med Program Last?

Usually, pre med programs last for four to five years.

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You will agree with me that if a medical profession is worth pursuing, it should be pursued well.

That’s why you have to first apply for pre med programs in one of the best schools in the world.

If you follow the list above, you will make the best fit.

Whichever pre med school you choose, ensure you take the exams, get a high enough score and edge out all competition. 

Good luck!!!



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