21 Time Management Apps For Students In 2022

Are you a student looking for the best time management apps, applications and softwares for students? 

Do you want to manage your time but don’t trust yourself alone to do that?

As a student, are you looking for that app that helps you strike a balance in your life and projects?

All thanks to the tech guys and technology itself, time management apps are there to save the day.

Today, you can boost your productivity, cross items off your to-do list, and be more organized and efficient in general by downloading a time management application.

It helps you wade off the distractions from phones, laptops, and video games.

These distractions have no good effects on your school grades. Hence the need for time management softwares that helps students concentrate on the needful.

With these Best apps for student time management, you can juggle school activities, soccer practice, and drum lessons and still do your homework.

We have helped you with a list of best apps for student time management. You just have to identify the one that suits you.

Sit tight and get informed!!!

tiime managements apps for students

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What is Time Management?

Simply put, Time Management is the ability to effectively use your time to achieve the desired result within a space of time. 

It’s the ability to organize, coordinate, and curtail how much time you spend on a task to prevent wasting time and increase efficiency. 

What this generally means, is you get to cut down spending time on less important tasks or generally apportioning time as it’s a task required.

Time is Inexhaustible, Why Manage it?

Although time is Inexhaustible, how well you use it determines how well you achieve your set goals. 

Here are some reasons you need to manage your time; 

  • Time management help you work smarter rather than harder.
  • Also, it helps you increase the pace with which you complete tasks.
  • An obvious reason for time management is to improve your overall efficiency.

Who Needs Time Management?

Every Dick and Harry within the world space needs time management if they are to achieve optimum performance in work and life.

However, students are on the top radar of those who need Time management, hence the need for apps that can help them achieve that in spite of their workload.

Time management apps help students;

  • Prioritize assignments.
  • Track your productivity.
  • Block out distractions.
  • Eliminate procrastination.

Time Management Apps? What’s that? How do I Get it?

What is A Time Management Application?

When we refer to Time Management applications we refer to softwares designed to help you prioritize your  daily goals.

Also, Time management apps remind you of pending tasks and block off distractions while you’re on your work or study bench.

Generally, these apps help you improve your capacity to manage time wisely and efficiently.

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What Do Students Stand to Gain From Using Time Management Apps?

Students are busy! 

Assignments, research, deadlines and classes seem to choke the life out of the average student. This makes the average 24hrs not enough for students.

That’s where time management applications for students play a role. Here’s what you stand to gain by using time management applications as a student;

  • Time management softwares help students reduce procrastination through constant reminders and buzzes.
  • Apps for time management help you have control over your schedules and aid you complete tasks.
  • If you want to learn self-discipline, time management softwares is great tutors.
  • With time management softwares, you get to enhance your performance and productivity around school and homework.
  • In most of these apps, you have a program to plan and organize your activities for the day, enhancing your planning skills.
  • When you get used to these softwares, the stress level and tiredness will be drastically reduced because of the  plan and adjustment to effective time use.
  • Students using time management apps learn how to major distractions because the app blocks such. Some such as Focus Booster or RescueTime, will help you filter out distractions.

List of Time Management Apps for Students.

Since it’s an established factor that students need time management applications and softwares, which do you choose?

Without a doubt, there are many time management softwares for students on many platforms. However, the list we have made below brings only the best to your fingertips.

They include;

#1. Focus Booster.

  • Software Available: Windows, macOS, iOS, web, and Android.

Just like the name says, Focus Booster helps students focus and avoid distractions. 

Using this app, you can keep track of your productivity and progress in what you’re working on. This time management software uses the Pomodoro Technique. 

This technique divides your tasks into sessions with brief breaks in between. It’s ideal to reduce stress of having to complete things in a short amount of time.

#2. Evernote.

  • Software Available: Desktop, iOS, and Android versions.

Evernote is the most popular time management app among students. Aside from the major time management abilities, Evernote allows you to synchronize your checklist and notes between devices using the Evernote program.

Also, you can create a multimedia presentation and attach Microsoft Office documents and PDFs files.

#3. Forest.

  • Software Available: Android, iOS, Firefox, and Chrome.

Using the Forest Time Management App, you can blacklist an app or website you want to avoid for as long as you want.

Also, you can plant virtual seeds, the more focused you are, the more they grow. If you lose focus they die.

That’s intriguing!!!

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#4. RescueTime

  • Software Available: Desktop, Android, and iOS versions.

This is one of the time management apps that helps students time track how much they spend on various websites.

This helps you spot potential time-consuming activities. You can filter productive websites from destructive ones and put a check on yourself.

#5. Milk.

  • Software Available: Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Milk has been in existence for 15 years making it one of the oldest time management apps for students.

If you are having problems organizing tasks daily or weekly, this is the time management software for you. 

Interestingly, you can use it both on your computer and phone.

#6. Kiwake.

  • Software Available: Android and iOS versions.

Kiwake is a modified alarm clock. Many love it because of its entertaining and intriguing features.

You can use Kiwake to prove that you are awake and out of bed. The alarm only turns off once you must have photographed an object that is far away from your bed, and played a game.

Also, you get to do a three-minute exercise courtesy of the app.

#7. MyLifeOrganized (MLO).

  • Software Available: Windows, Android, iOS, and the web.

This is one of the best apps for student time management that allows you to keep track of all your projects and goals. 

The major goal of this app is to make sure you stay on track by reminding you of what you should be working on at any given time.

#8. Loop-habit Tracker.

  • Software Available: Android.

The Loop-habit Tracker helps you build positive habits while keeping up to time management. It’s literally one of the best apps for student time management.

The app keeps track and displays your ostensible habit progress and how far you’ve come in establishing the habit, or executing the job. 

#9. Pocket.

  • Software Available: Desktop, Android, and iOS versions.

Pocket is one of the time management softwares for students who want to get a grip on their time management skills.

Beyond time management help, pocket helps you archive vital information discovered while perusing the web. 

Also, you can save articles, movies, photographs, and other types of data and use them later.

#10. 30/30.

  • Software Available: iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

This is a time management program that allows you to allocate a 30 or 60 minute time to tasks on your to-do list. The 30/30 time goes off after every 30 minutes. You can decide to take a 30-minute break before starting again. 

By that, you spend 30 or 60 minutes on a task and another 30 minutes relaxing.

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#11. Google Task Organizer.

  • Software Available: It will be linked to your Gmail and Google Calendar because it is a Google organizer.

Beyond time management software, Google Task Organizer helps you organize, edit and manage all of your tasks. 

All the tasks you create will be synchronized across all of your devices. By that, you can split down tasks into subtasks and set due dates for each.

It’s one of the best apps for student time management. 

#12. My Homework Student Planner.

  • Software Available: Android users.

This is one of the time management apps for students that help them keep track of their forthcoming projects, exams, quizzes, assignments, and other events.

By design, the software synchronizes with your other devices and reminds you of your tasks

#13. My Daily Planner.

  • Software Available: Android and Windows users.

This is one of the excellent time management applications or softwares for organizing, planning, and focusing on daily duties for students.

Majorly this program was designed to make a list of recurring tasks, divide your tasks into subtasks and use voice commands to add tasks.

#14. Focus@Will.

  • Software Available: Windows, macOS, iOS, web, and Android.

Here’s another software in our list of best time management applications for students. One of its outstanding features is music. 

Besides that it’s a neuroscience application that allows you to boost your productivity by focusing on your current task.

It’s ideal for children who have trouble concentrating when studying or working.

#15. Trello.

  • Software Available: Android, iOS, and Windows.

Besides Evernote, this is another popular time management app. You can use Trello to create visual boards or cards to manage your tasks.

Also it is one of the most simple-to-use time management software. It integrates other programs such as Evernote and GitHub.

#16. Goodsync.

  • Software Available: Android, iOS, and Windows.

This time management software program allows you to backup and restore your synchronized files automatically and effortlessly.

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#17. Taskade

  • Software Available: macOS, web, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Whether you’re looking for a time management software that manages a short or long-term project, Taskade will do the job.

Just like other time management softwares for students, it performs its task in addition to collaboration with other members via video conferencing and direct and group conversation.

#18. Bear App.

  • Software Available: Web, iOS, macOS, and Android.

Bear App is a cloud-based and lightweight program for taking notes, recording and organizing your thoughts, ideas, and creativity into a list of tasks to complete.

This app allows you to draw in the notes with your finger. It’s an excellent and smart program.

#19. Asana.

  • Software Available: Chrome, Web, iOS, and Android.

This is one of the time management apps for students that’s more of a project management app. Students can use this app to complete group projects or chores.

Besides creating task deadlines and prioritizing your jobs and projects, you can keep track of the project’s or task’s progress.

#20. Coach.me

  • Software Available: Android and iOS Versions.

An exceptional feature of the Coach.me time management app is the ability to join a community of time managers.

It helps you track your goals and progress. The community of time managers encourages you in developing healthy habits and become a better person.

#21. TickTick

  • Software Available:  iOS and Android.

TickTick is one the time management apps for students that require you to pay $27.99 a year if you want to go for the premium plan. 

Unlike other time management softwares, it has multiple reminders or “annoying alerts” and ability to share lists.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Management Apps For Students

What is the Best Time Management Apps For Study schedule?

  • Egenda.
  • ChalkBoard.
  • School Planner.
  • My Study Life
  • Student Planner.
  • Homework Planner.

What is the Best Time Management app for Homework?

  • Todait
  • Todoist
  • iStudiez Pro
  • iHomework
  • Class Timetable
  • Show My Homework
  • The Homework App
  • myHomework Student Planner
  • My Study Life – School Planner
  • Slader – Homework Answers.

Which App Does Your Homework?

With PhotoMath, iOS, and Windows Phone users can point their phone at a math problem, which the app will examine using the device’s camera, and spit out the answer on-screen.

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The need for Time management apps for students cannot be overemphasized. 

These softwares help students find a balance between all the school work and distractions. 

However helpful these time management softwares can be, self-discipline stems from you first before these apps can help you.

Anyone can turn off the app once they keep doing their job, however, they become beneficial because you want them to.

What do you think about Time Management applications for students? 

Share your thoughts in the comment section!!!


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