Among Us in School 2022: How Students Can Benefit Greatly From the Most Popular Game Right Now

It’s no longer news that one of the games adopted in schools is the Among Us Games and it’s gaming system.

Are you confused at what the students stand to gain playing this game?

Are you a parent who is scared about the chances of your child being influenced by the strangers on the public server via this game?

Do you want to know the best way to ensure safety while on this app?

As a teacher do you want to know how to get your students involved in this unique critical thinking game? 

Games over the years have been an interest-based activity. And the among us game is one which by design trains gamers to compete and beat other gamers in global tournaments. 

Adopting this game in schools is a great Plus. Enterprising teachers and educators have already understood the value of including gaming as an effective teaching method. 

Also, it is a great ice-breaker, a nice reward incentive for meeting deadlines, and teaches skills like strategy, teamwork, vigilance, etc that can benefit students in real life.

Understanding how this game works is important before choosing to adopt it. This guide will help you achieve that.

Sit tight and get informed!!!

Among Us in Schools

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About Among Us In School.

Recent studies have been a lifesaver for students who don’t understand anything in class as long as the traditional system of teaching is used. 

Not every child is meant to be an intellectual giant or an athlete, some children by nature are highly creative that can design and make some of the most prolific gamers in the world.

This understanding is needed for schools, teachers and educators to create an enabling environment for such kids.

That’s where Among Us In School comes into play.  Games like Among Us will help children develop life skills that a classroom kind teaching wouldn’t teach them.

Among Us is a game that any student can play even though have a genius gaming background. It’s a popular games many schools adopted into their school curriculum to help highly creatives find expression. 

Why Should Schools Allow Among Us Games?

Although many schools do not see games as part of teaching methods, it has proven to help most students learn more. 

Some students go conversational during game time. It is one way to carry approximately 80% of your students along. 

For Among Us Games, you may be wondering what difference is going to make in your school’s teaching method or curriculum. 

Below are some reasons why Among Us benefit students many times over;

#1. Gaming Promotes Important Knowledge and Skills.

One of the indelible marks games leave on people is the psychological elements of the game. 

From such games, you learn how to co-operate and work with others to perform tasks and identify the imposter. 

However, if you’re playing the imposter role in Among Us Games, you will learn to be careful about your moves and convince the crewmates that you’re not guilty.

Basically, you get to know that not all innocent looking crewmates are innocent and vice versa. Also, you get to know how a person’s name can play a role in creating deception. 

Just like you see in movies, you will realize that no matter how bad you want to win, sometimes you get outwitted by the imposter.

These are real-life situations that you can’t learn from a textbook.

#2. Among Us Games Helps Students Develop Social Skills.

One of the major goals of Among Us Gaming System is to promote or foster interactions. Via this gaming system, students get to learn the role of discussions between crewmates in making a decision.

It’s usually a good time for the introverted student as this game brings them out of their comfort zone and educates them how to defend themselves.

Usually, these conversations are hard audibly, via chat. During such emergency meetings, the crewmates must put heads together to identify the imposter. And the imposter on the other hand must try to conceal themself effectively.

At this point in the Among Us Gaming section, teachers get to identify students with a penchant for investigation.

#3. Among Us Games is Children-friendly.

If you think these games are graphic/violent, then you’re wrong. By nature, the content of these games are cute and non-threatening. 

Even when the imposter kills a crewmate, it’s not blood sour or horrific.

And just so you know, the game is rated 7+ on Play Store. So parents and teachers can be rest assured that this game is not going to traumatize anyone.

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How Can I Incorporate Among Us for Students and School?

If your school deems it fit to adopt this online gaming system as part of their teaching process, here are some ways you can incorporate Among Us into your curriculum;

among us games

#1. Organize the Actual Game.

If you want to play the Among Us game as an engagement activity with your students, here’s what you can do;

A. Divide the Class into Groups to Ten

Why 10? 

By design, only ten players can participate in one game. If you have a full class, you need to divide them in groups of ten. 

You can get adopt either of these methods in grouping the class;

  • Create a raffle which the students will randomly select.
  • You can use the incentive-based approach by allowing only students who performed high in their test or those that submitted their assignments on time to play in the game. This is a push to have them do their assignments and get serious in class!!!
  • Also, you can do a random selection or based on your judgment according to their strengths.

B. Decide the Means Of Communication.

Usually, this game often allows users to communicate on the Discord server especially for verbal communication. 

However, mobile gamers can use the chat option. Since it’s a group of ten, you can use Google Meet or Zoom.

C. Ensure Everything is Safe. 

To address the parental concern associated with the myriad of security issues that come into the territory.

As the teacher, ensure that you are hosting a private game. Through that, you will be able to control who enters the game. 

Also, control the students’ reaction and use of words during the Among Us game. Ensure they don’t come nasty at each other.

D. Make it An Occasion Play. 

Although this game is essential to learning, it is still a game. Students can get carried away if a balance is not struck.

Ensure the students are not on this game all the time. You can make it an end-of-week relief, a post-exam treat, or holiday treat. 

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#2. Organize Among Us Ideas for Students.

Another mechanism you can adopt to incorporate the Among Us Gaming System into your school is by adopting the idea generation style.

You can drop a topic and the students deliberate and give explanations to what could have happened and proffer possible solutions.

Here’s how you can do that;

A. Use Among Us as a conversation Starter.

Fresno State University Math professor Howie Hua adopts the Among Us idea conversation starter. 

Adopting this technique means you will begin a conversation around fractions such that it creates thoughts and conversations in the mind of students.

This ideal version of Among Us in school can be adopted anytime during a Grammar, History, Geography or Science course. 

Usually, incredible!!!

B. Give Among Us Assignments.

You can give assignments using the crewmate and imposter as representations

You can ask them to identify who the imposter is, who the innocent man or the suspect is. Such assignment can take this format;

  • Mark the correct crewmate to record your answer (Multiple Choice Questions).
  • Imposter or Crewmate (True or False ).
  • Identify the Imposter (Odd Man Out).
  • Match the crewmate to its corresponding pet (Match the following).

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Is Among Us Safe for Children?

Yes, Among Us Games is safe as long as your child or class students are playing on a private server with a set of friends that they know.

The game can only be unsafe when they play on a public server with strangers. 

Are Among Us Games Just for Children?

Not at all, Among Us Games are for everyone who loves brilliant games and school-related content and activities. 

How Do I Play Among Us on a School Computer or Chromebook?

Playing on a School Computer.

  • Ensure the School Admin has approved the necessary permissions to install Steam on the School Computer. 
  • Download and install the Steam app from this link by clicking on Install Steam. 
  • Setup Steam app by clicking the Next button.
  • Further select your preferred language by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Choose the file destination folder. Wait for a few minutes while the installation completes. Then click on the Start menu.

If you already have a Steam Account, just log-in with the appropriate details or register for a new account.

  • Then type in Among Us in the search bar.
  • Click on the game when it appears. 
  • Install and start playing. 

Playing on a School Chromebook

  • Enable app installs for the Play Store on your Chromebook.
  • Log in to your Chromebook and open ‘Settings’.
  • Click on ‘Apps’ in your left sidebar.
  • Click on ‘Google Play Store’ in the right tab and ensure that it is turned on.
  • Login to your Chromebook and click on the Play Store icon to open the Play Store. 
  • Click on the search bar at the top.
  • Search for ‘Among Us’.
  • Click on the app at the top once it appears in the search results.
  • Now click on ‘Install’.

The app will now be installed on your Chromebook. Once installed, click on the icon to launch Among Us.

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Is Among Us Games Free?

No, it is not. You get to buy Among Us at Playstore for $5.

Just add the game to your cart and buy it. 

Once that is done, you can install the game and once it’s on the computer, you can launch it and play it.


If you want that game that will engage the class while exchanging knowledge and improving skills and expertise, it’s the Among Us Games.

Although this game is just 4 years old, its positive impact on students cannot be measured. 

We hope you found this piece enlightening.

Share your thoughts in the comment section!!!


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