Best Math Games to Play on Zoom

Discover the best math games to play on zoom for fun, and interact with your fellow students, as a way to keep up with intellectual happenings.

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the definition of external interaction has changed dramatically. With strict lockout protocols still in place in most countries, traditional and physical hangout sessions have been abandoned, and we are far from finding a cure.

In the midst of the chaos, video calling apps remain our only breathing space. They’re not as good as the real ones, of course, but they certainly go a long way in keeping us connected with loved ones.

When it comes to video calling, one platform, in particular, has been ahead of the competition since the outbreak: Zoom. By offering a free license limited to 40 minutes for group video calls, it has convinced users to jump on the hype train, and very few have left since then.

Best Math Games to Play on Zoom

In addition to making group calls, Zoom lets you play games with your friends. It can’t be very easy at first. However, with the right mindset and a lot of patience, you can get the results you want with little effort.

Advantages of using games in your lessons

One of the most paramount advantages of using games as a dimension of learning in the classroom is that most of your students are already familiar with a lot of computer games! You can easily enrich your lessons with games like Charades or Pictionary.

This helps to instigate creativity and offers students an easy and fun way to learn new skills.

While many are quick to see and investigate the dangers of gaming and excessive screen time, many experts have begun to realize that interactive fun math games to play on zoom with students can actually help children build important skills.

Hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and computer literacy are just some of the important skills children can develop through playing games.

Math Games to play on Zoom are also important for developing social skills; many online games require children to work with teammates, which helps them learn the value of teamwork and engage in important social interactions that help them build critical interpersonal skills.

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Fun Math Games to Play on Zoom

Today we at Stay Informed Group have prepared some of the most popular fun math games that you can play with your friends and fellow students and how you get it done on the Zoom session.

Play Math Riddles on Zoom

For the connoisseur, Zoom has solid screen sharing features that allow you to share almost anything you can dream of. From browser tabs to individual apps, the list is as full as you want it to be, and we’re confident that Zoom will add more options in the future.

While it’s not ideal, you can just go to some math riddle websites, share your screen via zoom, and ask your friends to answer.

Step 1: Choose any of the Math Games to play with your fellow students on Zoom

The road is less Taken, fun for everyone involved.


This has a collection of pretty clever riddles. Ask all participants to use a pen and a piece of paper to use a piece of paper to help solve the problems easily. To keep things interesting, keep a timer handy and only reward the user who answers first.


Like MathWarehouse, BrainZilla offers a selection of great puzzles. The solutions are also easily available, and you don’t have to pay to access them.


This website is a gold mine for people looking for brain exercise. We only linked the math page here, but there are plenty of other categories to explore as well.


This website is organized to cover all aspects of math at the school level. From class LKG to class XII, there are numerous experiments to choose from, which will push your problem-solving skills to their limits.

Mind Games:

This may sound a little “childish” on the surface, but we assure you that the reality couldn’t be further from it. There are tons of fun games your friends can contribute to as well.

Step 2: use zoom to share the Math Game with your fellow students

Best Math games to play on Zoom

As mentioned earlier, Zoom has some pretty powerful screen sharing options that make life a lot easier. Simply start a Zoom meeting with your desktop client and click “Screen Sharing.” On the next screen, select the tab of the browser where the math puzzles will run. The screen is displayed to all participants.

Best Android and iPhone Math games for student on Zoom

Check out the list below to see some of the best math games to play with your friends.

Step 1: Choose a game

Best Math Games to Play on Zoom
Best Math Games to Play on Zoom


Math is a powerful learning app that covers practically all facets of math through carefully selected tests and puzzles. It’s fun, intuitive, and has different levels of difficulty. The one available is for Android and iOS.

Math games:

The name of the app may not be appealing, but the tests it contains should be reviewed. The game already comes with a timer, so you don’t have to worry about your friends’ timing. The application is available on Android.

Math Master – Math Games:

It’s another brain training app that will improve your problem-solving skills. This is especially useful for groups like quick math and the tension of a timer out of their minds. You can get it on Android and iOS.

Mental Math Masters:

If you and your friends are looking for more difficult puzzles and riddles, this app might be better than others. The app is only available for Android.

Step 2: Use the Zoom Mobile Client to Share

With Zoom, you can also share your mobile screen, whether you are using Android or iOS. You can’t share individual tabs here, but you still can share your entire screen. That way, you can share all the apps you run, including games.

To share, start by starting a Zoom meeting. Then tap the Share button, then tap the screen. After confirming the warnings, the screen-sharing session begins. Open any app to begin broadcasting.

Comparing the Best Math Games to Play on Zoom

GameAgeCostInternet ConnectionIOS/Android
Math Snacks9+FreeYesYes
Dragon Box Algebra 12+12+FreeYesYes
IXL11+$19.95 per month or 10 daily questions freeNoYes
Code Monster from Chrunchzilla11+FreeYesYes
MathPapa11+7-day free trial, then $9.99 per month or $59.99 per yearYesYes
Math Agent11+Single-player is free, multiple players require tokens ($0.99 for 100)YesYes
Coolmath12+Free with adsYesYes
Brilliant15+Free trialYesYes
Course Hero13+Free trial (subscription and in-app purchase options including $24.99 to unlock 10 assignments, $38.99/mo.)YesYes
GCF LearnFree – Math Basics13+FreeYesYes
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