Best Online Educational Games and Websites for Students

If you are looking for online educational games for yourself as a student, or for your sibling or for your kids who are in elementary, middle school or high school, or even as a grown-up, then you have found what you are looking for. We have listed some of the best online educational games for kids, high school students, middle school, adults, etc. We have also included some of the best online educational game sites that will give you the liberty to select any internet game of your choice irrespective of your academic level.

If the kids are playing any game on the screen, why not make it an educational games for them? We’ve put together this list of online educational games for kids, middle school and high school students to help you easily discover these games and make every game time an educational one. 

You will find cool online educational games topics related to math, science, education, STEM, art, and more! When visiting the online educational game sites in this article, pay attention to the sites as many companies are already offering free access to premium content to help you survive this school closings time.

Games on the internet can prove to be a treasure trove of learning opportunities, and there are different content areas, ages, and levels of difficulty to choose from. 

In this article Stay Informed Group has carefully structured some of the best online educational games for high school students, kids, middle School etc., so that you’ll be able to make your selections according to your level of education.

online educational games
online educational games

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Furthermore, we have also listed some of the best online educational games sites so that you will know them and visit them anytime you want.

The online game sites for educational purposes in this article was included to help you know the sites that are particularly responsible for providing all kinds of online educational games. With the official links provided under each game will take you directly to where you can play these online games without having to do any other thing.

List of the Best Online Educational Games

Without much further ado will go forward the listing of these online educational games this games are not open particularly for a specific group of people anyone can play this game.

We have organised it in a way that high school students, middle school students, and kids would be able to see games that they can play online which would be educational to them.

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Online Educational Games for kids or elementary students

online educational games for kids

This list contains online educational games for kids in elementary


This website offers a comprehensive curriculum for children ages 2 to 8, as well as fun and interactive games, songs and puzzles for reading, math, science and the arts.

Adventure Academy

Who reads for an adventure? This educational MMO takes kids ages 8-13 on a quest for knowledge through language arts, math, science, and social studies.


Are you looking for a way to improve results in ways that kids love? This page takes Kindergarten to Grade 12 students on a time travel adventure to meet some of the most influential mathematicians in history.

Camp Wonderopolis

Explore the interactive themes for developing STEM and literacy on this beautifully designed (and crazy curios) website!

Carmen Sandiego

Go on an international mission to find one of the most famous super detectives. Thanks to Google Earth and Google Expeditions, Carmen Sandiego’s search has never been so intense!

Minecraft: Educational Edition

Kids love the regular Minecraft video game, but this education-focused version takes learning to the next level. With classes, a STEM curriculum, and project-based challenges, this immersive digital environment encourages creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Prodigy Math

Are you looking for personalized math lessons for your students? Children take a Prodigy placement test, which generates games tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. They will build their confidence by solving math challenges to advance in the game!


On this website, access over 140 online educational games for K-6 children developed by an elementary school teacher that focus on improving basic learning concepts in math, reading, spelling, language arts, grasping and problem-solving.

Middle and high school online educational games

The online games listed in this section is directly presented to students in their high school or middle school educational levels

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Cells Alive

This informative website offers all kinds of interactive ways to learn more about cells! Interactive models, puzzles and more. This is one of the best online educational games for kids

Design a Space Station

NASA is designing a new space station and needs your help! Learn fascinating information about space and what it’s like to live in it by answering questions to help build a new space station.


This interactive review game was developed by a student and is something that kids can play on their own devices. They earn money in the game for correct answers that can be used to buy upgrades and bonuses.

NASA Games for Grades 5-8

NASA’s Stem @ Home For Students website offers a variety of entertainment and information options for grades 5 through 8 with a variety of games, activities, and educational options.

Physics games

There are dozens of different simple games to choose from on this website that can be used to introduce kids to the mechanics of physics. Whether they’re shooting pigs, pulling down walls, or trying to level a building, they’re learning and having fun at the same time.

PlayForward: Elm City Stories

PlayForward: Elm City Stories is funded by NICHD / NIH and developed by play2PREVENT Lab and Schell Games. It offers an engaging opportunity to develop life skills to reduce risk in teens. The topics cover a variety of behaviours, including substance use, sexual health, academic dishonesty, and reckless driving. Educators can request FREE access to the online game here.

Best Online Educational Game Sites

Now, as expected, we have going to list some of the dedicated online educational game sites that will offer you a verity of online games according to your study level, and area of specialisation.

1. Sheppard software

Under the direction of Brad Sheppard, Sheppard Software offers hundreds of free online educational games for children. The website divides their games into categories so that students and teachers can easily navigate through the topics and find a suitable game that suits a child’s educational needs or a child’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge and challenges.

2. PBS Kids Games

PBS KIDS creates curriculum-based entertainment. The gaming site offers a range of browser-based gaming experiences based on popular media and literary corporations such as The Cat in the Hat, Curious George, Sesame Street and more. The games are organized by subject types that include math, healthy habits, science, reading, and teamwork.

3. Mr. Nussbaum

Created by Greg Nussbaum, a teacher at a Virginia public school, Mr Nussbaum has over 3,500 pages of a variety of educational games organized by content type and grade level. This website is also optimized for use on a tablet and an interactive whiteboard. This is one of the online game sites where kids, high school students and middle school students can find educational games that suit their needs

4. National Geographic Children/Kids

The world-famous National Geographic is home to over 100 fun, engaging, and interactive science, action, adventure, geography, quizzes, and puzzle games. For a free gaming centre, the quality of production of games or interactive games like Wildest Weather, In the Footsteps of Captain John Smith, and The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom is truly remarkable.

5. Poptropica

Under the creative direction of Jeff Kinney, author of the Wimpy Kid’s Diary, Poptropica® is a virtual world where children can safely explore and play. Every month millions of children around the world are entertained and informed about Poptropica’s interesting missions, stories and games.

6. Funbrain

The online educational games in this site is designed for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, Funbrain features over 100 fun and interactive games that develop math, reading, and writing skills. Additionally, kids can read a variety of popular books and comics on the site, including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Brewster Rocket, and Amelia Writes Again.

7. BBC Schools: Games

The UK equivalent of our PBS, the BBC, offers interactive digital games and activities on topics such as literacy, history, math, arithmetic, music and art. The games are also classified according to age groups. Cartoons are very engaging to kids, but the content is exceptional for teachers and parents who want kids to play to learn. This is one of the sites that offer flexibility to students, as the educational games in the site could be played by high school students, kids, and middle school.

8. Primary games

With games and activities that meet curriculum needs in math, social sciences, science and linguistics, The primary games in this site offers over 1,000 one educational games title. The website contains study guides that teachers can use in conjunction with the games. This is one of the best online educational game sites for students.


This one of the online educational game sites that features teacher-created and approved computer games for elementary school kids to learn math and language arts on the internet. Featured by the New, Apple, York Times and Fox News, offers well-designed games and activities for young children.

10. Arcademic Skill Builders                 

Arcademic Skill Builders are online educational video games site that offer a powerful approach to learning basic math, vocabulary, language skills and reasoning. Arcademic games challenge students to improve their scores through repetitive, timed study exercises that provide instant feedback.


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