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If you’re a student intern looking for an internship program, you might seriously have to send in your application to Tesla. See how to do that!!!

What’s the Tesla internship program?

Who can apply for a Tesla internship?

What are the eligibility criteria for me to apply and secure this internship program?

I’m sure many more of these questions are running through your mind right now.

Well, just as they say, information is power.

Of all the many available internship programs or opportunities in the world, Tesla is one of the most famous.

We recommend this internship program because of the surety brought about by a track record of excellence in giving students hands-on experience in their field of choice.

Moreover, in this guide, we have carefully articulated all the information that will help you start your Tesla internship application from start to finish.

Also, we have included the eligibility criteria to help you know whether you stand a chance or not.

So, get ready to give in this rollercoaster with me as your guardian for today.

tesla internship program

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Is Tesla a Company?

  • Owner: Elon Musk
  • Mission: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy

Yes, Tesla is a culture-rich organization that provides talented individuals with an opportunity to come work with them at all locations around the globe.

Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that electric vehicles can be better, quicker, and more fun to drive than gasoline cars

Also, Tesla has company extensions in various countries at strategic locations.

Therefore, what this means is that you do not have to go to their headquarters to work in Tesla.

What is the Tesla Internship Program?

  • Location: Tesla office Locations Around the World.
  • Deadline: All Year Open

By design, internships are designed to give advanced students or graduates hands-on experience in a professional field.

During the process, they gain supervised practical experience from the theories taught in the classroom.

For Tesla, international students can easily apply for different internship posts.

The Tesla internship program gives students the opportunity or chance to get experience working in an innovative, dynamic, zestful, and fast-paced organization.

Also, interns gain first-hand experience of working at Tesla’s plant and operations headquarters.

Therefore, working in Tesla as an intern will fuel your passion to change the world. 

Why many love to be a Tesla intern is that all Tesla interns get compensation for their work.

What are the Skills required from a Tesla Prospective Intern?

To become an intern at Tesla, you have to possess the following skills;

  • Hands-on creation of reports
  • Support various other people analytic development
  • Ensure accuracy and final quality review of all products/reports
  • Troubleshoot high priority production situations through root cause analysis and implementation of short- and long-term solutions

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What are the Available Internship Application Positions at Tesla?

In this program, Tesla offers “internship” and “co-op” programs.

In either of these programs, all students or workers are referred to as Tesla interns.

However, there is another slot for an apprenticeship.

Tesla apprentices apply for apprenticeship positions that centre around specific skills and trades given.

Also, via the Tesla apprenticeship program, you can learn defined skills.

Does the Tesla Internship Program Run on a Schedule?

Yes, all Tesla programs run on different schedules for each term. 

And depending on which you enrol for, your internship time at Tesla may vary with others.

Moving forward, here are some of the Tesla schedules for their interns;

Terms ApplicationPost Announcement
Spring/WinterEarly Fall (previous year)
SummerEarly or Mid-Fall (previous  year)
FallEarly Spring/Winter (same year)

Kindly note that before each Tesla application, the company announces ahead of time for application intake.

Do well to keep tabs with the company’s website for details.

Once the registrations for positions are open, you can apply regardless of your country location.

Also, note that Tesla offers year-round internship opportunities, at any Tesla office location in the world. 

How Long Does Tesla Internship Recruitment Lasts?

Tesla’s recruitment period usually lasts for four months.

Usually, registration starts from the date the position is announced.

However, sometimes, it can be delayed.

What are the Responsibilities of Interns at Tesla?

Working with Tesla is a unique opportunity. 

Interns get to work on a variety of projects.

The major aim of these projects is to promote the Tesla company’s mission for interns. 

Once you’re accepted as a Tesla intern via the application, the recruitment process places you with a team.

Each team is made up of unique but similar minds.

Therefore, they are given a project which is compatible with their interests and experience. 

Via these projects, Tesla provides a hands-on experience that involves interns in crucial assignments.

These assignments tend to make interns perform on the same level as any other employee while polishing their skills.

At Tesla, every intern is a Tesla worker.

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What are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for the Tesla Internship Program?

Because Tesla is unique, they do not just accept any kind of interested students. 

Tesla internship program has the following eligibility criteria:

  • Available to work
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally
  • Previous work experience or internships in a related field is a plus
  • Self-starters who are result oriented, resourceful, analytical, innovative, intellectually curious and who take initiative and risks
  • Also, all prospective interns must be a student currently running a relevant program with good academic standing.
  • If not a student, all Non-student applicants can apply for full-time openings.
  • Also, Eligibility criteria 1 and 2 applies for US roles. Same internships and working opportunities are the same for students and non-student applicants.
  • For European applicants, some countries in Europe also accept fresh graduates in accordance with their local laws and regulations.

If you fit one or two of these Tesla criteria, you’re fit to apply to become a Tesla intern.

What Do I Stand To Gain as a Tesla Intern?

Like we earlier stated, all Tesla interns are Tesla workers.

What that means is that you stand a chance to benefit from Tesla just like an average employee in the company.

Here are some of the coverage facilities for Tesla interns;

#1. Some Interns get Relocation stipend

For most locations, if students are having 50 miles or more distance between academic institutes and work locations, Tesla provides them with a relocation stipend.

That means this feature only applies to those living far from the Tesla company located close to them.

#2. Some Tesla Companies provide Intern Housing for interns

If the relocation stipend does not apply in your own Tesla division, a provision for housing will certainly apply.

In some cases such as the Gigafactory Nevada, intern housing is provided for interns.

You can live there and come to work from there.

Trust me, that’s fun. 

#3. Tesla Internship Talent Pipeline Program

Another thing Tesla interns get out of their Internship is the opportunity to return to a full-time role based on their work performance. 

What this simply means is you can get hired by Tesla. 

As an intern, Tesla can hire you to become a full-time employee.

This Talent pipeline program is centred on its current hiring needs and intention to recruit talented candidates.

#4. Tesla does pay interns

At no point do you work for Tesla for free! Tesla pays you even as an intern.

Following these, it’s without a doubt to say that it’s a win-win situation at Tesla.

You probably do not have anything to lose.

#5. Technical Growth

At Tesla, students have the opportunity to grow both technically and personally through their experience working closely with their Manager, Mentor, and team.

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How To Apply for Tesla Internship

Tesla Application forms are available online. 

To apply for the internship, Visit the Official Website of the Tesla International Internship Program.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tesla Internship Program Application

Who Owns Tesla?

Maybe students and Non-students often wonder who is the brain behind the Tesla company.

Well, Tesla is owned by the most trending and richest Person in the world: Elon Musk.

Which Countries are Eligible to Send in Application for the Tesla Internship Program?

Although there is no restriction to nationality, an internship is more open to regions where there are Tesla operating headquarters.

This makes it seemingly only available to the US, Canada, Europe, and other parts of Asia.

Is the Tesla Internship Program Ongoing?

Yes, you can apply for the most famous tesla internship program 2023.

Currently, Tesla is offering a fully-funded paid international internship program abroad. 

Regardless of your nationality, you can get a chance to do an international internship with Tesla.

Is there a Nationality Barrier to Tesla Internship Program?

Not one bit.

Regardless of gender, race, religion, age, or background, you can do Tesla’s best work as long as you are accepted.

In fact, many international students see it as an opportunity to visit abroad free of cost.

Must I be an Undergraduate Student to Become a Tesla Intern?

No, you must not.

To be eligible, you must be an undergraduate student, graduate, or do any degree or specialization in any field.

Besides that, you can apply regardless of what you are doing or studying.

How Long Does the Tesla Internship Program Lasts?

Internship at Tesla U.S Offices: usually lasts from 3 to 12 Months.

Tesla companies in the European region last between 5 and 6 Months and Start Each September / October and January / February of each year.

How Much Do Tesla Interns Make?

On average, a typical Tesla Intern salary is $31 per hour. 

But on a scale, the intern salaries range from $11 – $59 per hour.

Can you get a job at Tesla without a degree?

You don’t need a college degree to work for Elon Musk.

That’s his popular mantra.

How Hard Is It To Get Hired at Tesla?

In 2020, Tesla received about 500,000 applications for just 2,500 open positions. 

This leaves all applicants with a 0.5 percent chance of making it into a sustainable car manufacturer company.

You have to be extra to bypass this percentage.

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The Tesla Internship Program is one of a kind.

Now you have a chance to send in your application to become a Tesla intern.

And we wish you luck!!!


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