Best Educational Apps and Resources to Prepare for College Math

This article has a piece of comprehensive information on the Best Educational Apps and Resources to Prepare for College Math and other important tips you need.

Online learning is flourishing these days, and we are fortunate to be able to observe it. Understanding everything is not always possible, but learning has come a long way, and students can polish their skills in new and exciting ways.

Mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones have recently become increasingly popular in homes and classrooms. Using math applications to engage pupils in learning math is one of the educational benefits of these devices.

Many first-year college students are struggling with the demands of college math as they have not been adequately prepared in high school. High school students who wish to pursue a college degree in math are turning to these fantastic new tools to upgrade their math skills in order to keep up with the intense college curriculum.

Why do students choose to study college math?

In today’s environment, mathematics is a necessary subject. It is an effective instrument for comprehending the world around us and our viewpoint on the critical challenges we currently face. Mathematics study stresses meticulous problem-solving, logical thinking, and communication required for work in various fields.

A degree in mathematics prepares students for graduate school or a profession in a math-related sector such as business, engineering, computer science, medical, finance, education, and other science, engineering, and technology departments.

The growing need for people who can handle big data and the continuously growing science and technology industries are just some examples of why a math degree would be advantageous. College math graduates are quickly snapped up in the job market due to the growing demand for qualified employees.

What are educational apps and resources?

An educational app is a software aimed at assisting users with remote learning. Apps are generally used on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. In comparison, resources can vary between computers or mobile devices.

These applications and resources teach youngsters basic math or serve as complex adult training platforms. Apps and resources are changing the classroom and how students engage with math. Fun and user-friendly platforms have made math exciting, and students are learning more through interactive learning.

Why do students use additional math apps and resources?

App developers have identified the gap that is affecting education globally. Worldwide 617 million children and adolescents failed to reach basic proficiency levels in reading and math in 2017. Education currently suffers a shortage of learning facilities, teachers, and resources.

This has impacted the quality of education for most, which is why additional resources like these have stepped in.

Introducing math apps has increased students’ mathematics abilities and narrowed the gap between struggling and average pupils. Apps have offered students the ease of having learning resources at their fingertips at any time and from any location. Not only are they convenient, but they are a much cheaper option than hiring a tutor.

5 of the best math apps and resources

Below are some of the best educational math apps that will help anyone prepare for college math and general practice purposes.

1. MathMaster

MathMaster is an easy-to-use math equation solver for Android and iOS devices. The app caters to students of all levels. So whether a student is busy with basic math or AP calculus, MathMaster will provide the solution to your math problem.

MathMaster’s user-friendly design makes finding the solution to any equation easy by scanning your equation with the camera on your device. If your device doesn’t have a camera, the alternative is typing in the equation.

Best Educational Apps and Resources

This app is not just a math solver but guides students with a step-by-step calculation breakdown. MathMaster is free, and students have 24/7 access to math expert tutors. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.


2. Khan Academy

If you are looking for free educational math apps then check out Khan Academy, this is an NPO offering free math resources that assist with a wide range of math levels. With online courses, quizzes, and instructional videos, Khan Academy makes learning math exciting and fun.

Khan academy resources have K-12 students covered with everything they need to master the subject. The site’s extensive college admissions and test-prep materials will aid juniors and seniors prepare for college, as two out of every three students are unprepared for college math.

One of the fantastic features is that teachers and students can follow a student’s progress and identify areas of difficulty using the site’s real-time data. Students receive personalized education, which allows them the advantage of studying at their own pace.

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3. Citizen Math

Citizen Math is a web-based math educational resource for middle and high school students. This resource is a helpful supplement for learning math conceptsusing real-world situations.

Citizen Math works better as an in-classroom resource for individuals or groups. Teachers select a lesson that includes all the material and resources necessary to execute the lesson in their classroom.

This resource aims to help teachers take the current math curriculum to a new, exciting level. Lessons on this platform include activities for students to participate in an interactive online game. This platform has proven to be successful as students have indicated that just 1- 2 sessions improved engagement and morale.

4. Brilliant

Brilliant is an online math resource that allows students to enjoy amusing narratives and guided problem-solving while playing. This platform is ideal for independent students who are self-starters and readily grasp new topics.

Tasks on this platform can be assigned as at-home practice, or teachers can assign these tasks to high-achieving students to finish them for additional credit. Brilliant has created a number of courses for beginners to master the basics. Once they understand the basics, students can continue their learning journey with intermediate and advanced courses.

The well-thought-out activities on Brilliant were developed by award-winning professors, academics, and professionals from Duke, MIT, Microsoft, and Google.

5. Math Planet

Math Planet is an online resource that facilitates equal learning irrespective of a learner’s circumstances. This free platform was created by Mattecentrum, a Swedish non-profit organization, in an attempt to provide free math assistance to students globally.

Some of the high school math courses Math Planet offers are pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. On this platform, students can also access SAT and ACT practice exams. The resources on Math Planet are provided in video format or theory.

Benefits of college math

Math is essential in our daily lives. We use mathematical principles regularly and develop logical thinking from tackling math problems on a daily basis without even realizing it. The rules of mathematics regulate everything around us, and failing to grasp them can lead to serious challenges in life.

One prevalent assumption is that a math major is not worth the effort unless you intend to teach math. This assumption, however, is not valid. A degree in math benefits many career paths and, most importantly, advancements in science and technology.

Math helps you acquire analytical abilities and an analytical approach. You learn to break down a complex problem and pay attention to all assumptions involved in a given problem. Employers, as well as professional and graduate institutions, place great importance on such abilities and attitudes. Students who go on to study further in fields like medicine or engineering put these college math skills to good use.

Here are a few advantages to college-level math:

  • It boosts problem-solving ability.
  • Math will help you manage your money.
  • Math plays a significant part in practically every profession to some extent.
  • Understanding the principles of other courses, such as physics or economics, requires math knowledge. 
  • Having a math degree increases your chances of finding employment.
  • Math graduates generally earn higher salaries.

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What industries could I work in with a math degree?

Math degree graduates are in high demand in a variety of businesses throughout the world. If you study math, you will have access to job prospects in high-paying professions you may never have considered before. These are just a few professions to give you an idea.

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Accounting firms
  • Health services
  • Actuarial companies
  • Engineering companies
  • Software development 
  • Research and development
  • Government 


Although college math might be intimidating, a little forethought and understanding can go a long way. Finding the right math app to harness those much-needed math skills while still in school will make college-level math much easier to understand.

Most apps are designed with the intention of making math more exciting and engaging, especially for students who struggle with the subject. Students who grow to love the subject tend to progress much faster than those who find the subject daunting.

With these new learning aids, the rate at which students are learning math skills is improving on a regular basis. The ever-growing need for educational resources has placed considerable demand on apps like these. Having resources like these to help with schoolwork or even online SAT tutoring has transformed the math world. 


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